Topic: Influence of talk radio - Saturday 1pm-2pm
Sat Oct 8, 2005 13:37


1997: Saturday 1pm-2pm
Topic: Influence of talk radio
Guests: Randi Rhodes, "Randi Rhodes Show on Air America," and Janet Parshall, "Janet Parshall's America"
Contest Winner: Stephanie Clemens, State College, PA

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Stephanie Clemens
State College, PA
Cable Company: Adelphia

Every morning I wake my husband up to the issue that is being discussed on C-SPAN's Washington Journal call-in show. Occasionally the topic doesn't excite me, but usually, the morning starts off for my husband by me complaining about what a guest or viewer has said on the show. He is a PHD student in aerospace engineering and I am a water quality specialist, but secretly we are hardcore home-grown political analysts. We discovered this show only a few years ago, but ever since we have been hooked.

One show that particularly interested me was the show with Gail Norton. Not being a huge fan of hers, I was immediately calling for my husband to join me in my attacks on Secretary Norton's views. Although I was unsuccessful with getting through on the phone, those that did succeed with getting through did the work for me. Not many callers were in agreement with her views and it was quite amusing to watch the host sit still while she was bombarded over and over again by hot-tempered viewers.

I often wonder what the daily host thinks of the guests on the show and I must applaud all of you for doing an excellent job of staying neutral. It is difficult these days to find news that is as impartial. Please know that we will continue to join you each morning - not only for the entertainment it provides, but also for opportunities to learn more about important issues for this country.

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