My anger over 9/11 still haunts my thoughts
Thu Sep 13, 2007 23:35

My anger over 9/11 still haunts my thoughts


Everything is Political Fiat, column 117

“ A World Without Heroes” Part 7

The special series continues, as i share my thoughts, ideas and muse. I have no illusions or delusions about being a write in candidate. Essentially I count on the circulation and distribution of this column for exposure. I'm just a working class guy, who happens to take the Presidential race very seriously.

Don't get me wrong, If CNN or the New York Times wants to grant me an open forum interview, I wouls surely accept.

This column I started at 10:08pm on the evening of September 11, 2007. Six years after 3000 of our countrymen were brutally murdered by a global terrorist network named Al-Qaida.

I have already heard, read and seen many reports and anniversary pieces in the media today, as i am sure you have as well.

Hopefully I can reach all of you on a different level.

Last night is when it really started to sink in, while i was taking out the trash, six years later and Al-Qaida is by most accounts capable of launching terrorist attacks almost anywhere in the world. Their fund raising is
This bothers me, as a political analyst but mainly just as an American.

As I have mentioned before, almost any problem in the world can be solved, if people, groups and governments are willing to allocate the proper amount of resources towards that problem.

It took me far longer to gather up the trash than I expected, as i was trying to sort through “stuff” in our storage room and make room for different “stuff.”

Way to much stuff in our basement.

Our basement is a good metaphor on the inner workings of my brain. There is a lot of stuff in there, I know where most of it is, even though some of it is pretty hard to get at on some days.

I really wish the federal government had not made this “Patriot's Day.” The fact that i say that, does it surprise you? All of you know how seriously I take my patriotism and the Constitution.

If I would have been President in 2001, when the Al-Qaida fanatics attacked us, I would have probably made 9/11 “Country men's Day.”

But enough on my over filled basement and what I would name this day in history.

I really want to tell you about Robert “Bob” Zemke, my Dad's best friend. My dad and Bob are both serious Christian men, Catholic and very much understand God's plan and eternal grace.

Bob copied me into an e-mail, that i opened minutes before starting this column. I'm so glad i did. I was going to write a hard-edged political piece on the sixth anniversary of 9/11, but 100's of other columnists have already done that.
My Dad and Bob besides being very devoted Christians are also very smart men. They have wisdom and a deep understanding of how this world must change and rediscover faith and the divine.

I wish I were 5% as smart as my Dad or Bob. But I'm not, and I'm accepting of that.

My anger over 9/11 still haunts my thoughts and fills me with rage at times. I see the “political” decisions that were made or not made, and I am fuming at a government that cannot even eliminate this one terrorist group.

My Dad and Bob would comfort me at times like this, and say “Chris, there is a greater plan at work.”

They of course are right, and i just remain trapped by my anger and cynicism towards our government, which cannot get the job done.

Then it happens, I calm down and focus on the truth, which is God, and how his son Jesus Christ died for all of mankind's sins, and we are made whole again, through the holy spirit and through the word of God and a holy trinity that keeps the universe in balance.

I wonder what all the presidential candidates would think right now, if they chose to read this far into my column?
It occurs to me that we do not spend enough time discussing the divine power that has created all living things. Which is not very good, considering that Jesus Christ was himself a teacher and a “transmitter” of the holy spirit and more precisely, a catalyst for human beings to connect with the divine.

When my older brother was last in town from San Francisco, we talked one night, very deeply about religion and the “expansion” policy that most major religions employ.
This is human nature at work. Most major religions want more converts, more followers and more “believers” if you will. This is not by any means a bad thing, it is human nature to try and expand any group, association or belief.

The perverted fanatical brand of Islam, practiced by Al-Qaida members is no exception. This group of hardcore murdering fanatics want to see the entire world converted to Islam, either through one's individual journey and eventual acceptance of the Qur'an and its' teachings; or to accept Islam at the end of a sword.

Bin Laden believes this. I know it, I can feel it.

I myself, being a Christian, will go on studying the Bible and trying everyday, to follow God's word. Try and follow the incredible sacrifice his only son made for all of mankind.

I guess Al-Qaida will never see me as a convert. I have some additional news as well, I will not serve on my knees, at the tip of an Islamic sword pushed in my face. In fact, Al-Qaida should fear Americans like me, because I am not afraid.

I struggle with my faith, as all Christians do. I sin, as all Christians do. I pray for God's mercy, as all Christians do. I hope i will be in paradise, at the end of my earthly “sojourn”, when the father calls me home. I pray I will find the path, through the spilt blood of his son. I pray the Holy Ghost will guide me.

I hope I didn't confuse anyone their by saying “Holy Ghost.” I am just old enough to remember my Grandma, on my Dad's side, saying grace and using “Holy Ghost.”

While cleaning out the storage room and gathering up the trash, I found a shopping bag full of old cassettes. Some were home made, with all my favorite songs. Mostly 60's and 70's music.

I did record one newer song by Amy Grant called “EL Shaddai.”

“El Shaddai” is ancient Hebrew and there is no direct translation into modern English. A literal translation is “God of the Mountain.” Though in modern times El Shaddai has been translated as “the Father” or “the One.” This would be an area of Christian dogma where you would have to talk with my Dad or Bob, who have far more knowledge of such biblical translations.

It is one of the finest recordings of the entire 80's decade and one of Amy Grant;'s biggest hits.

I Love the song because it humbles me, and centers my scattered thoughts. I think about how very young Amy Grant was when she recorded that song, the pressure to get such powerful words and music just right.

I'm really glad i found that old bag of tapes, especially that one home made tape.

I wonder about all the other candidates for president, and how they have reflected on this anniversary of 9/11. Or is it just a political moment to them?

I know 55 million registered voters will not write my name in, come November 2008.

Maybe two or three hundred will, maybe not.

None of that matters right now. I can sleep tonight knowing that I have my faith, and that God has a plan, which I am not privileged to know all the details.

This is fine with me, for I am a common man, only seeking his grace and his mercy.

I pray the next elected president shall have at least one moment as i have laid out for you here tonight. A moment where reflection on our connect to a divine power and our connection to each other is what really matters.
The kind of “Life-force” connection that makes all people whole.

I pray our next President has 5% the wisdom of my dad or his friend Bob.

Christopher J. Dardzinski
FRN Newsletter
Publisher & Chief Political analyst
Lincoln Park, MI.

office: 313.294.0579
cell: 734.775.2267


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