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Full Spectrum Treason - 911 Octopus
Sun Sep 30, 2007 16:47

Title: Full Spectrum Treason - 911 Octopus

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Rough introduction to the FCS Future Combat System prototype that was used to help create the experimental video images shown on 9/11 to shock and awe the world.
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Another great video, bsreg! I see comments asking basically "Why? What benefit to us?" I pray America will finally "tweak" there is an "us" - and a "them".

True...The guy who owned the buildings made 3.5 billion in insurance money.However the government has yet to really gain anything.America is worst now than it was before 9/11

Please see nomoregames. net and read the article Closed Minds on 9/11 by Morgan Reynolds. There are actually people who profit from war and think that all of the post 9/11 changes are very positive. New wars, increased defense spending, more debt, the PATRIOT act, etc

it's kind of scary to think the the gov't would engineer or go along with such an attack. However what would be the upside?destroying our nations economy?putting americans in fear for years to come?Or just for a laugh?

It does look like cgi when you watch it a couple times.I wouldn't put it past the bush administration but,the fact that those outside the bush administration went along with it bothers me

The overwhelming evidence that the videos shown on TV were fake discredit the official version of events entirely. It's hard enough to believe that Osama attacked the Pentagon from a cave and that they have only a couple of defective security cameras guarding the Pentagon. It's not possible that Osama can make all the News stations show Psyops cartoons.

I suppose you could see that as a gain, but I don't see PNAC or economic gain as reason enough for this sort of thing. I mean, in the end haven't we just lost out as a result. I suppose that this could well be a conspiracy, I just can't understand why the government would do it. I have to ask, why did you stop believing the standerd explanation, what made you change?

The people who wanted the PNAC strategy clearly gained. The attack was 'good' for Defense, Energy, and all the private military contractors and intelligence agencies. The losers are the murder victims, people who value free speech, people who fly on public aircraft instead of private jets, anyone who serves in the armed forces...

Although you make a compelling arguement, I still have unanswered questions for you. Who actually gains from these attacks?(don't reply big buisnes, that's crap). Why use expensive military tech when the "lie" would have been cheaper? Also, what happened to the people who died on the planes? As far as I know these people are dead and unaccounted for. Just wanted to clear that up before deciding.

Carbon143: You wouldn't recognize disinfo if it was printed in bold type at the top of your script. Now go hang yourself you idiot worm.

Title: Full Spectrum Treason - 911 Octopus

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