The US GOVERNMENT is our en*my.
Tue Aug 28, 2007 13:18

from a post on prisonplanet regarding the history channel hit piece, the youtube videos were interesting and referred to 911 truth.

the second video attempts to portray 9/13 as the next date of attack, which happens to be day one of ramadan. I did not see enough evidence to be convinced, however the recent stories about the large options transaction does raise more questions. Perhaps they will announce the NAU and the amero currency in the next 3 weeks. Kill your retirement money good-bye if they introduce the Amero currency.

The US GOVERNMENT is our en*my. They are about to attack Americans. PLEASE PLEASE watch this small youtube clip, we are in some serious shit folks!!

Also....when IS this next attack? Could it be September 13, 2007?? Please watch this and tell me what you think-- v=p1LOeuqBTlY

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When Will Americans Have Had Enough

teemu1381 (5 hours ago)
People dont stand up because they are brainwashed by television,entertainment and were born into this matrix of unreality where our minds are put into a trance to SLEEP! A Zombie like state. When you tell someone something is going on with our Government they dont hear you.They were taught to not care or were brainwashed from birth that everything is fine.
Wake up you infidels! Our Freedoms are being Lost!

"Ain't no Mountain High Enough"

Marvin Gaye "What's Going On / What's Happening Brother"

Who owns you Americans?


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