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Date: Saturday, 8 September 2007, 9:44 p.m.

In Response To: IF I WERE IN CALIFORNIA,- I'D LEAVE NOW. *PIC* (The_Fox) Most possible a nuke has gone "missing" on Aug. 30 on the territory of the U.S.. Everything we have heared about that incident with the B52 points towards that assumption.

The code word in military jargon for such an accident is called "Broken Arrow".

And we had a "Broken Arrow" - at least for that three to four hours flighttime - where five or six nuklear weapons of the U.S.A. were not under control of the "system" - as they simply didn't knew about their whereabouts - which would be the best case of the worst, however.

According to various sources it took the B52 three to four hours from Minot to Barksdale AF-Base, which is a distance of appr. 1,100 miles. Calculating with an avarage speed of the B52 at about 530mph the bomber could have made the distance on a direct flight in about two hours.

The actual route was kept secret. It can be assumed that the flight planning didn't lead the route over populated area - even if nothing was known about the payload - and this would suggest a course leading in great parts over the Rocky Mountains.

Let's speculate that the B52 indeed had six cruise missiles under its wings - as was reported initially. Which would make sense - as you would put on this stuff symetrically - and not "five" as was reported later.

So chances are high that the confusion occured, as the B52 was leaving with six warheads from ND - and arriving in Louisiana with five only...

According to calculations it is possible that the hot bomber could fly past the Great Nevada Bassin. But much more likely is that it could have been possible that one AGM 86 was programmed that way that it silently dropped "itself" from the pylon, fell close to the surface and started its propulsion engine there - skimming towards a preprogrammed target - maybe a lake, somewhere in the "nowhere" of Arizona.

Although a bit speculative, let's continue our little scenario. The cruise missile drops into the lake - without exploding - leaving the warhead intact. Someone only has to go there and pick it up. Without signing any acknowledgement of receipt...

Ian Fleming wrote a similar scenario in "Never say Never Again": A SPECTRE agent has stolen two American nuclear warheads, and James Bond must find their targets before they are detonated...

But there is even more from the world of the inventor of 007, and it deals with earthquakes, the San Andreas fault, and flooding Silicon Valley. In "A View to a Kill" Christopher Walken plays the bad guy Max Zorin having invented a new computer chip capable of blowing out all other digital chips.

In our case we wouldn't have to deal with some "computer-chips" but rather with a major earthquake in California!

I wrote about this "3rd FEMA prediction" at...

FarSight3 -- Wednesday, 14 September 2005, 12:40 p.m.
...and "coincidentally" it was published exactly on Sept.14.! See, what is planned for that date! ...

...U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Lucy Jones remembers attending an emergency training session in August 2001 with the FEMA that discussed the three most likely catastrophes to strike the United States.
First on the list was a terrorist attack in New York. Second was a super-strength hurricane hitting New Orleans. Third was a major earthquake on the San Andreas fault.

...A catastrophic temblor at the right spot along the San Andreas could significantly reduce energy and water supplies - at least temporarily, she and others said...

...Because the Los Angeles region is so much larger than the Louisiana city, it is difficult to conceive of a disaster - "sort of an A-bomb" - that would blanket the whole city, let alone the whole county, in ruin, said Lee Sapaden, a spokesman for Los Angeles County's Office of Emergency Management...

But back to our fiction about the missing nuke. Three days after the incident with the B52 -on Monday, Sept. 3, early in the morning - "aviator" Steve Fossett took off in a small plane from the private airstrip "Flying-M Ranch", near Carson City and the California border. It was reported that Fossett was "searching for a suitable lake bed" for another speed record attempt.

Althoug constantly appearing in media as the "great aviator" little is known about the connections and businesslife of Steve Fossett.

Most people do know him as being the first person to circle the globe in a balloon in 2002 solo and being the first to fly a plane solo around the world without refueling in 2005. Fosset holds 116 records in five sports, including sailing, ballooning, gliding, dirigibles and powered aircraft. About half remain unbroken. He was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in 2007.
James Stephen Fossett, born April 22, 1944, in Jackson, Tenn., growing up in Garden Grove, Calif has always been portrayed as a colorful person. Fossett's first job after college was running the information-technology division of some department store. Later he joined Merrill Lynch and founded the Lakota Trading Inc., a stock-options trading firm in Chicago. It was followed by Larkspur Securities Inc., an investment firm and Marathon Securities, a securities firm, all located in Chicago.

The celebrity earned a bachelor's degree in economics and philosophy, at the "epicenter" of today's Neocons, Stanford University, and holds a master's degree in BA from Washington University/St.Louis.

Fossett is married to Peggy Fossett, the couple have no children and live in Beaver Creek/Colorado.

The autobiography of Steve Fossett appeared in 2006: "Chasing the Wind"...

Could be a perfect cover, indeed. Noone would expect from someone that much in the focus of the media that there might be another face behind a nice, 63 years old famous sportsman. Same with Sir Richard Branson, the British billionaire who has helped finance many of Fossett's adventures. Although Rayelan doesn't think so...
But let's have a look what we do know of Fossett's company Marathon Securities Ltd.?

Did you know that "Marathon Securities" was involved with the ptb-circles through Barrick Gold? Managing takovers of Gold-shares? In "redistributing" of Zaire's mining industry in unisono with the Worldwide British Cartell and all those IMFs of our world?

Meeting in Lubumbashi on 9./10. May 1997, participants:

* Bunting Warburg/Toronto, a dpt.of the Swiss Bankverein-Warburg;
* Goldman Sachs/Wall-Street-Investmenthouse;
* London's Hedge Fund Value Investing Partners;
* SA dpt. of German Morgan Grenfell;
* C.M. Oliver/Vancouver;
* Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce-Wood Gundy (CBIC);
* Marathon Securities;
* British Investors Yorkton Securities;
* Nile International/North-Carolina;
* British Breco International;
* London's National Securities;
* Northern Mining/Ontario.
But back to Nevada: The Franco Nevada Mining Corp. Ltd. that has at least business connections to Marathon Securities was bought in 2002 by Newmont Mining Corporation, one of the World's leading gold producers with operations on five continents. From their site:

Newmont owns or controls approximately 3,056 square miles (7,915 square kilometers) of land in Nevada, stretching across the state along the Interstate 80 corridor.
Fosset could have been in that area within one hour flight-time. Parking his small single-engine Bellanca Super Decathlon (tail number N240R) wherever it would be suitable. No signal was received from the plane's emergency locator transmitter, designed to be automatically activated in an event of a crash...

So most possibly there was no crash.

And why would one of the highest ranking military, Maj.Gen.Henry C.Morrow, "coordinate" any search for Fossett if there wasn't more behind the story?

The area, Newmont owns, shows a lot of natural springs interconnected via subterrain water-channels. The Sage layback was broadly drilled by Santa Fe Pacific Gold in the mid-1990s. The Sage ore body is a northern extension of the existing Twin Creeks Mega pit, and occurs in the overturned fold axis of a NW-trending anticline at depths of 600 to 1200 feet.

Together with the proper knowledge of the geological terrain of the area it would be imaginable that someone could use those skills for placing a nuke somewhere there - near the states border to California - inmidst the San Andreas fault - possibly causing a major quake.

If nature isn't on time to "fullfill" FEMA's predictions - hey - one could do a lot "with a little help from my friends"...

And - what companies own massive short positions running out by Sept.21!

Although this little fiction is highly speculative there are lots of bits that would fit into a "scenario" - and nobody would recognize it. It would possibly go under the topic of a "natural catastrophy"...

War on 'error, Part 33: "FEMA's famous Third Fame"
Far Sight 3

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