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The past few weeks various unusual events have occured that should
raise questions by both civilian and military personnel in regards to
national security. Questions regarding the five or six mounted
nuclear missiles on a B-52H bomber that "mistakenly" flew across the
US should be a big clue that something is not normal. All normal
protocol was ignored. The moving of such weapons has had a
complicated series of rules andd regulations following together with
military personnel accompanying every step.

This unusual occurance took place near a time when many in the
alternative noncorporate media community were investigating the
possible rumours and speculations that some within the US were
plotting a self-inflicted wound on America by targetting such places
as Portland Oregon during a military drill called Operation Noble
Resolve. The fear and speculation was based on the fact that during
the tragedy of September 11th 2001 air force excersises strangly
similar to the tragedy of that day were occuring. Hence confusing the
appropriate responders to react appropriate that day. Portland Oregon
has another drill or mock scenerio in October called Operation Top Off
4 with a plan to have drills as if Portland is under martial law due
to a "dirty nuke".

The response of the US Air Force has been to announce that the US Air
Force would have "StandDown" on September 14th (over a week when the
incodent was to happen). The US Air Force has had one noteable
"StandDown" in its history before and that was on September 11th 2001.
On the 18th of September the US Air Force will be celebrating the
60th anniverary of its founding. On September 11th 2001, the Pentagon
was to celebrate its 60th anniverary of its groundbreaking on the day
of the attacks.

The "mistake" of moving armed nuclear missiles on the B-52H interal
governmental shifts that question the safety and security of this
constitutional democratic republic. On May 9th 2007, George W Bush
issued the National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51 in which
during any crises that the president determines to be a "Catastrophic
Emergency" would gain dictatorial powers. To add to this is the fact
that Dick Cheney has covertly told his mouthpieces associated with the
corporate media that he wants to step up the drumbeat to war against
Iran. Many believe that an "Gulf of Tonkin Incident" maybe planned
against the US military by fasistic elements within the US government
and corporate sector. The "Gulf of Tonkin Incident" was a situation
where some in the US government faked an incident so that the US
Congress could pass Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. The concern is that a
New Pearl Harbour attack against the US Air Force or a city like
Portland Oregon would give George W Bush dictatorial powers as decreed
in the NSPD 51 and Dick Cheney could blame the Iranians so as to
declare war on Iran. To add to this dreadful potential global war
crime is that the worlds largest military is a private contractor firm
called Blackwater USA. Blackwater USA has in the passed and currently
are the mercenary company the the US has been using in Iraq and other
conflict zones as well as used to patrol the streets of New Orleans
during the Katrina Huricane tragedy. Blackwater USA is now buying
military aircraft for the creation of a Blackwater Air Force. If the
US Air Force is attacked in a Pearl Harbour like attack then
Blackwater USA could gain to win contracts to sublimit or replace a
deminished US Air Force.

If you have friends or family or you are yourself in the US Air Force
or other branches of the military it would be recommnded that instead
of "Standing Down" on these days of strange orders and questionable
actions that you "Stand Up and Stand Out" by reporting to the public
of any unusual or disturbing orders or occurances. It is our
Constitutional Democratic Republic that maybe in danger of being lost
to anti democratic forces now possing as in the name of democracy.
Contact any independant media with such information.

The following are news articles recently in the news specifically
about what was written above:

NORTHCOM Plans 5 Day Martial Law Exercise
Wednesday, September 05, 2007.

