Bob on the Job Rob't E. Lee Lewis
Reporting from 1990 to 1998 until his illegal arrest
Mon Sep 10, 2007 21:55

Robert E. Lee Lewis "Bob on the Job," reported in the Americans Bulletin throughout the 1990s that Oliver "Buck" Revelle was the key spin doctor who had covered up the Kennedy Assassination including Lee Harvey Oswald connection to the CIA, KGB, FBI, and U.S. Naval Intelligence while Revelle was the head of U.S. Naval Intelligence at the time.
Bob on the Job would continually report that it was Oliver Buck Revelle who was calling on the CIA MOB hits on him while Bob was working as courier for the U.S. Senate on it's investigation of the ties between the CIA, the Mafia, the Bush Crime Family, and the links to numerous murders and Bush CIA Guns for Drugs operations and media intelligence cover ups. Olver Buck Revelle was tied later to the cover up of the discovery that his own son along with more the 72 State Dept. personnel were all detoured five minute before they werer to board the fateful Pan Am 103 flight just before it was to take off to be bombed (as Bob on the Job had reported) by the Bush CIA in order to silence the returning team headed by Major Scott McKee who were returning to the U.S. to reveal the connection to the Bush CIA global Guns for Drugs operations operating out of Lebanon and Israel that later led to the CIA's planted operative Charles Harrelson (Woody Harrelson's father and who was a long time hit man drug runner for Jack Ruby that later confessed to be one of the snipers on the Grassy Knowl) silencing the Senate apointed Federal Judge John Woods in order further cover up the Bush Crime Family and it's CIA global crime operations. Oliver Buck Revelle as Bob on the Job reported was also utilized to cover up the TWA 800 downing by the same corrupt U.S. Military Intelligence operation while Revelle was acting as the Czar on Terrorism for the Clinton White House.

Bob on the Job, is now missing since his illegal arrest in 1998 and then his mysterious dissapearance shortly after being released from the Joplin Mo. Federal Detention Facility in 2002. Bob on the Job was arrested shortly before he was to begin his next story in the Americans Bulletin, published out of Medford Oregon, that was to be major release on the coming Bush Family voting fraud plan. Bob on the Job Lewis was arrested for having done nothing but report the truth (for more the 27 years) on the Bush CIA MOB crime operations in the Americans Bulletin. 
Bob on the Job was arested by a set up pulled off by a former Federal Prisoner and fugitive named Vance Beaudreau, who had ripped off more then six million dollars from Shearn Moody and the famed Galveston Moody Trust. Vance Beaudreau, who later bacame a planted informant for allegedly the Bush Family in order to silence this great American icon, Bob on the Job, while Beaudreau was working for a known (alleged) MOB attorney named Joe Izen, the same attorney that help to steal the estate of Seattle resident William Wilson, after Izen had claimed that he could represent Wilson in the Seattle area after Wilson had already sustained the theft of millions of dollars from a Seafirst Bank-Bank of America financial advisor named Michael Kunath and his firm of Kunath, Karren, Rinne, & Atkins working with Wilson's former wife Jennifer Cohn, had bilked Wilson out of mulitple millions of dollars and then had the entire Northwest Bar Association block Wilson from being able to find proper legal help to try and get his estate back. A matter that entails extreme Northwest Law Enforcement and FBI corruption for failing to undertake any form of investigation or any attempt at all to try and to assist the extremely damaged Wilson to get his estate returned. Wilson later filed cases in both Federal Court as Pro se and in the King County Superior Case: 00-2-31523-6 SEA only to discover how extremely corrupt the entire Northwest Judicial System is and then succumbing to all residing judges further illegally dismissing his cases. Judge Doerty, known for being jockeyed into replacing other judges in order to carry out the agenda of the Elitist MOB in the Northwest and then Wilson also was further ruined by Federal Judge Coughenour also dismissing his other two cases after another former Superior Court judge Lasnik who dismissed the first case against Kunath, Karren, Rinne and Atkins was just by coincidence appointed to the Federal Judicial office in the Northwest by the defendants law firm of Davis Wright Tremaine. How coincidental. Evidently this organized crimninal brueaucracy here in the Northwest has continued to damage Wilson with multiple false criminal charges, as if it wasn't bad enought that they stole his entire estate and life long warehouse of research work, and then they turned his wife into a lesbian prostitute with Mind Control hanlders and then blocked Wilson from being able to see his daughter now going on more the five years and she is nine now, while they are molesting her and training Wilson's daughter to become a lesbian prostitute and this has all been continuously reported to the local authorities who appear to be protecting this child lesbian prostitution operation. This truly is a sad observation as to how extremely out of control corrupt the great Northwest has become. Wilson, now homeless and black balled from being allowed to have decent employment still goes on his weekly Seattle Public Access Television program, All Day Live and trys to warn the few remaining honest and non organized crime connected community. He has mentioned that he prays to God to get him out of this now Sodom and Gamora of the Northwest but they continue to hit him with even more burdens including this posted reported matter:

While the sheep are sleeping, the predators move in.

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