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Oklahoma Jihad - Oct 1, 2005 BOMBING (MEDIA COVER-UP)

Friday, October 07, 2005
Boren's namby-pamby letter to OU students, staff

The self-appointed voice of reason at the University of Oklahoma, OU President David Boren (former U.S. Senator, 42-year member of Skull of Bones (aka Cult of Death)) sent out the most namby-pamby letter I've read in some time. It has to do with the "irresponsible" reporting of some in the media who have been trying to paint suicide bomber Joel Henry Hinrichs III as an American jihadist intent on blowing himself up in the crowded OU football stadium last Saturday.

The letter, is linked at The Oklahoman web site at http://newsok.com/article/1636015/?template=home/main. It may require you to register.

Anyway, Bonesman Boren does the usual introductory paragraph and then gets right down to it, praising the controlled student paper, The Oklahoma Daily. Anyway, check out this second paragraph:
Most of the news media, including our own OU Daily, and most citizens have responded very responsibly. Unfortunately, there are always a few who do not. Among the core beliefs which define us as American and which define us as members of the OU family from all backgrounds is a respect for others.

(NOTE* Oh geez ... Boren is about to launch into a politcally correct, multicultural sermon about not judging others, blah, blah, blah ... nothing I've read has said anything bad about others with different beliefs or of a different race. My question, Bonesman Boren, is are you obfuscating the truth because of politcal correctness? Simply because this involves a suicide bombing and many suicide bombers are not white Americans, are we not going to get the straight dirt from you and your sycophantic administration and co-opted student newspaper?)

Anyway, continuing: "We believe that we should not judge other or jump to conclusions about others on the basis of color, race, gender, economic status, or freely exercised religious beliefs. To rush to judge others or make assumptions about them on that basis is nothing short of prejudice. It has no place in America and it certainly has no place at the University of Oklahoma."

(NOTE* This clown sounds like some mealy mouthed, PC guidance counselor at junior high school. It's making me nauseous)

"Unfortunately, we have sen examples of a rush to react in a manner not in keeping with our values in recent history. A rading of some media reports and comments from individuals made at the time of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City is enlightening. Some quickly rushed to the conclusion that the bomber must have been a Middle Eastern terrorist. (NOTE* That was my first reaction and I make no apologies for it)."

Boring Boren continues ... blah, blah, blah ... "As we all know, the person responsible was not someone from the Middle East but was Timothy McVeigh and at least one other American who assisted him. (You mean Andy "The German" Strassmeier?) We can only hope that all of us, including some media outlets, would have learned from that recent rush to incorrect conclusions."

(NOTE* So, basically Bonesman Boren is saying "Media, unless you get it from me or my pals in the intelligence community, don't print it. The truth hurts because the truth is politically incorrect. Go to sleep, go to sleep ...)

"I have been assured that law enforcement officials including federal officers have found no evidence of a conspiracy involving others which creates an ongoing threat to our OU community. They have kept me informed of the steps being taken in their investigation. You can be assured that if I receive any information to the contrary, I will immediately inform you (yeah, sure, like I believe that, Mr. Secrets-of-the-Tomb) and take steps to protect our community."

Bonesman Boren closes his condescending letter with this: "Rushing to judgments on the basis of race, religion, gender, or ethnicity, is not the OU or American way."

Thanks for that reminder, Mr. Boren. I don't want to offend anyone in my search for THE TRUTH!

And speaking of which, the highly irresponsible, politcally incorrect truthseekers Jayna Davis and Jon Dougherty, over at WorldNetDaily, have an interesting story today. It asks some interesting questions and is worth reading. It's linked here.

posted by Andrew W. Griffin @ 7:57 AM

Islamic Society of Norman, Oklahoma
420 E Lindsey Norman, OK 73069

5 October 2005: The Northeast Intelligence Network has received information from individuals who claim they have seen the Oklahoma University “suicide bomber” visit the Islamic Society of Norman, Oklahoma, located within blocks of his Park View residence. Developing...

