Cong. Walter Jones receives my ‘Founding Fathers Award’
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Subject: Cong. Walter Jones receives my 'Founding Fathers Award'
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Cong. Walter Jones receives my ‘Founding Fathers Award’

By Mary MacElveen

September 20, 2007

I love that age-old saying, “Evil prevails when good men do nothing.” And such is the case with Congressman Walter Jones (R) North Carolina who did an about face concerning the war in Iraq. In his about face, it leaves one believing that there is still good in this world.

When French Fries were renamed Freedom Fries, it was the idea of Congressman Jones. The act itself in renaming one of the staples of America’s fast food delights was when the French refused to back President Bush’s invasion of Iraq back in 2003. By the way, just to set the record straight, France had nothing to do with its creation. So for the fans of this fast food that are still angry with France, you now have the freedom to pile your plates high without giving further thought to it.

In reading the September 20th edition of Newsday, I ran across an article, Jones' about-face on Iraq war angers constituents. This is the bravery this country was founded on. What Jones is doing he feels is morally right and in light of Senator John Warner (R) Virginia switching his vote to give respite to our soldiers, I am now giving out my Founding Father’s Award and my Benedict Arnold Award simultaneously. I have never done so since I came up with this concept.

As I read this Newsday article, what angered me is how so many have turned their backs on Congressman Jones. This part was especially hard to read given the good nature of this man, “His autographed photographs have been stripped from the wall of a local restaurant and he did not receive his customary invitation to speak at a Baptist church here in July.”

You may ask why that bothers me and it is for this reason. Every Saturday he goes to his office and turns on doo-wap music and “sits at a conference table and begins signing condolence letters to families who have lost loved ones in Iraq. "My heart aches as I write this," they begin. So far, he has sent about 6,700 - his "mea culpa to my Lord" for voting to authorize the war in Iraq.”

That is above and beyond the call of duty which is a military term and an act far superior to Senator John Warner’s. This is why Congressman Jones receives my ‘Founding Father’s Award’ and Senator Warner receives my ‘Benedict Arnold Award’.

When a voter, Willie Ray Starling stated he was upset with the liberals that Jones was consorting with and while he appreciates his moral stance, states, “But I feel like Walter's stances, where he has been in opposition to supporting the troops, has really turned me against him." No, Mr. Starling, Congressman Jones is supporting our troops by wanting them out of harms way and realizing that his vote was a mistake. He is doing so in both words and deeds unlike Warner.

Is seeing coffin after coffin with the American flag draped over it supporting our troops? No, it is blessing this carnage that has taken the lives of so many as many profit from it.

Exactly when will Americans get it through their heads that supporting our troops means bringing them back home? But, more importantly, when will most of our elected officials?

Leaving party politics out of the mix here, while Democrats are looking at him to run as a Democrat since his conservative base is looking elsewhere, “he has no plans to become a Democrat. But he doesn't completely dismiss the idea.”

As many in Washington, D.C. cling to their party’s doctrines and for some reason align with them instead of the American people and more importantly our soldiers, Jones states, “I don't have blind allegiance. My only allegiance is to my Lord." At least he is listening to the Lord’s teachings.

Throughout this piece you will notice I hardly spoke of Warner, but chose to focus on Jones. I felt the need to write further of his good deeds which are positive instead of the negative coming from Warner as he switched his vote.

In going about your normal Saturday routines, please think of Congressman Walter Jones sitting in his office writing those “mea-culpa” letters to those family members left behind. This is truly the act of a courageous and just man. God bless him.

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Official web site for Representative Walter B. Jones (R - NC, 3rd District).

Congressman Jones joins Reach Out and Read to promote early literacy.
Congressman Jones reads to children at Washington Pediatrics in Washington, North Carolina.

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