Why You Absolutely Must Read This Book!
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Please go to this link and print the book at no charge, share it with others who do not have internet access etc. You can also download the attached file if you choose.

Why You Absolutely Must Read This Book!

America is on the verge of total collapse – economically, militarily and morally. If we do not fix our problems by the time the next Federal election is held, there will be no way to peacefully fix them.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn in this book that you absolutely must know:

The Constitution established that the Federal government had very limited powers. Over time, special interests have fraudulently expanded those powers so that they could rob us blind.

The Federal Reserve Bank is not Federal and it has no reserves. It is a private bank, unconstitutionally given power by Congress to control our money – and control our lives.

Your Federal government has stolen us blind by printing more and more money with absolutely nothing to back it up.

Our runaway Federal government has sold us out to our enemies and special interests. Many of their acts are nothing short of treason!

Your Federal Government has run up $30,000.00 in debt in YOUR NAME for every man, woman and child in America. They are on track for increasing that to $150,000.00.

How TRILLIONS in debt held by foreign countries have compromised our financial independence and our way of life.

How millions of good American jobs have been taken away and why the middle class is on the verge of collapse.

Absolute proof that 90% of all Americans do not owe Federal Income Tax. The IRS knows it, Congress knows it, but they don’t want you to know it – they want to keep stealing your money.

Why the Federal government owes us a $2 TRILLION refund.

What Islam is – and what it isn’t. We must clearly know the enemy or be destroyed. In this book, they tell us – in their own words.

Most importantly this book provides an action plan for helping solve these problems. You absolutely must read this book!

Link to download book and share with others.....no charge

If you will not fight when your
victory will be sure and not too
costly, you may come to the
moment when you will have to
fight with all the odds against
you and only a precarious chance
for survival. There may even be
a worse case. You may have to
fight when there is no hope of
victory, because it is better to
perish than to live as slaves.

Sir Winston Churchill

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