By Lee Rogers - Intel Strike Contributing Writer

The United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) has just announced
plans for an anti-terrorism exercise called Vigilant Shield 08. The
exercise which is slated to run from October 15th to October 20th is
described as a way to prepare, prevent and respond to any number of
national crises. The exercise is simply a test case scenario for the
implementation of martial law. Although the description of the
exercise is disturbing, USNORTHCOM also announced that they are more
prepared for a natural disaster and a terrorist attack after they used
their response to Hurricane Katrina as a test laboratory. During
Hurricane Katrina, authorities violated the constitutional rights of
citizens by stealing people's firearms and even relocating people
against their will. These announcements are incredibly disturbing on a
number of levels as the nature of Vigilant Shield 08 and the admission
that Hurricane Katrina was used as a test laboratory shows that the
government is actively preparing the military and government
institutions for martial law.
Below is the full press release from USNORTHCOM describing Vigilant
Shield 08. Also check out the Vigilant Shield 08 fact sheet by
clicking here.
North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command
along with U.S. Pacific Command, the Department of Homeland Security
as well as local, state and other federal responders will exercise
their response abilities against a variety of potential threats during
Exercise Vigilant Shield `08, a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Staff-designated, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and
U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM)-sponsored, and U.S. Joint Forces
Command-supported Department of Defense exercise for homeland defense
and defense support of civil authorities missions.
VS-08 will be conducted concurrent with Top Officials 4 (TOPOFF 4),
the nation's premier exercise of terrorism preparedness sponsored by
the Department of Homeland Security, and several other linked
exercises as part of the National Level Exercise 1-08. These linked
exercises will take place Ocober 15-20 and are being conducted
throughout the United States and in conjunction with several partner
nations including Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, as well
as the Territory of Guam.
VS-08 and National Level Exercise 1-08 will provide local, state,
tribal, interagency, Department of Defense, and non-governmental
organizations and agencies involved in homeland security and homeland
defense the opportunity to participate in a full range of exercise
scenarios that will better prepare participants to prevent and respond
to national crises. The participating organizations will conduct a
multi-layered, civilian-led response to a national crisis.
USNORTHCOM's primary exercise venues for VS-08 include locations in
Oregon, Arizona and a cooperative venue with USPACOM in the Territory
of Guam. NORAD's aerospace detection and defense events will take
place across all the exercise venues, to exercise the ability to
mobilize resources for aerospace defense, aerospace control, maritime
warning, and coordination of air operations in a disaster area.

This exercise is clearly a way to prepare government to respond to a
national crisis with martial law. This announcement also follows a
number of other news stories that indicate the government is becoming
more actively prepared for the implementation of martial law.
These stories include the following:
George W. Bush issuing a presidential directive declaring that he is a
dictator during the case of a national emergency be it a natural
disaster, a terror attack or any number of crises.
KSLA reporting that members of clergy will be used to convince people
to submit to government in the case of declare martial law. See the
video below.
The U.S. Department of Treasury conducting a disaster drill to prepare
for a potential economic crisis.
In addition to the announcement of Vigilant Shield 08, USNORTHCOM also
announced that they have been using the lessons learned from Hurricane
Katrina to better respond to crises. The response to Hurricane Katrina
was essentially used as a test laboratory to implement martial law in
a city. People were forced to relocate against their will and
authorities stole people's firearms in the name of safety despite
these actions being entirely unconstitutional.
"Hurricane Katrina's impact on this country was unprecedented. There
are still many of our fellow Americans whose lives still haven't
returned to normal," said Gen. Gene Renuart, commander of North
American Aerospace Defense Command and USNORTHCOM. "It will take many
years for the Gulf Coast to fully recover.
"The United States military was deeply involved in the response to the
hurricane and subsequent flooding," Renuart said. "While our Soldiers,
Sailors, Airmen, and Marines helped thousands of people, we also
learned many lessons."
According to Renuart, USNORTHCOM has been using the lessons learned
from Katrina to modify plans to respond to both natural disasters and
potential terrorist actions.

Northern Command also admits in the same article that they have
pre-scripted mission assignments coordinated with FEMA to implement
martial law under the pretext of disaster response.
USNORTHCOM is ready to help federal, state and local officials to be
prepared for a major hurricane and to be successful at conducting
response operations, if necessary and requested by the primary
responding agency. Some of the ways these objectives are being
achieved are:
Through State Engagement programs, USNORTHCOM provides planning
support to help states prepare for emergencies.
USNORTHCOM and its subordinates, as well as local, state and federal
partners conduct major disaster exercises to refine processes and
apply lessons learned.
Working with FEMA, USNORTHCOM has prepared pre-scripted mission
assignments to accelerate the disaster response process.
USNORTHCOM conducted a major exercise with the National Guard in May
to refine the interface between the National Guard and DoD.

There is no question that Vigilant Shield 08 is either government
preparation for the implementation of martial law or a way for
criminal elements within the government to distract emergency
responders in order to conduct a false flag terror attack as a pretext
to actually implement martial law and engage in foreign war. On
September 11th, 2001 there were drills run by NORAD including Vigilant
Guardian which served as a way to ensure that there was no adequate
military response to the hi-jacked planes. A similar scenario
unfolding with Vigilant Shield is not out of the question.

