America You Suck
Sat Oct 8, 2005 19:51

I read this article by a pissed-off Australian some time back. I think it bears repeating. He doesn't mince for words.I also happen to agree with him.
Mike Macaulay
Wed May 11, 2005 23:58

7th December 2004.

By: Michael Macaulay
Freedom Australia.


Yes, you really SUCK !!! You sit in your armchairs watching your fully censored propaganda TV News programs provided courtesy of your prostituted Media services and you all believe it’s real. Hey! Hey! USA, kick some more ass around the World, murder a few more tens of thousands of innocent men women and children, all in the name of what you call ‘liberation’ and ‘democracy’.

As a Nation you have become both collectively insane and gutless. You have lost the respect of the rest of the World, and you have the audacity to wonder why so many people in the World hate you? Wake up people!!!! I will spell it out for you in no uncertain terms!

You are all collectively as a Nation, accessories to War Crimes and murder on a grand scale. The only exceptions to this are those people in your country who are smart enough to understand what is going down, and have been desperately trying to do something about it. The rest of you, specifically the Bush Regime, The Administration and your Congress and Senate (who capitulated totally after 911) are all guilty as hell! No need for a trial just arrest them, lock them up and throw away the key – that’s the new International American Justice system isn’t it ???

Here is a list of some of the crimes you have committed recently as the World’s supposed ‘Superpower’.

1. You have conducted unprovoked pre-emptive illegal invasions of the sovereign Nations of Afghanistan and Iraq, contrary to the Geneva Convention, and without the sanction of the United Nations. Your attacks were based on a deliberate litany of lies by your Commander in Chief -President George Bush, his Administration, and the neocons, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle and others, about Weapons of Mass Destruction in the case of Iraq and Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida’s still unproven participation in the 911 attack, in the case of Afghanistan. Your other wars that invariably ended in failure include Korea, Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, Iran Raid, Somalia and now Iraq.

2. Your illegal Wars in these countries are responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of innocent civilians, including large numbers of women and children. You have all but totally destroyed Iraq in your brutal and maniacal invasion, destruction and occupation of the ‘cradle of civilization’. You are nothing but uncultured barbarians of the first order. The disgraceful behavior of your troops betrays a total lack of training, and non-existant understanding of the proper and decent conduct of occupation. This typifies you as a nation of dumbed down people with a total lack of knowledge of other countries cultures and customs. Any suggestion that you will win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people is totally laughable. They hate you for what you are, and what you have done to their country. Frankly the dead would tell you, Iraq was better off under Saddam Hussein, rather than under the trigger happy, indiscriminate and murdering US Army’s occupation. The military lesson of Vietnam has not been learnt, and now you face the acute international embarrassment of Vietnam II, in defeat in Iraq.

3. Your Government and Military, fail to understand the most simple of facts that most people will rise up against oppressors who attack their country and place their families in danger of death and destruction. That is simply human nature. History shows that very clearly. You call Iraqi fighters who are defending their families and their country that most convenient of names - ‘terrorists’. This deliberate propaganda the same as was used in the Vietnam conflict, stinks, as in the reality they are freedom fighters and heroes who are prepared to die to defend their country, as would I if my country was invaded. And as we now know, even when some of these heroes’s surrendered, your troops simply murdered them. Your Army has obliterated the town of Fallujah committing obscene atrocities and untold war crimes. All outside media were prevented from entering Fallujah while the evidence was ‘cleaned up’. The denial of access of food and medical supplies after the killing was just another major violation of the Geneva Convention. Hospitals were destroyed, while doctors, nurses, media people and clerics were targeted and deliberately murdered, in order to prevent them telling the truth about the slaughter, as they did in the previous failed attack by the US forces on Fallujah. Your troops no longer deserve the right to be called soldiers; it is an insult to real soldiers. Where in their empty heads are the alarm bells that tell them they are committing unprovoked murder of innocent men, women and children. Where are the brains of their Commanders, and where are the brains of their Leaders? Worst of all Americans are being lied to, as usual, about the real number of US Soldiers killed and maimed in Iraq. If you knew the real figure you would be outraged, and perhaps then your country would rise up and do something about it.

4. Your 911 investigation was a joke. It is totally false and blames no one. This has to go down in history as the mother of all cover-ups. The investigation did not address the major facts available about the 911 attacks. The supposed 19 ‘synthetic terrorists’, who allegedly carried out the attack, are not in Jail, do not exist, and were not on board any of the 4 aircraft. It is common knowledge that Flight AA77 a Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon and has not to this day been accounted for, and it is apparent that Flight UA93 was obviously shot down either by your Military or by a Black Ops aircraft. It is also obvious that your Government was complicit in 911, and your puppet President George Bush did everything in his power to try to prevent a proper investigation into 911. The one thing the investigation did get right was that there was no connection between Iraq and the 911 attacks. Further anyone who believes that the aircraft hitting the WTC towers was responsible for their ultimate collapse is living in Disneyland. The whole scenario is a major cover up of the worst order. It stinks of collusion and deceit on a grand scale. I hope one day you can bring the real perpetrators, or should I say traitors, to justice.

