The SCHIP Falls
Wed Oct 3, 2007 18:06

The SCHIP Falls

There's going to be drama worthy of The West Wing on Capitol Hill in the next few weeks, as the House Democrats work to get the at least 15 votes they need to override President Bush's veto today of the SCHIP Reauthorization. The U.S. Senate already has the 67 votes needed to override the veto. (Lots of R's have voted with D's in favor of the expansion, which will be paid for by an increase in the tobacco tax.)

A breakdown of Texas Reps and how they voted on final passage of the $35 billion expansion of the health insurance program for low-income children last week:

Texas US Reps - Yea
Henry Cuellar, Lloyd Doggett, Chet Edwards, Charles Gonzalez, Gene Green, Al Green, Rubén Hinojosa, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Nicholas Lampson, Solomon Ortiz, Silvestre Reyes, Ciro Rodriguez

Texas US Reps - Nay
Joe Barton, Kevin Brady, Michael Burgess, John Carter, Michael Conaway, John Culberson, Louie Gohmert, Kay Granger, Ralph Hall, Jeb Hensarling, Sam Johnson, Kenny Marchant, Michael McCaul, Randy Neugebauer, Ron Paul, Pete Sessions, Lamar Smith, Mac Thornberry



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George Orwell's 1984

Audio.... 1984.... Wow!

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