Was a Covert Attempt to Bomb Iran with Nuclear Weapons foiled by a
Military Leak?

Michael E. Salla, M.A., Ph.D.

Critically exploring whether or not there was a covert attempt to
instigate a catastrophic nuclear war against Iran is illuminated
through an introduction using the recent B-52 Incident. On August 30,
a B-52 bomber armed with five nuclear-tipped Advanced Cruise missiles
travelled from Minot Air Force base, North Dakota, to Barksdale Air
Force base, Louisiana, in the United States. Each missile had an
adjustable yield between five and 150 kilotons of TNT which is at the
lower end of the destructive capacities of U.S. nuclear weapons. For
example, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima had a yield of 13
kilotons, while the Bravo Hydrogen bomb test of 1954 had a yield of
15,000 kilotons. The B-52 story was first covered in the Army Times on
5 September after the nuclear armed aircraft was discovered by Airmen.

What made this a very significant event was that it was a violation of
U.S. Air Force regulations concerning the transportation of nuclear
weapons by air. Nuclear weapons are normally transported by air in
specially constructed planes designed to prevent radioactive pollution
in case of a crash. Such transport planes are not equipped to launch
the nuclear weapons they routinely carry around the U.S. and the world
for servicing or positioning.

The discovery of the nuclear armed B-52 was, according to Hans
Kristensen, a nuclear weapons expert at the Federation of American
Scientists, the first time in 40 years that a nuclear armed plane had
been allowed to fly in the U.S. LINK. Since 1968, after a SAC bomber
crashed in Greenland, all nuclear armed aircraft have been grounded
but were kept on a constant state of alert. After the end of the Cold
War, President George H. Bush ordered in 1991 that nuclear weapons
were to be removed from all aircraft and stored in nearby facilities.

Recently, the Air Force began decommissioning its stockpile of
Advanced Cruise missiles. The five nuclear weapons on the B-52 were to
be decommissioned, and were to be taken to another Air Force base. An
Air Force press statement issued on 6 September 2007, claimed that
there "was an error which occurred during a regularly scheduled
transfer of weapons between two bases."

Furthermore, the statement declared: "The Air Force maintains the
highest standards of safety and precision so any deviation from these
well established munitions procedures is considered very serious." The
issue concerning how a nuclear armed B-52 bomber was allowed to take
off and fly in U.S. air space after an 'error' in a routine transfer
process, is now subject to an official Air Force inquiry which is due
to be completed by September 14.

Three key questions emerge over the B-52 incident. First, did Air
Force personnel at Minot AFB not spot the 'error' earlier given the
elaborate security procedures in place to prevent such mistakes from
occurring? Many military analysts have commented on the stringent
security procedures in place to prevent this sort of mistake from
occurring. Multiple officers are routinely involved in the
transportation and loading of nuclear weapons to prevent the kind of
'error' that allegedly occurred in the B-52 incident.

According to the U.S. Air Force statement, the commanding officer in
charge of military munitions personnel and additional munitions airmen
were relieved of duties pending the completion of the investigation.
According to Kristensen, the error could not have come from confusing
the Advanced Cruise Missile with a conventional weapons since no
conventional form exists. So the munitions Airmen should have been
easily able to spot the mistake. Other routine procedures were
violated which suggests a rather obvious explanation for the error.
The military munitions personnel were acting under direct orders,
though not through the regular chain of military command. This takes
me to the second question

Who was in Charge of the B-52 Incident?

Who ordered the loading of Advanced Cruise missiles on to a B-52 in
violation of Air Force regulations? The quick reaction of the Air
Force and the issuing of a public statement describing the seriousness
of the issue and the launch of an immediate investigation, suggests
that whatever occurred, was outside the regular chain of military
command. If the regular chain of command was violated, then we have to
inquire as to whether the B-52 incident was part of a covert project
whose classification level exceeded that held by officers in charge of
nuclear weapons at Minot AFB.

The most obvious governmental entity that may have ordered the nuclear
arming of the B-52 outside the regular chain of military command is
the last remaining bastion of neo-conservative activism in the Bush

Vice President Cheney has taken a very prominent role in covert
military operations and training exercises designed for the "seamless
integration" of different national se


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