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Wed Sep 5, 2007 16:07

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Subject: Re: U.S. Air Force Using Russian Planes
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 12:38:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: a Veterans Rights Activist

No, I'm not kidding. Appx. six months ago, Vets reported through the internet that Russian troops had been sighted in Florida on training exercises - Urban warfare.

Appx. five months ago a US Navy friend, an intelligence officer, informed me the US had HIRED Russian troops for security detail at sensitive US military installations. Those troops were sighted at several Texas facilities and two in Nevada - ever heard the term Area 56?

No such military or national security numerical area exists, however; the area we citizens refer to as "56" is part of a gigantic geographical, multi-military, national security zone that houses facilities for every military and intelligence agency in the nation - and now, plays home to an extraordinarily huge foreign military force awaiting deployment inside the USA on citizen and rebellion control missions.

Apprx. three months ago, from USN intelligence came the report that the numbers of Russian troops in the USA had been increased and that they were stationed at strategic points around the USA for citizen control WHEN Bush declares Martial Law.

HEADS UP - consider the plausible deniability factors, especially if there are resulting mass executions of US citizens... (From Bush) "The Russians did it! See, I told you we were being invaded! Now you see why we need martial law, the USA is being invaded!"
Think about it.

1) Our troops and citizens are asking basic questions about our support of military actions (poor supply, poor command intel, who are we fighting, where are the WMD's, what's going on with the VA, will the VA help me if I need them, resigning from command and service, we're courtmartialing troops for doing what they were told to do, ect.)

2)and our citizens are beginning to DEMAND an accounting for the government deceit and treason.

3) We have so decimated the terrorists that they can not mount any effective attack upon our homeland!

4) We have proven that 9/11 was a fraudulent attack conducted and covered up with lies and poorly produced cover stories - by our own government/military to provide justifiable reason to attack oil producing nations.

5) We have conducted the ILLEAGAL invasion of an admittedly despotic regime and caused the executiojn of its leader in violation of world law.

6) We are using WMD's in our battles that are expressly prohibited in our own Title 18 United States Code, in our treaties with friendly nations, and by world law - DU!

7) We are poisening the entire World with DU dust that has, in fact, been measured at the death causing levels of fall-out in the USA ...

8) We are poisening our own homeland with the DU dust fall-out from the battles against ?"terrorism"? !

9) Bush has suspended the Constitutional citizens' right to Habeas Corpus in the total absence of the mandatory supporting threat specifications in the Constitution.

10) Bush has created his own sub-secret GESTAPO "Hoemland Security" troops.

11) Bush has defied the Constitution and ORDERED illegal spy surveillance on US citizens at home.

12) Bush has sold out the national security of the USA to Islamic, Mexican, Spanish and even terrorist supporting nations and businesses!

13) Bush has illegally sold United States land into the control of foreign nations - the NAFTA highway being sold to Ferdinand of Spain.

14) Bush has built, and staffed, detention camps in every State of the union, which remain empty awaiting their concentrations of detained US citizen patriots who rise up and stand against the martial law takeover.

15) Congress - in fear of the foreign troop concentrations within the USA - has ignored the demand and witness testimony of hundreds of citizens to the charges of Constitutional TREASON against the ENTIRE federal administration of government under Bush.

16) Our courts violate judicial oathes of office on a daily basis and REFUSE to allow citizens' charges against government to enter hearing!

With all of this, and more, going on in such plain sight that our active duty troops know all about it - do you really think those troops will turn their weapons on "We the People" when Bush orders martial law?

No, I don't think so either - except for the very, very few.

This is why almost ALL of our troops are on duty on foreign soil OUTSIDE the USA - like the concentrations being massed in South Afrika.

So that they are not here to support the citizens during the totalitarian take-over of the USA during the installation of martial law.

The militaries that back this "martial law" take-over, will be foreign militaries already here and which that will enter the USA through the seaports, airports and NAFTA highway controlled by foreign companies!

They will be, in part: Russian, Chinese, Korean, Saudi, Mexican, and African troops.

Those who work diligently to gather the "hard proof" are disappearing and dying by the dozens every month.

This is not kindergarden recess, my friend, this is WAR!

See the light, yet?

APFN  wrote:

Russian troops inside the USA.... I have reported on what I can find out....but not one has
given and hard proof or photo's....

So what.... are you kidding....!!!!

I am also a disabled vet.... USN 14 years....

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