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BANG! Explosion near Norman, OK Football game
Fri Oct 7, 2005 15:42

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Oklahoma Jihad - Oct 1, 2005 BOMBING (MEDIA COVER-UP)

October 07, 2005 NA (Network America) e-wire

BANG! Explosion near Norman, OK Football game

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How many of you have EVEN YET heard of the suspicious BIG BANG explosion which
happened in Norman, Oklahoma -- right before half time during the Oklahoma U. vs.
Kansas State football game three days ago on Saturday night, October 1, 2005?

(IF you don’t have time to read this now, scroll to the end of this e-wire for
the conclusion under the last headline: ONE GLARING PROBLEM.)


A powerful blast blew one person into several pieces a few hundred feet from the
jam-packed (84,000 fans) Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

A 21 year old engineering student, Joel Henry Hinrichs III, allegedly blew
himself up with a bomb so powerful it sent repercussions for miles around.

The last man who saw the victim alive said he had just passed Hinrichs (who was
seated on a park bench) and thought Hinrichs was sleeping. Minutes later he felt
a concussion from behind that pushed him forward. A Dallas Police lieutenant,
Sally Lannom, attending the football game with her husband said she felt the
powerful concussion of the blast and that it was a very “helpless” feeling. She
told the Dallas Morning News she knew it was a bomb.


Your writer learned of this event at about 10 PM on Sunday evening -- more than
24 hours after the fatal blast – from one of our many citizen-investigator
friends -- one who happened to be visiting in Norman, Oklahoma the day of the
deadly blast.

“What did you think of the bomb explosion near the football game in Norman,
Oklahoma?” he asked me.

“I haven’t heard anything about it,” I responded.

He was incredulous. Obviously, there was saturation LOCAL coverage in and around
Norman, Oklahoma. BUT –


-- and here’s the second big story related to this incident: the Big TV Networks
– as always acting in unison – for all practical purposes, did not report the


In other words, for those new to the world of Big TV Network censorship and how
it works: The 5 to 10 Jews in New York City and Washington D.C. who make
editorial decisions on what will be emphasized – and what will not be emphasized
– on the Big National TV Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX) had decided
for all practical purposes suppressed the story. WHY? Answer at end under second
last heading, “CONCLUSION”.

One person I talked to claimed he saw a blurb about it on MSNBC Cable station
Sunday morning – but I’d like to verify this if I could – because I’ve not run
into one other person who has heard of it at all over the mass media.

Certainly, this bizarre bombing incident has not received saturation coverage --
saturation coverage such as the poor girl who disappeared in Aruba received, or
the runaway bride received, for instance.

When the Judeo-Masonic Big Media wants Americans to know about something, it will
be emphasized at length for days and days. It will “captivate” the “rapt”
interest of their on screen paid help, like Chris Matthews, Sean Hannity, and
Paula Zahn.

So WHY was this bombing, which killed one person – basically suppressed by the
Big Media?


The analysis I’ve seen, especially by bloggers, is so shallow – that it proves
how lost Americans now are in the face of sustained Big TV Network lies and
propaganda – since 9-11-01 -- about the phony “war on terror.”

Most of the bloggers say that the Big TV Networks ignored it because they
couldn’t turn it into a “blame Bush” event. (Wrong! – and childish, and too nave
for words.)


About a week before the Norman bombing incident, the NFL had put out a directive
to all its professional football franchises that pat downs and searches were to
be performed on all attendees at NFL football games. For instance, the Cincinnati
Bengals announced that all fans would have to submit to the airport-like
searches. Protests from local talk show hosts, a famous Cincinnati attorney, and
the local Prosecutor’s office temporarily derailed the mass frisking.

The blast went off at three minutes before half time. Reports tell how it was the
practice at OU football games for flocks of fans to be issued a “return pass”,
leave the stadium at half time and then come back in as the game resumed.

NOW -- let’s imagine that the Norman bomb blast would have went off 10 minutes
later -- killing dozens and maybe injuring hundreds of fans who had drifted out
of the stadium and near the park bench where Hinrichs was seen apparently

IF that had happened -- who could possibly oppose the mass frisking of all NFL
football fans from now on?

Presto! The Ruling Elite would have had the next step towards their-hoped for
police state – acclimating Americans to be frisked and eventually ID-ed when
coming and going in and out of public events.

