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GCHQ - Government Communications HeadQuarters
Sat Oct 8, 2005 17:21

GCHQ - Government Communications HeadQuarters
Europe's most powerful intelligence gathering agency
by Steve Jones in London, Center for Research on Globalization (CA)
October 6, 2005

GCHQ -- Government Communications Headquarters -- is the United Kingdom's (and the European Union's) counterpart to the National Security Agency (NSA) in the United States.

Commonly referred to as, "her Majesty's doughnut", GCHQ is Europe's most powerful intelligence gathering agency. Located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, the massive 176 acre centre, 1.1 million square foot building, lies approximately 90 miles northwest of London.

The chamber located underneath the interior courtyard houses a highly sosphisticated supercomputer centre; an 1850 mile, 1 billion pound, network of fiber optik cable that monitors e-mail and telephone calls from around the world.

Simply put, GCHQ is the United Kingdom's (and the European Union's) premiere electronic eavesdropping facility. The jargon used to define this activity is known as signals and communications intelligence, that is, the collection, sifting, decryption, analysis and linguistic deciphering of international electronic communications.

GCHQ, in collusion with other signals intelligence agencies in the United States (National Security Agency), Canada (Communications Security Establishment), Australia (Defense Signals Directorate) and New Zealand (Government Communications Security Bureau) -- otherwise known as the Anglo-American/Anglo-Saxon UKUSA intelligence alliance -- is believed to be responsible for the operation of a global surveillance network known as ECHELON. With a vast planetary array of strategically placed "listening posts", ECHELON is capable of capturing, intercepting and monitoring the lion's share of the world's internet, e-mail, telephone (both land and cellular), fax, radio and electromagnetic communications traffic. Specifically targeted are the international telecommunications satellites orbiting the Earth, through which tens of thousands of phone calls, faxes and e-mails are relayed daily.

The United Kingdom's (and the European Union's) biggest and most expensive intelligence gathering agency, GCHQ, along with its chief counterpart in the UKUSA alliance, the NSA (USA), together constitute a dictatorial intelligence, surveillance and commercial monopoly in the area of information collection, storage, analysis and police state profiling of individuals and business enterprises worldwide. A bonanza for the military-industrial-corporate espionage/intelligence complex, GCHQ and the NSA provide the informational and knowledge-based backbone through which the New World Order exercises its raw 'power' in temporal geo-political affairs.

Under the guise of fighting the so-called "war on terror", combating weapons proliferation and gathering economic intelligence, institutions such as GCHQ and the NSA are, in reality, operating a highly intrusive Big Brother Police State Surveillance Empire that is being used to specifically monitor the activities of genuine political opposition and dissent, as well as undermine the privacy, freedom and constitutional civil liberties of targeted peoples and nations throughout the world.

Specially installed "black box" software at internet access points, controlled and monitored remotely by such government security agencies, is only one example of the pro-active, pre-emptive police state surveillance practices that are being employed today to suppress opposition and criminalize freedom of speech amongst internet activists.

Identification technologies such as video surveillance, biometrics and national ID cards will undoubtedly find their way into the sprawling informational GCHQ/NSA vortex, eventually rendering all personal, communal, commercial, economic, and political control to the State -- a system of absolute tyranny that can only be labeled as 'global slavery'.

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