Tue Sep 6, 2005 05:33

I did an inventory in my home today (Monday 9/5/) just to see how much petroleum related products I have in my home: IT SURPRISED ME!!!!!

The following is a general category list with numerous items in each category:

Plastics: ALL including medicine both prescribed and over the counter; food packaging (chips, boxed, frozen, juice bottles, etc.

plastic cover outside many eletronics(tv vcr vsh tapes dvd, cd,etc.)


Personal toiletries: toothpaste tubes; shampoo and conditioner bottles; etc.

Household cleaners (read the labels)

ALL kinds of lubricant for machinery (car engine, trans fluid, etc.)

Kitchen appliances: plastic containers

It is AMAZING how much petroleum by products we use EVERY DAY outside the use of gasoline and rubber, which includes tires and ANY form of rubber.

NOW, that said, I think every American should do the same type inventory in their, office, etc. just to recognize the OVERWHELMING use of crude oil in our lives; the Bushes and every other oil baron have gotten rich not just from
gasoline, but our everyday use in common products that we just don't realize are byproducts of petroleum!!!

Now, just how much is this going to cost across the board for each American????

A lot more than just $1,000 a year for gasoline as shown on the TV news today.

Don't tell me the gov wasn't involved in this hurricane disaster; Saturday FEMA had began approaching victims wanting to buy their property--probably to drill
for the oil UNDER New Orleans so the barons can get richer and we can get poorer.

Our lives have become overly dependant on this particular product; What's the solution to this now?????

God bless the hurricane Katrina victims, their families and the lost ones AND God bless the rescue people each and everyone.\

Dana priest
Seattle WA

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