Judy Hammond
C-SPAN helped me become an American.
Sat Oct 8, 2005 07:20


C-SPAN helped me become an American.

Judy Hammond
Alachua, FL
Cable Company: Communicom

C-SPAN helped me become an American. Sure I knew the basics. There was a president and there were two major parties. I'm from Canada, and that information gets through the border. But it was the mornings spent watching the Washington Journal that put meat on the bones of textbook politics, turned me into a political activist, and threw me forever in the maelstrom of the American system. As soon as I discovered Washington Journal it became an invaluable branch of the glorious morning trinity: coffee, newspaper, WJ.

The politicians and pundits became the star celebs in my galaxy. Their opinions and arguments honed my own opinions. And the generous time allotted to each guest allow two-fisted, hefty chunks of thought to wallow in, enjoy, or decry.

WJ doesn't let you waste your time. It sifts out the news that isn't fit to print or broadcast. It never lets go of the twin reins of politics and policy, and never talks down to a viewer. How the hosts maintain an almost preternatural calm every morning, never voicing a strident opinion or indulging in argument is yet another reason for admiration. After all the years I've watched I still can't guess the political preference of any host.

Living history, that's what C-SPAN is. The Senate and the House become available, and Washington Journal explains, fills in the missing bits, and wakes you up in the morning with a good healthy dose of America.

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