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On whether the Republicans or the Democrats are more corrupt
Tue Sep 4, 2007 13:14

On whether the Republicans or the Democrats are more corrupt right now,
Check out Rachel Maddow:

But when you're losing an argument about Republican scandals, just mention Chappaquidick.

UPDATE: While I was reading Jack Kelly's drivel about how scandals involving Republicans get all the media's attention and scandals involving Democrats don't, I missed this from mediamatters.org.

Turns out that while television and cable news were all focussing on Norman Hsu (remember Kelly said they weren't), they missed the story of Mitt Romney's former national finance committee chairman, Alan Fabian. While dutifully pointing out how Norman Hsu is a fugitive from justice who donated thousands of dollars to democrats, they failed to point out how Fabian was charged with mail fraud, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice.

But we should probably give him a pass on those last two. Dubya had already commuted the Scooter's sentence on perjury and obstruction of justice, so those crimes obviously aren't a big deal to the GOP.

The Romney campaign has since turned Fabian loose (a donut to anyone who gets the pun), but according to mediamatters, while the Romney campaign said it would return Fabian's contribution, it would not return the contributions from anyone with ties to him.

As an inadvertant bonus to us, Mediamatters lists all the TV and cable news programs that covered the Hsu story (remember, Kelly said they hadn't). Here's the list:

* CNN Newsroom, August 31
* CNN's American Morning, August 31
* CNN's The Situation Room, August 30
* NBC's Nightly News with Brian Williams, August 30
* CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight, August 30
* Fox News' Special Report with Brit Hume, August 30
* NBC's Today, August 30
* American Morning, August 30
* Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, August 29
* Special Report, August 29
* Fox News' The Big Story with John Gibson, August 29
* The Situation Room, August 29

I'll say it again. Jack Kelly needs a better fact-checker. Or better yet a fact-checker.

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