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The 9/11 Tragedy: Official Story...or Inside Job?
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The 9/11 Tragedy: Official Story...or Inside Job?
Find out in this startling analysis by a leading investigative journalist


"This sobering book is vital reading for every American patriot...this is hair-raising journalism fom a fellow Texan populist."
--Jim Hightower, activist, radio commentator, and author of Let's Stop Beating Around the Bush

"If a Grand Jury is called to review the evidence that Marrs and his colleagues have presented on 9/11, we could reasonably anticipate indictments of members of both the Bush and Clinton administrations."
--Catherine Austin Fitts, former assistant secretary of housing, Bush I

"Inside Job is an essential contribution to the effort to find the complete truth about 9/11. Read it and share it with your friends."
--John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Jim Marrs is an award-winning veteran Texas journalist whose books Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy (Carroll & Graf) and Rule by Secrecy (Harper Collins: 2002) reached the New York Times bestseller list. Crossfire has sold 1.5 million copies since 1990, and its theories and findings were featured in Oliver Stone's movie JFK. The Alien Agenda (HarperPaperbacks: 1997) is Jim Marrs' comprehensive journalistic account of the ET phenomenon. Marrs started out with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and owned several newspapers before becoming an independent writer.
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A Sobering Look at 9/11 as an Inside Job

The official story about 9/11 is discredited. That is the sobering conclusion reached by millions of Americans, all across the political spectrum, who have sifted through the evidence uncovered by hundreds of independent researchers. Many honest citizens are now forced, with sadness and reluctance, to make an almost unthinkable inference: Powerful US officials must have had foreknowledge of the planned attacks, and then acted from the inside to: thwart efforts to prevent 9/11, remove or cover up criminal evidence, and hamper inquiries into what happened.

Were the horrific events of September 11, 2001 truly an inside job? This book will help you decide for yourself. In this work, world-renowned conspiracy theorist Jim Marrs makes a compelling case that 9/11 marks the intersection of several conspiracies at once, each based on overlapping political agendas. Support for his thesis comes from this sampling of the many disturbing anomalies, cited by Marrs:

• Standard air defense mechanisms systematically failed, simultaneously.
• Interceptor jets were scrambled too late, too slowly, and from the wrong locations.
• President Bush proceeded with a "photo op" long after he knew we were under attack.
• Fires could not have caused the free-fall collapse of the World Trade Center towers.
• The collapse of Building 7 in the complex was later admitted to be a demolition.
• Vital physical evidence was either removed or has never been released to investigators.
• Key officials claimed warnings never came, despite massive evidence to the contrary.

Inside Job is the definitive journalistic account of the hidden role of the Bush administration in failing to prevent the 9/11 attacks. The author provides heavy documentation of his findings, plus extensive appendices that include perspectives from families of 9/11 victims, and excerpts from the RICO Act lawsuit filed by 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani.

August 20, 2004

Media contact: Byron Belitsos

Leading investigative journalist Jim Marrs joins the dissenting chorus
Burgeoning Citizens' Movement: "Official 9/11 Story Is Dead."
Diverse outpouring of books, websites, films, citizens' inquiries, and lawsuits is making its mark.

Bush White House scandals often bring together strange bedfellows as critics--but almost nothing matches the multifaceted coalition that has formed around today's 9/11 truth campaign.

Already heroes to the alternative media, some among this wildly diverse group of citizens who challenge the prevailing "incompetence theory" are now surfacing in mainstream media coverage.

These independent researchers from across the political spectrum--along with dissatisfied families of 9/11 victims--point to a massive number of anomalies from the official story that have not been adequately addressed in the 9/11 Commission Report or by the mainstream press. Especially notable are the 23 Questions that were formally presented to the government's 9/11 Commission by the 9/11 Family Steering Committee; almost all of them still remain unasked and unanswered, even after twelve sessions of the US government's official 9/11 Commission, whose final report is due on July 26, 2004.

