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Media, NYC Try to Create 'Evidence' of Terror Plot
Fri Oct 7, 2005 18:07


The White House must have been shocked when they discovered that their "instant terror alert" scheme didn't work this time - you know, the "my polls are dipping so I better make a fearmongering speech and pull the "terror alarm" bit. The US public was, to say the least, skeptical this time. He's pulled this ploy so many times, usually using completely outdated info, info from completely unreliable sources, or completely made up "letters" and "tapes" from Bin Laden (a high percentage of which have been discredited by document/video forensics experts.
So it's now wonder that when experts in Homeland Security said that Bush's latest terror alert was based on non-credible info from an unreliable source, the Bushistas in the media, Bush pal Mayor Bloomberg, NYC police chief Ray Kelley (the same police force that arrested Cindy Sheehan) and the FBI started scrambling to make the threat look more serious. They promptly arrested three "suspects," with no mention of who, where, or specifically on what basis, they were arrested.

ABC's Michael Weissersten, like a good little mockingbird, reports the following, fed to him by (OF COURSE!) an "anonymous source":

"A law enforcement official familiar with the case said the man's trip to New York was described by an informant who had spent time in Afghanistan and proved reliable in past investigations.

"He's been a source of multiple correct information in the past," the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the continuing investigation. "Does that mean a fourth person he identified is in fact in New York? We don't know that.""

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