Our Troops need REAL support, not phony shows
Sun Oct 9, 2005 17:16

Because of the gruesome nature of warfare in Iraq, where roadside bombs are the number one killer and maimer, wounds sustained by US soldiers have been horrific, requiring extensive and long-term care. The Pentagon KNEW that this kind of warfare and these kinds of injuries would be epidemic in Iraq (in fact they had enlisted the aid of the Israelis to teach US troops about urban warfaret). Yet one month before the invasion, the House Budget committee slashed $844 million in medical care for vets for the coming year - while approving doling out $900 million to Halliburton.

Now they want to close Walter Reed Medical center where vets get old-style, hands-on care in favor of shoving vets off into corporate style hospitals where they are little more than a number on a bed.


I am esp. sickened by many American women - "military moms" and wives who make a phony show of "support for the troops" by defending the war and Bush in exchange for copping 10 seconds of fame via an evening news sound bite or photo op. In doing so, they are ignoring the fact that their sons/daughters and husbands are being treated like third class citizens and face years of suffering and deprivation as a consequence. This is patriotism? If so, it's a phony, cheap, corporate brand.

If you want to show support for our troops, then call, write, or fax your state and federal reps and local and national news outlets and DEMAND THAT OUR TROOPS BE TREATED LIKE FIRST CLASS CITIZENS.

This letter was posted in the Veterans for Peace newsletter in 2003:

Bush cuts veterans’ benefits
Letter to the Edit
Rutland Herald (VT) Apr 15m 2003

Every body claims to support the troops. Some do so by backing war. Others by not wanting to send young people to fight an illegal and immoral war. To the pro-war side, I ask, did you know that the Republican majority on the House Budget Committee in March rammed through a resolution that would cut $844 million from veterans’ medical care for next year? At the same time, they managed to come up with $900 million to give to Dick Cheney’s old company Halliburton and a few other big Republican sugar daddies who will quite conveniently be rebuilding Iraq after the war.

Over the next 10 years, the Republican changes would cut $24.7 billion from veterans’ medical care, disability compensation and other benefits. Just when they send our young men and women into military action in Iraq, the Republicans back home chop their current and future benefits. This includes, by the way, payments to their families, should they be killed in action. This is just the first step. Veterans can expect more cuts. The rich can expect more tax breaks. And the rich seldom have their children serve in the military. And guess what? Of the 434 members of Congress in the House, how many do you think has a son or daughter in the military? Just one. Thank you, Congress, for supporting our troops.

Wake up, people.


Wells, Vermont

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