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The actual ATTACK in America which was noted in Conversations included specific dates for New York attacks. 10/09/05 which is Sunday. IF this comes and the attack goes as planned or transmitted by some in the News Media then something is hidden. FEMA, FBI and DHS are all at odds over the timing and contents of materials... Hope the date passes without a hitch or attack anywhere. Someone leaked the exact date and the news carried it not UP FRONT but in a passing comment. Mayor Of New York "Will ride the subway as usual!" Seems like the EPA telling New Yorker's that "AIR AT GROUND ZERO IS SAFE!" and that lie was discovered. Sorry Mayor Gulianni and Senator Clinton... each of you received FAX and e-mail messages from professionals who indicated the Asbestos, FREON 12 burning, Toxic Clouds with burning plastics and FREON 22 burning, among cleaning solvents and chemicals PLUS those thousands of pounds of FREON 12 burned creating PHOSGENE GAS and Hydroflouric and Hydrochloric Acid SMOKE CLOUDS was indeed spreading across the City and open areas in a direct line. Children and Adults would go past the area without OSHA required protection. Rescue workers and Animals would enter the area without OSHA required protection. How many Humans will DIE in 30-40 years from ASBESTOS EXPOSURE, INTERSTITIAL LUNG DISEASE OR SILICON POISONING AND ILD CAUSED BY THE LUNGS ENCAPSULATING THOSE SMALL PARTICLES OF SILICA... from the Cement and Asbestos released along with other fibers the lungs would capture and create scar tissue protecting the lungs. HOW MANY SCAR NODULES UNTIL THE PEOPLE SMOTHER FOR LACK OF OXYGEN. How many rescue DOGS died after going to Ground Zero? How many NYPD AND NYFD employees have serious eye and lung damage. Remember the 29 CFR 1910.1001 and other CFR requirements TO TEST ANNUALLY ALL RESPONDERS, EVEN THOSE FROM OTHER STATES WHO CAME INTO THE AREA. Or does the Government intend to keep 29 CFR requirements TOP SECRET? Remember 100905... keep your fingers crossed NEW YORK.. I think the date was given for the ATTACK by Al Quaeda or whomever! EVERYONE SHOULD CALL FOR CONGRESS TO REOPEN 911 INVESTIGATIONS TO FIND THE TRUE KILLERS OR MURDERERS. What WILL we do if the date and time of the next KILLINGS was known and locations were known? When WILL WE START ASKING CONGRESS for those investigations since Obviously the FBI and SECRET SERVICE have not released the VIDEO CAMERA TAPES of what hit the PENTAGON as well as other TOP SECRET INFORMATION... must we wait fifty years like Operation Northwoods? Glad at 64 we have not too many years left to solve these and other problems or answer those specific questions. My time will come soon enough but THOSE MILITARY AND CIVILIAN AMERICAN'S WHO DIED IN THE ALLEGED 911 ATTACKS DESERVE AN INVESTIGATION AS DO THE UNDERWATER DEMOLITION TEAM MEMBERS WHO DIED DURING THE BAY OF PIGS INVESTIGATION DESERVE THE TRUTH TO THEIR FAMILIES BY OUR GOVERNMENT! I asked the President to come clean to the families of the UDT members who were perhaps told "Those BRAVE NAVY MEN died during a terrible training accident!" Who ELSE will call for those investigations from a Congress as the FBI, CIA, SECRET SERVICE and MILITARY are all under the Control of the President of the United States of America! WHO WILL ASK?

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