New Torah For The Pentagon -- One Nation, Under Zionism
Sat Oct 8, 2005 19:07

Below, Judeo-Masonic superstition is expanded at the Pentagon. This is contrary to (true) Christian liberty and freedom under the constitution! They place the Torah (superstitiously as an idol), but interpret it with the Babylonian Talmud, which Jesus Christ rebuked as not the teaching of Moses, but the corrupted "traditions of men"! They crucified him for it. Therefore, they have contempt for Christianity, while they propagandize the stupid sheep in the "religious right" corrupt churches, indoctrinated into Darbyism, Scofieldism, and Masonic Dallas Theological Seminary Christian Masonry, to deceive them into superstitiously supporting a FAKE and ILLEGAL Israel (stolen Palestinian property under guise of "divine right") and Global Dominion government....."One Nation, Under Zionism, Indivisible"--World Union by force. This is what the War on Terrorism is all about....."let us re-order the world around us"--Tony Blair (Sept. 2001). The Pentagon is their military machine, usurped from the American people.

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