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Sun Oct 9, 2005 04:02

by Jim Robinson
October 7, 2005

The Rockwellians joined the enemy a long time ago. The Rockwelians, Buchananites, paleocons, et al, all aligned themselves with France/Germany/Russia and Iraq against America when we went to war against Saddam Hussein. No surprise to me that they'd join in with the America hating Communist backed International ANSWER and the PinkOs. Traitors all.

Revising and extending my remarks.

Why do I call these guys traitors? Well, we recently had the opportunity to witness up close and personal the communist led International Answer and Code PinkO people in action in Crawford and DC. I can tell you first hand that these slimy creeps are the real deal. Socialists, Marxists, Communists, punk anarchists, leftist revolutionaries, you name it.

America haters. Baby killers. They are absolutely in love with every slimeball communist/terrorist/tin-pot dictator in the world. They hate our way of life, hate our freedom and want no limits on the depths of their depravity. That's why they hate God and hate our constitution. No limits means NO limits.

They cannot wait to dissolve our constitution, our borders and our national sovereignty and make us subservient to some global socialistic power. Star-crossed communist utopians dancing, spitting and cussing in the streets. It was a real sight to behold.

Slimy, filthy, foulmouthed creeps. The same kind of long-haired weirdo hippy freaks that slimed us in the 60's. In fact many of them were resurrected hippies. Aging old communist farts trying to relive the glory days when they brought America to her knees and forced her to surrender to the Vietnam communists after having defeated them in battle.

Thank you Walter Cronkite. Puke!.

They hate America. Hate our troops. They are afraid that we're gonna win this war and bring peace and constitutional democracies to the Middle East. Can't have that. Spreading freedom would destroy their plans for global communism. They desperately want America to lose this war and the next one (which will be fought here at home if we do lose this one).

And now we learn here today that Lew Rockwell is part of this filthy traitorous movement. I knew that he and Buchanan and many of the paleocons had long ago gone over the edge with their hate Bush campaigns, and that they sympathized with the French, German, Russian, Iraqi axis against America, but I didn't know how far they would go.

Marching with communists in our nation's capital? Protesting at Army/Navy hospitals in full view of our recovering wounded servicemen? Parading in the streets with white crosses and makeshift coffins, spitting on the memory of our fallen heroes that fought and died for our country? Giving aid and comfort to the enemy during wartime? How low can you go?

How can this be called anything but treason?

If this is what the Rockwells and Buchanans and their followers want and believe, if they want to align themselves and protest against America and march arm-in-arm with their America hating communist comrades during wartime then they're nothing but traitors themselves and should own up to it.

And the rest of us should recognize them for what they are and treat them accordingly.

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