Tom Heneghan
More Bush-Clinton Treason and the Lil' Turd Sam Donaldson
Sun Sep 9, 2007 19:33


September 9, 2007

As We Continue to Identify the Enemies
of the American Revolution in the 21st Century
and Annihilate Them


By Tom Heneghan

Video grabs showing Osama bin Laden in 2004 and in the latest video released by al-Qaeda

The image
Frances Fragos Townsend Jon Meacham

It can now be reported that White House Homeland Security Advisor Frances Fragos Townsend conspired with Newsweek magazine Editor, closet homosexual Jon Meacham, to release a bogus Osama bin Laden tape to once again scare the American People.

Townsend, a Clinton-Bush stooge of the highest proportion, is also covering up the presence of Al Qaeda-Mossad-Gary Best cells on American soil.

These cells are operational with high tech weaponry and are tied directly to the highest levels of the Bush Administration.

Reference: Bush-Clinton Assassination Teams

The latest deaths of Ohio Republican Congressman Paul Gillmor and former Washington Republican Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn along with St. Petersburg , Florida City Councilman John Bryan are not suicides or normal deaths. They are assassinations taking place on American soil of individuals that know too much about the Bush-Clinton Crime Family.

The deaths in Florida are once again tied to, not only Floridagate 2000, but the events surrounding 9/11 and the noted SunCruz Casino ship.

Note: A prime suspect to be questioned in Florida is Floridagate 2000 and 9/11 co-conspirator Mel Sembler, i.e. Mossad agent.

Mel Sembler

How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants and kings and notable queens.

P.S. Closet homosexual Fred Thompson now calling for the 1st Amendment to be repealed. He says dissent should not be tolerated in America . Thompson alleges America is under a terrorist threat from Al Qaeda cells in Iran .

Note: Criminal lobbyist Thompson covered up oil tycoon Roger Tamraz's relationship with Bush-Clinton bagman Marc Rich.

The image
Fred Thompson

Roger Tamraz Marc Rich

Thompson covered up Bush-Clinton True Colors Assassination Teams tied to financial proprietary corporations linked to both Tamraz and Rich.

Thompson knew back in 1997 that the Bush-Clinton True Colors teams were already present on American soil with suitcase bombs.

So, it is important to understand why the media wants an election fix with unelectable closet lesbian Hillary Witch against closet homosexual, criminal lobbyist and True Colors co-conspirator Fred Thompson.

P.P.S. Direct warning to Sam Donaldson of ABC News: We know you are getting payola from unelectable closet lesbian Hillary Witch. And, we know that you also are a closet homosexual and have had a long standing relationship with Barney Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts and former Florida Republican Congressman Mark Foley.

Mark Foley
The image

Mark Halperin (ABC)
ABC's Political Director Mark Halperin
Sam Donaldson (ABC)

Along with your little pervert buddy at ABC News, Mark Halperin, you helped coordinate a Mossad espionage operation based at ABC News against then Vice President Albert Gore's 2000 campaign for the presidency.

We have the duct tape and handcuffs ready for you Donaldson.

One last note: Both closet homosexuals Fred Thompson and Mitch McConnell conspired to keep the outstanding warrant for Marc Rich's arrest secret from the Senate Intelligence investigation of fund raising in the 1996 presidential campaign.

Question: When should we issue a warrant for Thompson and McConnell's arrest for misprision of felonies on behalf of both the Clintons and the Bushes.

And, of course, when all is said and done,
and you turn your TV off,
Albert Gore Jr. remains the duly elected,
non-inaugurated, President of the United States .

International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL -- reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the controlled MSM cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

*** A reminder: Homosexual gays and lesbians who are "in-the-closet" are a MAJOR threat to National Security being vulnerable to blackmail and extortion by self-serving, hostile entities against the safety, security, sovereignty and best interests of the American People.


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