With that accomplished, then the next step the Ruling Elite would hope to
institute are check points on all major highways and roads as one leaves one
state and goes to another.

This is just basic Communist police state procedure.

And – just as when the Khazar Jews grasped control of Russia in 1917 and
inaugurated their reign of terror there, likewise they are in so many positions
in the USA power structure now that they are trying to institute their reign of
terror here. (Many more problems though confront them now – instant
communications, an armed population, a fraction of the population watching them
and calling their moves before, as, or shortly after they make them, to name a


HOWEVER, the average, normal American has no idea of how tenacious the top Khazar
Jews and their top Freemasonic allies are in their planning for evil. Let’s look
at two examples.

It took 53 years to get American soldiers stationed permanently (they plan) in
the Mideast to protect the nation using the name “Israel” and to beginning
subduing Arabs in the region. Now that American soldiers are in Iraq, while there
is talk of pulling out once the native Iraqi security forces are trained – talk
to befuddle the average American – the next step is already underway: a large
base and runway has already been built in Iraq as a staging for attacks on Iran,
Syria, etc. Incidentally, VP Dick Cheney “warned” in the last few days of
“decades of war.” See this link:


When this evil Ruling Elite accomplished one goal, they keep their eye on the
next goal, even if it takes decades -- while the average American, devoid of any
sense of their Christian heritage, drift back to entertaining themselves or
focusing only on their own individual lives, with little or no thought for the
nation or world as a whole.

Turning to the domestic front: now that the USA has been deceived into believing
that we live in a “post 9-11 world of perpetual crisis and perpetual war for
perpetual peace” – (the phrase “post 9-11 world” was used yesterday by Senator
Schumer to justify the mass frisking of New York subway travelors) – and now that
draconian invasion of privacy has been legalized by the Patriot Act – the Ruling
Elite is going for the next phase of their hoped for Police-State USA: frisking
at public events as a step towards “check point” citizen tracking.


Here are some excerpts from our citizen-investigator friend who was in Norman for
the blast:

“The strange thing, though, the fellow was not Islamic, but white Anglo American.
---- David Boren keeps saying this was a suicide; that the crowd was never in any
danger. ??? All the young man needed to do was walk a hundred yards, up a ramp,
and he could have killed or injured 2 to 3 hundred at least. -- But no one was
in any danger? -- The President of the University, David Boren, is saying this
was a disturbed young man. However, the interviews media did with his Frat House
buddies indicated he was a fairly normal young man; showed no signs of anything
unusual in the days leading up to this event; well-liked, common interests, etc.
. . .

“Dial back history a bit . . . Carol Channing (note: of “Hello, Dolly” fame)
always liked to open in Oklahoma City. They'd put on the broadway road show, as
she said, to a very forgiving audience. . . . Broadway "knows" to open the road
show to a very forgiving audience. -- The Murrah Bldg. event was staged in
Oklahoma. . . .

“Now that it's time to roll out some terror, what does New York need? A very
forgiving audience. . . .

“So, now we have Oklahoma University president, David Boren, former US Senator
and (former) member of the prestigious Intelligence Oversight Committee, on hand
to manage; which he did within minutes of the event, immediately issuing
statements. Normally, it would be unusual if it were under a half an hour before
a University President would even be notified of an event of this nature; which,
after all, is a police matter. Not sure where in the jurisdictional chain of
command University President comes in. He might rate a courtesy call sometime
down the chain when all necessary business was underway. But, right away? . . .
they are determinedly spinning it as a suicide. . . .

“The local head of Homeland Security was being interviewed on camera by a news
team. The lady interviewing him asked, "So, how do you know it was a suicide?"
He stumbled. Fumbled. Tried to pick it up, saying, ‘It is by the arrangement of
things.’ Now, they were saying suicide 30 minutes after it happened, before any
significant investigation could have been conducted. . . . Somebody
very much needs this (note: botched operation??) to be a suicide, methinks. It's
also strange that it has been so very quietly underreported as far as the
national scene.”

“ . . . this event . . . certainly appears to have backfired. . . . Plenty of
time now to manufacture something, some disinformation.”

End of excerpt from our citizen-investigator friend who happened to be in Norman,
Oklahoma Otober 1, 2005 – the night of this blast.


Since he wrote the above, some other things have come out.

