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Another international slap at the Bush administration.
Sat Oct 8, 2005 17:15

Another international slap at the Bush administration.

October 7, 2005 -- The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its Egyptian director Mohammed ElBaradei in what is yet another international slap at the Bush administration. ElBaradei incurred the wrath of the neo-cons in the Bush administration after he pointed out the Niger documents used by the Bush administration to suggest Saddam Hussein was shopping for yellowcake uranium in Niger were crude forgeries. The Bush administration, particularly the State Department's then-point man for nuclear proliferation issues John Bolton, attempted to have ElBaradei removed from his job.

The awarding of the Nobel Prize to ElBaradei and the IAEA comes at an interesting time. The ongoing criminal investigation of the leak of a covert CIA non-official cover (NOC) network by senior White House officials directly impacted the ability of the CIA to discreetly gather intelligence on weapons of mass destruction (WMD) proliferation, including interfacing with nuclear specialists at IAEA meetings in Vienna and elsewhere. The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the IAEA and ElBaradei bolsters the image of the agency as a key player in curtailing nuclear proliferation. The award also demonstrates that the CIA's loss of intelligence gathering capabilities via the IAEA has had a damaging effect on the ability of U.S. intelligence to monitor global proliferation of WMDs.

After being targeted by the Bush neo-cons, the IAEA and Director Mohammed ElBaradei receive Nobel Peace Prize.

Over 200 Peace Prize nominations were presented to the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Some neo-con politicians in the United States and Europe have actually put forward the names of George W. Bush and Tony Blair for the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2002, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to former President Jimmy Carter in yet another display of international nose thumbing of the Bush administration and its war policies.

October 7, 2005 -- The mainstream media is reporting that Karl Rove has not received a target letter from Leakgate Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. What the media is not reporting is that this story in being spun by Rove's attorney Robert Luskin. Although Luskin said Fitzgerald assured him that Rove received no target letter, Rove's last minute appearance before the Grand Jury (his fourth appearance) indicates there have been recent exchanges of correspondence between the Special Prosecutor and Rove's attorney. Informed sources continue to report that Rove remains a target of the criminal investigation. Since Luskin's job is to make his client look as good as possible, his comments on what the prosecutor has and has not done should be taken with a tiny grain of salt.

October 6, 2005 -- After it was reported that Karl Rove had agreed to give further testimony to the Grand Jury investigating the CIA leak, Rove's attorney Robert Luskin denied his client had received a target letter from special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, a formal "heads up" sent to individuals who are about to be indicted. However, it is being reported from well-informed sources throughout Washington that 1) target letters have been sent to Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and Ari Fleischer; 2) Rove has agreed to testify and possibly agree to a plea bargain agreement in return for his testimony against other targets of the criminal probe; 3) Cheney and Bush may be named as unindicted co-conspirators; 4) Bush's "war speech" before the National Endowment for Democracy and a late Thursday afternoon report that "19 operatives" have arrived in New York City to place bombs on subway trains are blatant attempts by the White House to divert attention from the impending indictments against the Bush White House. The main stream media is just beginning to take notice that a "Watergate-level event" is about to occur in Washington.

October 6, 2005 -- Espionage and spy scandals mushroom in Washington. Yesterday was a busy day for Federal investigators involved in pursuing espionage cases and the compromise of classified information. First there was the guilty plea entered by Larry Franklin, an Air Force Reserve Colonel and former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analyst assigned to the now-defunct neo-con policy mill and alternative intelligence and special operations office, the Office of Special Plans. Franklin, who acceded to a plea agreement with U.S. Attorney for Eastern Virginia Paul McNulty, for the first time admitted that he passed classified information to Naor Gilon, the political officer at the Israeli embassy in Washington who was quickly recalled by Jerusalem after the espionage story surfaced. Gilon is reported to have been the Mossad station chief in Washington.

