Madame Karnak
Nukes, firestorms and reality
Sat Oct 8, 2005 22:20

There is a great deal of difference between bringing down a skyscraper with a low-yield nuke and exploding one in the air above a big city. The consequences of the latter are catastrophic, unpredictable and make little sense particularly if these guys want to consolidate their hold on the U.S.

FIRST OF ALL, many of their biggest funders live and breathe via that New York stock exchange. Exploding a nuke over New York will destroy all the computers and all the cars and all the machinery and all the networks that use metal and can be affected by a high intensity electro magnetic pulse of the magnitude produced by a nuke.

SECONDLY, there is well-informed speculation that detonating a high yield nuke above a city make ignite the atmosphere which would render the planet unliveable except for those who can breathe something other than oxygen.

THIRD, if all the cities mentioned get taken out, commerce will stop. THAT MEANS COMMERCE GLOBALLY. We can buy oil if we can't receive it in our docks which would no longer exist if they were nuked. We also could not pay for it, because our financial centers would not be able to transfer funds for a number of weeks, probably months. Even Al Quaida doesn't want that to happen.

FOURTH, IF COMMERCE STOPS, THE BUSH Family will lose a lot of money and that's one thing that they never like to do.

I don't doubt that they will permit some disaster, generate a disaster or stage some other horrible event to get everyone's mind off their looting and other faux pas, but it will probably be biological weapons with a short half life, not nukes. Using nukes on the very territory that they want to own doesn't make any sense even for a group as mentally-challenged as this one.

All of these warnings and rumor-mongering are counterproductive. What makes more sense is to figure out what they are likely to do and find counter measures. Just scaring the crap out of everybody with these rumors is not going to improve our situation. We need to focus on what to do to change things, not sit around scaring each other to death.

Anyone who wants to learn about avian flu, there are some good postings and a download at the CDC and WHO sites. Some antiviral drugs have shown promise against these flus. BTW, they don't jump to humans that easily, so I recommend that you read the warnings.


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