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Oklahoma Jihad

By: Vernon Richards, author of: 'Islam Undressed'
( http://www.islamundressed.com )

Football fans in Oklahoma dodged a bullet Sat Oct 1 2005, and most
of the lucky remain blissfully ignorant of how close they came to being the
latest victims of Islam's world-wide Jihad. In a minor report buried
amongst the Supreme Court nomination stories, main-stream media reportedan
apparent suicide by a 'small' explosive device by a disturbed Oklahoma
Student outside a Sooner's football game. Poor disturbed Joel Henry
Hinrichs III, a distraught engineering student from Colorado, had decided
that taking the time to build a powerful explosive vest and blowing himself
up near a huge public event was preferable to shooting himself in thehead
all alone in his apartment he shared with roommates from Pakistan. 87,000
fans only learned about the 'suicide' when they were delayed from leaving
the stadium for a bit while the site was cleaned up. No one was told that
part of the clean-up consisted of rendering harmless an additional large
bomb nearby, or that the blast was strong enough to be heard 4 miles away
and blow out windows of a building 200 yards away. CNN somehow failed to
catch the fact that the boy was a recent Muslim convert sporting the
typical beard of the devout. We don't want to be accused of being
insensitive to our peaceful fellow Muslim Americans, so the spin by
mainstream media in keeping this huge story off the front page is

A lot of additional information has been coming out of this event
which has somehow been missed by all but the most conservative news blogs.
Apparently the local CBS affiliate in OKC held a report that Hinrichs has
been known to visit the local Islamic center around the corner from his
apartment. The Norman mosque also happens to be the same one attended by
the "twentieth hijacker" Zacarias Moussaoui. But that is not national news,
so they stuff it in a small byline. Still, information is slowly leaking
out. A blogger named PhiKapMom posted:

"I was at the game so I might as well post what a girl at my son's
fraternity said. She is Iranian (Persian) and she said two dark Middle
Eastern types came running into the stadium and separated several minutes
after the bomb went off. She said since she was Middle Eastern she felt
safe in saying they fit the profile. She made a point of saying they were
much darker skinned then the Iranian people and when she heard the bomb
blast, she was convinced at the time it was a suicide bomb and these two
were part of what was happening."

The police raided the young mans apartment and found some other
interesting facts and items apparently not worthy of reporting, like lots
of extremist Jihad material and enough explosive material to keep the bomb
squad busy for an entire day removing it. It turns out some of the
explosives were of the London Tube variety so popular with terrorists, but
hey, it could all be a coincidence. It was also discovered that the boy had
two Pakistani roommates, and we all know how moderate Pakistani Muslims
are. No word as to whether they were the same two reported making their
escape after the blast. It also emerged that Dustin Ellison, the general
manager of Ellison Feed & Seed on Porter Avenue reported that Joel Henry
Hinrichs had previously inquired about purchasing a significant amount of
ammonium nitrate, but couldn't offer a reason why he needed it.

Apparently Hinrichs was an at-risk depressed young man who fell into
the clutches of Fanatical Islam. As has been shown in Israel and Iraq,
Islamists often manipulate the humiliated, the depressed, and sometimes the
intellectually handicapped to carry out their most vile acts of murder by
explosion. The boy is dead, but his handlers, either the local Imam/Cleric
and/or Muslim roommates, still run free. One wonders why their faces are
not broadcast nation-wide to bring them to justice. The largest attempted
attack on a public venue since 9-11 and our media suppresses the facts in
order to insure public support for the War on Terror continues to
deteriorate. Spin and misinformation (or no-information) remain effective
tools of an extreme Socialist agenda playing a fatal political game with
American lives.

