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Letters to the Editor: Cuts targeting vets
Web Posted: 10/07/2005 12:00 AM CDT

San Antonio Express-News
Cuts targeting vets
Would the legislative branch of a "grateful nation" cut benefit programs to
veterans, military retirees, their widows and children while saving their own?
Well, a bill has been introduced in the House that has the potential of doing
It is HR 2290. The full bill and its cosponsors can be found at / and it is certainly interesting reading. The purported purpose of
the bill is to require automatic cuts in selected programs if total entitlement
spending exceeds certain guidelines.
Certain major programs are being exempted. They include Social Security,
Medicare Part A and — are you ready for this? — the Federal Employee Retirement
System and Civil Service Retirement System. The latter happens to be available
to members of Congress and their staffs. They sure took care of themselves.
But let's see what is not exempt. Would you believe the military retirement
income, military survivors' benefits and veterans' benefits? Also on the
chopping block are the lifeline for health care for military retirees, Tricare for
Life and Medicare Part B.
Yep, the discriminatory parts of this bill are leveled at those who laid
their lives on the line for the country, as well as their widows and children.
This would affect not just the old-timers, but almost 2,000 widows from Iraq and
James Ret

NOTE: Edited out was my last sentence which indicated that the bill had 89
cosponsors at the time I wrote the letter (5 Oct 05). Of the 89, eighty eight
(88) were Republicans. Don't know why they edited that out since the paper is
not that friendly to the current administration.
Keep those cards and letters going.

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