Mental Health; Youth & Suicide; Medication; the C.E.S.
Sat Oct 8, 2005 15:07

Mental Health; Youth & Suicide; Medication; the C.E.S.

Children are more open-minded than their elders, and see and hear
dishonest rhetoric daily - repeatedly - on all social levels, in
their schools, also especially featured on "TV news".
- The top athletes of the world? "Druggies."
- Mister "U.S. Bicycle," top bicycler of the world? "Druggie."
- The U.S. president invites a world-reknowned, bicycler druggie to
his ranch? Children get the connection. Say nothing; don´t emulate.

The "Prescription Industry" gets steadily richer from legal drugs,
whether legally or illegally used, and spends billions of dollars
annually for PR and to advertise Medications. Parents "pop pills,"
prescribed and non-prescribed, offspring observe, see the "relief",
often only imagined. Monkey see, monkey do. Teens smoke, drink,
take dope. They want to be "adults," thus do what they see adults do.
Youth didn´t invent methamphetamine, nor athletes the compounds that
engender super strength. Nor does fluoxytine hydrochloride "cause"
youth to commit suicide. Statistically associated with suicide in
children and youth? Perhaps. But we must look closer.

Suicide is the result of an internal value assessment, which rarely
jives with external reality. Over the years, I have discerned two
categories of "suicidal patients": those who talk about it, versus
those who do it. Sometimes there is a small overlap. In the case of
youth, parental insensitivity is always a factor. If offspring
perceive no "way out" via parental support- where are the parents?
Parents who remorse and say, "-we had no idea-" or "we gave him/her
everything." Enough said. And when you stopped, society DID NOT TAKE

That´s the problem. Except in the case of such persons, who
are manipulated into a "presidential position," who then manipulate
the position to continue their indulgence. Like with Whitewater,
ENRON - and another, much larger situation - . Society is not
responsible for continuing the indulgence of anyone´s child, or
nepotism. Nor have I seen any evidence to suggest that a medication
plants the idea of suicide in anyones mind. If a medication "elevates"
a patient out of the depressive state, the increase in motivation
>occasionally< is adequate to carry out the decision. That is, if
sensitive, mental-health-treatment is NOT being provided the patient.
If a medication works, don´t blame it. Be grateful that one out of
thousands of "meds" actually works! Rather, blame the >absence< of
PHYSICIAN who prescribed the medication, yet did not comprehend the
situation - . A "worst" example of indulgence follows.

Unrealistic indulgence; babies become accustomed to it. When it stops,
they demand continuation of the experiential condition to which parents
accustomed them in the first three years of life; some experts say the
first 18 months. Temper tantrums ensue; plus associated maladaptive
behaviors. One of the worst examples in recent years was the murder on
Apr 4, 2002, of twelve teachers, two students, one secretary, and one
policeman, in the Gutenberg High School in Erfurt, Germany,
by Robert Steinhäuser, age 19. He had been expelled for failing
grades and falsifying parental signature. Yet, on final exam day, he
entered school with a shotgun and a pistol, walked around until he began
shooting people. From my viewpoint, an example of a boy, indulged by
his parents, then more or less abandoned; turned loose on the Erfurt,
Germany, society, by parents who were ignorant of their own situation.
The youth tried to continue his indulgence by lying and cheating. It
didn´t work. He saw no means of continuing his indulged adaptation,
made the internal-value-decision to punish several innocent persons
around him, for the emotional pain of rejection that he felt, then
remove himself from the painful situation. Which he did. Such an
adaptation to life is hard to correct; when possible.

Worsening activities by US "elected officials" continue to denigrade the
mental health of conscientious Americans, Europeans, citizens of Arab
lands, Asians and Far Easterners. US patriots with insight, are being
increasingly frustrated, intimidated and "black-listed." US patriots
with >impaired< insight are being mis-led, deeper into dishonesty,
unreality and psychosis-land. The factually-based conditions at hand
have long-since warranted elevated suspiciouness, which thus is not
"paranoia." Paranoia is fantasy-based, not factually-based. This is
saddening, since all patriotic Americans, whether for or against the
current president, have the interests of the United States of America
at heart. The US President is elected every four years, theoretically.
Anyway, per the US Constitution, honored somewhat, until about thirteen
years ago. All American patriots support the US Constitution.

Armed policemen, soldiers and mercenaries marching around subways, super-
markets, airports, train and bus depots, video cameras added on major
street corners? Protection from what? How many billions does it cost
to add the additional policeman types, mercenaries, uniforms, flak-jackets,
weaponry, video equipment & upkeep, and persons to monitor the cameras,
to the budget of larger cities, and the US-income-tax outlay? What is the
current debit to each of our grandchildren for the frivolous and murderous
activities of the Family Bush Conglomerate, alone? Not to include the
debt that already existed at the end of the Clinton administration.

Experiment with a C.E.S. for sixty days, thirty minutes per day. No, it
will not correct the faulty behaviors of U.S., UK & Israeli leadership.
However, the CES tends to elevate one from the "motivation cobwebs"
engendered by the mental health denigration caused by faulty, US, UK &
Israeli leadership. The available literature indicates that it does
much more. The association of Viet Nam veterans recommends it to relieve
post-traumatic syndrome. This, alone, says a lot! Assist your brain to
"refresh" itself, w/o unfavorable side-effects.


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