Either Mr. Hinrichs had reservations and was killed to cover his
co-conspirators escape, or the explosives were mishandled arming them.
Either way, hundreds of lives were spared the horror of yet another
sanctimonious act demonstrating pure Islam. The secondary bomb was
obviously intended to be set-off after homicide weapon had been detonated,
and the potential for panic and countless deaths by stampede was all too

And what would have been the reaction if the young man and his
handlers had succeeded in killing hundreds of Americans? Mmmmm? Well, of
course CAIR would have condemned the act as having nothing to do with Islam
and requested authorities to protect poor picked on Muslims from any
unjustified backlash. Meanwhile the same individuals would have praised
Allah in secret, while Muslims world wide danced in the street. Soundly
condemned in English, the act would enter Muslim lore as another example of
Islam's superiority to all other peoples and nations. We can also be sure
that every leftist from Washington to Seattle would blame Bush and his
neo-cons for provoking otherwise peaceful Muslims to such extreme measures,
as if Muslims have ever had any difficulty coming up with the necessary
pretext to kill infidels.

Few truly familiar with Islamic culture are surprised by crazed mobs
stirred up in Mosques worldwide, but it is troubling indeed when born and
bread Americans fall under the spell of this culture of death. I suppose we
shouldn't be surprised since the indoctrination in sacred script, official
publications, and media creates the belief that Americans, Jews, Hindus,
and other non-Muslims are not human beings in the same sense as Muslims,
and can and should be slaughtered with impunity. You see, a basic principle
of Islamism holds that humanity is divided according to a strict hierarchy
of worth. At the top of this hierarchy are free Muslim males, the cream of
humanity. Below them, in descending order of worth, are: Muslim male
slaves, free Muslim women, Muslim female slaves, the males of the "People
of the Book" (Jews and Christians). Following this group are females of the
'People of the Book', and finally the rest of humanity comes in dead last
(excuse the pun) because they lack a soul they are regarded as worthless
having no rights whatsoever. This unfortunate final grouping includes
Buddhists, Hindus, secularists, atheists, agnostics, and others. But before
Jews and Christians celebrate escaping last-place in this uniquely Islamic
popularity contest, the fine print should first be carefully studied.
Quotes referencing Christians and Jews from the Qur'an include: - "Worst of
Creatures, Perverse, and Friends of Satan". The clear direction from
Muhammad is that Muslims are not allowed to even be friends or take favors
from Jews and Christians, unless that devotion/tax is extracted by force or
threat of force. Christians and Jews were regarded with contempt by
Muhammad, the final words reported from the mouth of the dying Prophet were
a curse on them "Allah's damnation be on the Jews and the Christians .."
Some other interesting Koranic tidbits:

Sura 98:6: Verily, those who disbelieve (in the religion of Islam, the
Qur'an and Prophet Muhammad) from among the people of the Scripture (Jews
and Christians) and Al-Mushrikun will abide in the Fire of Hell. They are
the worst of creatures.

Sura 5:51 O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as
Auliya' (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but Auliya' to one
another. And if any amongst you takes them as Auliya', then surely he is
one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun
(polytheists and wrong­ doers and unjust).

Also note that even blood ties are to be broken in the cause of
Islam. Country and family ties, devotions, and sensibilities are declared
dissolved. When one takes into consideration that Muhammad demands all
faithful to support and/or engage in Jihad, the direction to have no Muslim
friends makes perfect sense. It's all part of the psychology of violence.
Built-in natural human feelings of empathy and all impulses of conscience
must be overcome before an individual can perform an act of violence or
treachery. Islam thus grooms otherwise nominal humans into becoming an
effective, non-thinking, non-feeling Jihadist killing machines. But whether
Mr. Hinrichs was brainwashed or coerced by his handlers is of secondary
importance, the point is that it was pure Islamic theology which created
this weapon, and so it is Islam that must be fought.

It's imperative that our schools begin to teach the real nature of
Islamic doctrine and how it relates to 1400 years of ongoing violence with
all who come in contact with its faithful. The first order of the day is to
protect more of our own impressionable and passionate young from becoming
the unwitting tools of the most inhumane theology in the world today.
Middle Eastern men are much easier to spot than American Jihadist recruits,
so by protecting our young with the shield of truth, we also protect
ourselves. Or, we can comply with the manipulation of our national media
and just roll over and go back to sleep. The choice is ours as individuals
and communities. Somewhere in the night Ted Koppel is dressed in a blue
uniform waving through the useful idiots.

"Move along, nothing to see here just move it along".

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