McNulty has charged two former officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) with illegally receiving classified information, including information on Iran, from Franklin. The indictment against former AIPAC director Steve Rosen alleges that he passed classified information obtained from Franklin to "a senior fellow at a Washington, D.C., think tank." Informed sources report that McNulty's espionage investigation continues to focus on the "senior fellow," as well as other Israeli government officials. With Franklin's cooperation, it is expected that further indictments may be forthcoming.


Espionage diversions in Washington to take attention away from AIPACgate and the CIA leak case?

Franklin also implicated Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Franklin said he kept 83 classified documents, including Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), at his West Virginia home to be prepared to answer "point blank" questions from senior Pentagon officials, including Rumsfeld.

Israel has long maintained that as a "close U.S. ally," it does not spy on the United States. That stance makes the story that ABC News broke late yesterday all the more bizarre. It was revealed that a Philippine spy ring was operating in the office of Vice President Dick Cheney. The Philippines is also a U.S. ally. The espionage case surrounded Leandro Aragoncillo, a naturalized U.S. citizen from the Philippines who was assigned to the Vice President's staff in 1999 while a member of the U.S. Marine Corps. Al Gore was Vice President when Aragoncillo was first assigned to the White House. Aragoncillo was charged with stealing classified information in Cheney's office that dealt with detrimental information on Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Aragoncillo was accused of passing the information to opposition politicians in the Philippines who were trying to oust Arroyo.

Aragoncillo went to work for the FBI at an intelligence office at Fort Monmouth, NJ. It was there the FBI began its espionage investigation of the FBI employee after it was discovered he was downloading and transmitting by e-mail classified documents, including some 36 secret documents, from the FBI computer system. The documents reportedly contained information on the Philippines. It would have been unusual for the FBI to have held so many classified documents on the Philippines, a country that is not considered to be a hostile intelligence nation and is not placed by the FBI in the same category as such nations as China, Israel, Russia, Taiwan, India, North Korea, and South Korea. A former Philippine National Police deputy director, Michael Ray Aquino, was accused of receiving the documents from Aragoncillo. Last March, Aquino was arrested by Federal authorities on unrelated immigration charges.

It is also suspicious that ABC News ran a photo taken of Aragoncillo with Vice President Gore. There was also a suggestion that Aragoncillo worked with then-President Bill Clinton.

On October 4, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents announced they had arrested three foreign nationals, two Indonesians and one Senegalese, at the Joint Special Operations Command Center in Fort Bragg for visa violations. The three were contract language instructors hired by B.I.B. Consultants of Orlando, Florida to provide language instruction in Indonesian and Wolof to U.S. Special Operations personnel. The Special Operations Command stressed the three did not have access to classified information. However, courses offered at Fort Bragg range from unclassified to top secret.

Some informed intelligence specialists have speculated the White House and Fort Bragg cases were announced to divert media attention away from imminent indictments in the CIA leak case, as well as the widening case against Israel for espionage at the Pentagon.

October 5, 2005 -- LATE EDITION. 11:50 PM EDT -- Knowledgeable sources in Houston, Texas who are close to top Republicans in the state are now also reporting that indictments and unindicted co-conspiracy charges will be handed down against the current and former White House officials identified in the article below.

October 5, 2005 -- LATE EDITION According to reliable sources, Patrick Fitzgerald, the Special Prosecutor in the the two year- Justice Department investigation of the leak of the name and covert identities of Valerie Plame Wilson and her non-official cover Brewster Jennings and Associates CIA covert counter-weapons of mass destruction team, will soon announce criminal indictments. Although specifics of the charges are unclear, as of 11:30 PM (EDT) it is reported by informed and connected sources that indictments may soon be returned against White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, and former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer. Vice President Cheney may be named as an unindicted co-conspirator. President George W. Bush may also be implicated but it remains unclear in what capacity. At issue are possible criminal conspiracies, obstruction of justice, making false statements to Federal law enforcement agents, and perjury before a Federal Grand Jury. Because the entire investigation has been wrapped in secrecy with virtually no leaks, this report, at this time, remains speculative. However, the DC rumor mill is awash with reports that the indictments are imminent. Story unfolding . . .

Indictments reportedly imminent against Bush White House in CIA leak case

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