And some of it looks like the usual planting of evidence and the technique of
using look-alikes to frame the patsy.

Since Saturday the FBI/Homeland Security gang has found “incriminating” evidence
in Hinrich’s apartment, -- and in Hinrich’s car. (Reminiscent evidence found
conveniently in the belongings of “lone assassins” Lee Harvey Oswald/JFK, James
Earl Ray/MLK, Sirhan Sirhan/RFK, Arthur Bremer/George Wallace, and the “Muslim
hijackers” of 9-11 media fame.)

They’ve arrested Hinrichs Pakistani roommate – pulling him out of a student party
in handcuffs. More on this at the very end.

Hinrichs’ dad is shocked and buying the “evidence” that his son committed suicide.

This testimony that Hinrich appeared to be sleeping right before the powerful
bomb went off and blew him to bits – is interesting. – Sleeping? Or drugged?

The blast happened at 3 minutes before half-time; local people confirm that tons
of fans usually leave the stadium during half-time – so minutes later the park
bench on while Hinrich was sitting – or positioned – would have been surrounded
by dozens of fans. At that point the super-powerful bomb could have been
detonated by remote control, or in other ways.

No suicide note found – but Ruling Elite shill David Boren (president of Oklahoma
U. -- and mentor and sponsor of disastrous CIA Director George Tenet) “knew” it
was “suicide” immediately. (Reminds one of the conclusion of the 5 Big TV
Networks that Vince Foster was a suicide -- 2 hours after Foster was known to be
dead – and before ANY real investigation could have taken place.)

Here are a few more details attributed to various of the local newspapers,
including Oklahoma University newspapers:
-- the bomb was very powerful; it could be heard five miles away; it rattled
floors at least four blocks from the campus;
-- it destroyed the bench where the “bomber” was seated and blew out two windows
in the microbiology building;
(QUESTION FROM A BLOGGER: why would anyone intent only upon committing suicide
need a bomb that powerful?) – But wait – look at this next whopper:
-- searching Hinrichs’ apartment, the police found so many explosive materials
that they said it would take up to 24 hours to remove them.
(Whoooooaaaaa! 24 hours to remove all the explosives? How big was this student
apartment? This is reminiscent of the claim that the evidence from the
Unabomber’s shack required 3 large trucks to cart it all away. Why such
ridiculous statements to emphasize the cover story? ----- ALSO, this was NOT an
accidental comment – who could make this up – but the two factions of the
keystone Cops, in this case, ran into their own story with an unexplainable
contradiction – see the last headline in this e-wire: ONE GLARING PROBLEM. )
And here are a few lines from LibertyPost.org:

Title: No terror ties found so far in bomb case (new info despite the spin)

Published: Oct 5, 2005

Author: Nolan Clay and Randy Ellis

NORMAN - The FBI has found no evidence so far that a University of Oklahoma
student who died in a bombing Saturday night tried to get inside the football
stadium or had ties to any terrorist organization,
officials said Tuesday.

The FBI also has found no evidence anyone else was involved, officials said.
Still, OU plans to tighten security at upcoming football games. Fans can expect
bags and purses to be checked more closely.

. . . Fans also will not be allowed to leave at the half on passes and return.

. . . Explosives later were removed from the student’s university --owned
apartment. (Remember this!)

. . . The FBI continues to investigate. One agent re-interviewed the student’s
father Tuesday in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hinrichs, 21, was a junior majoring
in engineering. He has been described by his family and the university as a loner
with emotional barriers in relating to people. He dropped out of the university
in 2003-2004 but returned.

. . . The FBI has reviewed surveillance tapes, interviewed acquaintances and
checked Hinrichs’ purchases. The FBI also looked at possible ties to Islamic
groups after learning Hinrichs’ roommate is from Pakistan, attended a nearby
mosque and worked for the OU athletics department, The Oklahoman has learned.

. . . Hinrichs and the roommate, Fazal M. Cheema, a finance major, lived together
only a few months at Parkview Apartments.

(Head up!) . . . Cheema and three other Muslim students were led, handcuffed,
from a party by police after the blast, said Ashraf Hussein, president of the
Muslim Student Association. They were later released. (What ????????? See last

The dead student's father, Joel Hinrichs Jr., said he told the FBI on Tuesday his
son was skeptical of ideol

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