Dissenters from the Bush administration account say the official story falls apart on the prima facie evidence--especially regarding (1) Saudi, Israeli, and Pakistani involvement, (2) the apparent "stand-down" of America's air defenses, (3) stark factual anomalies from the official stories about the hijackings and the collapses of the towers, (4) removal or withholding of evidence, and (5) President Bush's bizarre behavior on the day of the tragedy, along with his administration's overt resistance to a thorough inquiry.

These and numerous other disturbing issues have become salient for all researchers, no matter what their political lens. The result is today's 9/11 truth movement that joins together a wide array of voices from the right to the left, including:

• David Ray Griffin, a distinguished professor of philosophy of religion at Claremont School of Theology, and author of The New Pearl Harbor, an underground bestseller that eviscerates the official story about 9/11.

• Michael Moore, the left-liberal winner of the 2004 Cannes film festival's Palme d'Or and writer/director of Farenheit 9/11.

• Michael Ruppert, a crusading former Los Angeles police detective whose worldwide speeches to huge audiences and Truth & Lies about 9/11 video brings out the criminal dimensions of alleged US complicity.

• Andreas Von Buelow, Social Democrat and former Defense Minister of Germany who alleges in a European bestselling book that the CIA was involved in perpetrating 9/11.

• Jim Marrs, Texas libertarian and bestselling conspiracy theorist whose 9/11 exposé book entitled Inside Job summarizes the evidence and points to an overlap of political agendas of conspiring parties.

Excepting Michael Moore, many of these voices can be found just below the surface of mainstream coverage. Even Moore's own film distributor, Disney/Miramax, backed out after he won the Cannes prize rather than face the rising heat of the 9/11 controversy.

A similar scenario beset Jim Marrs, author of Inside Job: Unmasking the 9/11 Conspiracies (Origin Press: September 2004). Inside Job was originally commissioned by HarperCollins, a major New York publisher for whom Marrs has written two previous bestsellers. Accepted by the editors, and vetted by a Harper attorney, the firm backed out just before printing the book, even allowing the author to keep his six-figure advance. The book is now being brought out by a small press in Northern California, and ships on July 1, 2004.

In this brittle environment, whistleblowers from diverse quarters are also coming forth to provide even more evidence. These men and women go further than mainstream dissenters like Richard Clarke, former counter-terrorism czar, in their accusations of wrongdoing. They include:

• Lieutenant Colonel Steve Butler, former vice chancellor at the Navy's Monterey Defense Language Institute, who was relieved of duty after telling the press that he believed President Bush knew about the impending attacks.

• Bill Manning, editor of the 125-year old Fire Engineering magazine, who in a 2002 editorial called the official investigation into the alleged destruction of the towers by fire a "half-baked farce."

• Sibel Edmonds, an FBI translator, who challenged Condoleezza Rice's 9/11 Commission testimony on every point, only to be gagged by a court order obtained by the White House.

• 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani, a housewife who along with a former attorney general of Pennsylvania is suing key officials under the RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corruption Organizations) Act.

• Catherine Austin Fitts, one-time Republican and former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Bush I, who has gone public with evidence about 9/11 insider profiteering.

Americans who seriously doubt the "incompetence theory" promulgated by the government's 9/11 Commission probably number in the millions. The evidence concentrated in books like Jim Marrs' Inside Job, they believe, leads far beyond the claim of a "chance occurrence" of multiple simultaneous failures of America's homeland defense and intelligence agencies. They suspect that the cumulative evidence points to the likelihood that the Bush White House, at a minimum, permitted 9/11 to occur as a pretext for its political agenda. This is the grim conclusion forced upon many.

Large independent conferences based on this premise have been held in the US and Europe, notably the International Citizens' 9/11 Inquiry, attended by nearly 1000 people in San Francisco in March 2004. Arising from the latter event was a coalition organization named 911Truth.org, which is now leading the movement through its portal website and many public initiatives.

We are fortunate in that the myriad findings of the 9/11 truth movement are now succinctly covered in the acclaimed new book by Jim Marrs. In addition to his original journalistic research, Marrs summarizes the work of scores of other researchers and uses extant mainstream sources. His book also features in its appendices the 23 Questions of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee and an excerpt from Ellen Mariani's RICO Act lawsuit filing.



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