Richie Sheridan
RICO Criminal Conspiracy in Dallas, Texas
Sat Sep 8, 2007 15:18

I believe in fate.

The letter below to County DA Watkins was filed, with a stamped copy in my possession, at the Old Book Depository Friday, Sept 7, at 8:02 am, where, in 1963, the powers and principalities tried to stop the music. The same powers and principalities are working today in the dark, as dark beings will, to steal our Trinity Park and worsen the oppression of WE THE PEOPLE.

But the music is coming back now, louder and louder my friends. No more "Bye Bye Ms. America Pie", but Apple Pie and Ice Cream for all of God's Children, the reward for good, Godly work. The music will get louder and louder, bringing down the walls of Jericho, as more and more of us join the NEW M.O.-TOWN...Move Over...We're Takin Back Our Town!!! We're takin' back our country, one Town at a time!!!

God Bless America!


Really Inspired Cause Hell Is Everywhere

p.s. I'm so happy that Fred Thompson is a presidential candidate in the race, because he is the "BEST" presidential candidate! Know Why? Because Fred Thompson is the BEST ACTOR in the race. The best actor will always tell the best lies to further mislead the American people...BUT WE WON'T BE FOOLED NO MORE!

"Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low, ain't no river wide enough to keep me from you...My God above!!!"


September 7, 2007

Mr. Craig Watkins
Dallas County District Attorney
411 Elm St.
The Book Depository
Dallas, Texas 75201

Subject: A Call for an Investigation into a Possible RICO Criminal Conspiracy Against Trinity River Corridor Property Owners, and Against We The People of Dallas

Dear Mr. Watkins,

After recently touring the Levee St. district where Oaklawn and Turtle Creek Avenues dead-end into the north/east Trinity River levee, it occurred to me that something doesn't smell right with this Trinity River plan, and it isn't the smell from the river.

The Dallas Planning Commission has been working feverishly lately to complete the re-zoning of this section of the Trinity River Corridor, the area which will first “benefit” from the construction of the Calatrava/Hunt bridge. The re-zoning involves a plan to control, to manage the views from the new dfevelopment, from the NEW ELITEVILLE, north of the north levee, views of the Trinity River Park and Calatrava/Hunt bridge, just like you would construct a movie theater. The plan is to maximize the views of the picture postcard park, which means to maximize the value of each seat, or each parcel of land where condos, hotels, and apartments will be built. Views are worth a lot of money in Real Estate. That’s the “benefit”.

With the re-zoning of this area, what happens to the existing land owners? In my opinion, IF THEY DON'T PAY UP, THERE A**ES ARE OUT OF THERE!!! IF THEY'RE NOT OF THE ELITE CULTURE, THEIR A**ES ARE OUTTA THERE!!!

There are three ways now being used to removed current landowners along the skyrocketing increasing in value Trinity River Corridor properties:

1. Re-zone, then “throw their A**es out”.
2. Significantly increase the property value/property taxes.
3. Send in the Nazi Code enforcers.

There are commercial property owners who have seen an almost doubling of their property taxes, based on increased property value/property assessment, not an increase in property tax rate. I know one owner whose property tax was to increase from $50,000 a year to $90,000 a year. But he was the smart amongst the many. He went in front of the Tax Assessment Appeals Committee, and stated that he hasn't seen an increase in his property value. In fact, as recent as a year ago, he said there were boats, not cars running alongside his flooded property on Irving Blvd. He smartly brought up continued flooding as something that either diminishes his property value, or keeps it constant. The Appeals Board left his property value as is, saving him the $40,000. There is another property owner who has a major lawsuit pending. There are many property owners either taking it right now, or planning to move out.

If you take a look at the south-side of the Trinity River, in the residential area along Canada Drive, we find a similar skyrocketing of property values/assessments, and a stepping up of code enforcement. Some
lots have increased in value (valuation) over the past 4 years from $2,500 to over $15,000. Why?

Who knows that Dallas is planning on rebuilding Oaklawn Ave., just south of Irving Blvd., to be a street "lined with gold". Dallas is planning on spending about $20 million on Oaklawn Ave, just south
of Irving Blvd, to be the MOST OSTENTACIOUS STREET IN THE CITY. Will this significantly increase the property values in this area? Obviously, yes, at the taxpayers expense.

Who owns multiple properties in the Levee St. area, and near the planned Ostentaceous Oaklawn, near the artistic Calatrava/Hunt bridge. Ed Oakley!!! Attachment A shows 5 properties now owned by former city council member Ed Oakley.

I believe Jim Schutze, former Dallas Mayoral Candidates Darrell Jordan, and Sam Coats at least (there may be others) have publically questioned the conflict-of-interests of Oakley owning a few parcels of land in this skyrocketing land value area, and being the former City Council Chair of the Trinity Corridor.

Conflict of interests? Heck, let's start callin' it for what it is increasingly looking like...

Who is this “Special Interest” group? Take a look at the list of those contributing to the "Save the Trinity" group. It's the Who's Who of the Dallas Elite. And then there's former Mayors Kirk and Miller, current Mayor Leppert, and much of the seated Dallas City Council, and the former City Council, the Dallas Planning Commission, and the list goes on. And what a misnomer: “Save the Trinity” for who? Obviously for the monied elite, for the Special Interest group!

I am calling for an immediate investigation into a possible Trinity River Rico Criminal Conspiracy involving the highest echelon of Dallas Public and Private Special Interests...the collusion of some of Dallas monied elite, government officials, and some media outlets….like the Dallas Morning News.

In this alledged Rico conspiracy, public tax money, and public officials have been used to create a situation to enrich a Special Interest Group. The planned outcome is the following:

1. Hundreds of millions of tax money “into the pockets” of the Special Interests.
2. Billions in revenue from the planned New Eliteville development to the Special Interests.
3. An exclusive Trinity River Park which will exclude the Dallas minority working class, whose taxes paid for the park. The planned Trinity River Park, being called Dallas "New York's Central Park", will be a picture postcard for the new Eliteville...look but don't touch, look but don't go in there. Calling the Trinity River Park bigger and better then New York’s Central Park is the biggest lie to be perpertrated on the citizens of any city in our nation.

Mr. Watkins, your office has also experienced the consequences of Special Interests, a group of people who get their power by victimizing the minority class, the Special Interests who get their wealth through a criminal criminal-justice-system that you are now reforming. The corruption of the Trinity River project is just another manifestion of Special Interest activities.


Richie Sheridan
cc. Dallas Special-Agent-In-Charge, FBI
Dallas County Commissioners and County Judge
U. S. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson
U.S. EPA Administrator, Region 6

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