Hannity got my "ugly" up...
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Hannity got my "ugly" up...I tried to express it in this article.

What Sean Hannity needs to learn before giving history lessons


What Sean Hannity needs to learn before giving history lessons

September 6, 2007 – The pompous Sean Hannity last night had the audacity to tell the Honorable Congressman Ron Paul that he (Hannity) was going to give Congressman Ron Paul a history lesson. If I had been sitting next to Hannity at that very moment, with God as my witness, I would have knocked Hannity’s teeth down his throat. To be certain, Sean Hannity is one of the few human beings that I can thing of that if I ever start to hit, I will have to be pulled off of before I beat to death. I honestly do not know if I could stop beating this bastard relying upon my own restraint.

Maybe it is Hannity’s pursed-lipped approach to his self-righteous piteous politics that so enrages me – or maybe it’s simply the fact that I sense he is a big wimp that wouldn’t survive even the first week of Marine Corps boot camp. Having spent 10 plus years in the Corps and having served as a Marine Corps Drill Instructor on Parris Island, SC I believe grants me the liberty to make such a personal assessment of this worthless chicken hawk and hater of authentic liberty and freedom.

It was during the post-debate interviews that Hannity, clearly intoxicated by the lingering stench of Rudy, became arrogant and disrespectful towards Congressman Paul by boasting that he “needed” to give Congressman Paul a history lesson as if he needed to teach him a lesson. Imagine that! Sean Hannity giving Ron Paul, one of the most knowledgeable, thoughtful, and historically grounded elected officials in Washington, a history lesson? That is the equivalent of George W. Bush teaching public speaking or Dick Cheney teaching about the value of honesty and openness.

Well Sean, before you attempt to give Congressman Ron Paul a history lesson, I suggest you learn a few things.

When you saw that Ron Paul crushed all the other candidates in the Fox News post debate text message poll you said, “Paulites” were flooding the voting. What you need to learn is that only one vote can be cast per cell phone. So what you are suggesting is that Ron Paul supporters each have thousands of cell phones and cell phone accounts. Even coming from you this sounds stupid and I expect stupid coming from the sewer beneath your nose so wise up and stop lying. Ron Paul won the text message poll fair and square. Let’s see if you’re man enough to be fair and balanced and correct yourself clearly and publicly with no “yeah but”.

Iran is no threat to the United States and is out of our jurisdiction along with the rest of the Middle East. If you want to go fight and die for the Middle East, knock yourself out – but don’t ask others to do your fighting for you. Be a man Sean – not a neo-mouse. Maybe if you tasted the horrors of war you wouldn’t be such a foolish warmongering chicken hawk.

Israel is not part of the United States. If you love Israel more than the United States or possess a twisted and conflicting allegiance to that county, move there and fight for it. Again – do your own fighting and stop hiding behind the microphone.

Just remember – if freedom and liberty are worth dying for then freedom and liberty are worth killing for so be advised, there are millions of Americans that now understand that the current government operating in Washington DC is a greater threat to liberty and freedom than any rogue terror group from the Middle East. We have met the real enemy and it sounds and looks just like you Sean.

Rudy cannot win the nomination or the presidency with you hanging out his ass. We the people cannot have a presidential candidate parading around America with your stubby little neo-con legs dangling from his buttocks. It just wouldn’t look right. So even though I suspect you wish you could spent quality time in a bathroom stall with the despicable Mayor Giuliani, let us let that be your inside voice until after the election. History proves that America is not ready to elect a president that has a dolt like you hanging out of his ass.

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