5. Your country supports the rogue State of Israel (another group of madmen) to the hilt. Congratulations USA you really know how to pick them, don’t you. Your support of Israel is obscene in view of their murderous behavior against the Palestinians. Did they learn that from you or vice versa? They certainly learnt from the Nazi’s. Your country has vetoed 72 United Nations resolutions against Israel, thereby condoning and supporting their murder and suppression of the Palestinian people. You provide Israel with weapons and money, and you condone their possession of some 200 Nuclear weapons, while hypocritically trying to prevent other countries from having Nuclear weapons. If it weren’t so serious it would be a joke. The poisonous tentacles of Israel are firmly wrapped around your Government, and are strangling you. Israel doesn’t vote in your elections, but it runs your country. It is using you and abusing you. If you can’t see it you must be blind. As a footnote it was amusing how you bleated when France vetoed your Iraq Resolution at the United Nations, when at that time you had already vetoed 70 times on behalf of your partners in crime, Israel.

6. You have troops in some 70 countries around the World, and are responsible for supplying 48% of the World’s weapons. You even supply weapons to people who eventually use them to kill your own troops, how stupid is that? Your Government interferes in every country in the World, causing trouble wherever it goes. The fact is that you are the major problem country in the World; you are the real ‘terrorists’! You don’t like that – tough, because that is the real truth. If you now believe the rest of the World is out to get you, you are right. The words Anti-American mean just that, and you richly deserve it. The people of the world have had a gutful of you and your insane foreign policy and your consistent warmongering. Quite frankly if someone eventually ‘Nukes’ you – I hate to say it, but you deserve it, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

7. Your President and his henchmen have blatantly and conveniently ignored the Geneva Convention, the United Nations and many other accepted protocols of International law. They have told the world they will do as they wish and to hell with everybody else. Subsequently as a country you are guilty of gross abuse and torture of prisoners around the world. You have for 3 years illegally been holding 600 prisoners at Guantanamo, without charge and without trial or due process of law, contrary to the Geneva Convention, and contrary to the recognized behavior of civilized countries within the International community. You have other torture facilities in Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to name a few. And you have the audacity to bleat when something happens to one of your own. Get it straight guy’s – you deserve it, big time! You won’t sign up for the World Court because you know you are committing and will continue to commit war crimes. You are the country providing the major funding for the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal, which only tries the losers – so if you lose in Iraq you are in trouble, but I guess if you simply withdraw your funding, they wont be able to try your war criminals.

8. Your Civil Rights are systematically being removed by your Criminal Administration. The Homeland Security Act, Patriot Act 1, and Patriot Act 11 are the forerunners of what is to come. The McCarthy era of the 1950’s pales into insignificance compared to what is going on now in your country, but once again you deserve it, quite simply because most of you are too gutless to speak out. You docilely accept the lies you are fed daily. You believe in Orange and Red alerts. You believe in terrorists. You believe the 911 cover up stories. You believe your winning in Iraq. You believe anything they tell you. Your media is totally compromised and feeds you bullshit, daily. You really have no idea what is really going down – the fact is, it’s you and your country that’s going down!

9. Your Congress and your Senate both meekly capitulated over the 2000 election result and again completely failed to demand answers after 911, in the most disgraceful manner. In respect to the attack on Iraq, Senator Byrd spoke out about the ‘great silence’ on Capitol Hill – how right he was! ‘We the people’ is no longer relevant in your country. Send the Statue of Liberty back to France – you no longer deserve to own it. Your founding fathers are turning in their graves in disgust at what you as a country have become. My, how you have betrayed them and their ideals. It’s a long way back from where you stand now.

10. Your 2000 Election was a Farce. Your 2004 Election was a Fraud. The real winner lost both times! Your Voting system is a disastrous joke. The blatant rigging of the 2004 election by use of the Optical and touch screen voting machines was so obvious that it defies logic. John Kerry should not have accepted defeat in such a gutless manner, when it was so obvious that it was rigged. A proper investigation into the vote rigging in Florida and Ohio is essential, but will go the same way as the 911 investigation. The people of the Ukraine didn’t stand for vote rigging and came out on the streets, but the good people of the USA just rolled over and took it up the behind, because they have been programmed since birth, not to speak out, or you will be labeled as un-patriotic, anti-American or even a traitor. You’re being had – freedom of speech is your right, use it !

As for people like me, I don’t hate you, I just feel terribly sorry for you. As a young man I lived in your country for a while, and trained with your Military, but things were different then. Some honor still remained, but now it has gone completely.

You have succeeded in turning your friends into non-supporters, because of your behavior. America it is ‘you’ who have now become that ‘Evil Empire’ that Ronald Reagan once spoke of.

History shows very plainly what happens to Nations like yours when they become politically and morally bankrupt. With Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and the others in command, ardently mixing Religion and Politics, the result is inevitable. George Bush reminds me of the insane Nero, fiddling while the world burns!

It is possible, your problems can be righted if you all collectively change your mindset, and stand up against the criminals in the White House and the Administration, who have hijacked your country. Hopefully somewhere in America is a strong man who will stand up and lead your country back to reality, not just for America’s sake, but also for the sake of the whole world. But, I’m not holding my breath on that score. Perhaps the best scenario is the Military Coup to straighten things out, and put your Leader and his Administration offshore into Guantanamo for a spell, before trying them for treason, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Good Luck USA, or should I say Goodbye! The choice is yours.


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