City Council Adopts OFFE Resolution
Tue Aug 28, 2007 18:02


August 27, 2007

Huntington Beach California City Council Adopts OFFE Resolution

Last week the City Council of Huntington Beach California voted and unanimously passed a motion to author a resolution in support of full mandatory funding of veteran’s healthcare. The Huntington Beach resolution is expected to contain language similar to the recent resolution and referendum passed in Cook County Illinois, which addresses the exact same issue. Both Cook County and Huntington Beach resolutions were inspired by Operation Firing For Effect’s grassroots resolution which is currently sweeping the country.

OFFE California Director of Operations Rusty Rustin presented the OFFE’s full mandated funding concept to the Huntington Beach City Council two weeks ago for consideration. Rustin’s presentation was well received by the 7 city council members; including City Council Chairman and Mayor of Huntington Beach, Mayor Gil Coerper. And last week the City Council took affirmative action on the matter.

During last week’s meeting Councilman Joe Carchia commented; “After listening to everything we’ve heard tonight, I think this resolution is something we should be proud of. Anyone who serves his country deserves the best healthcare we can give him.”

Huntington Beach is merely the latest municipality to adopt OFFE’s full mandated funding of veteran’s healthcare. For more information about the resolution, or to see a list of politicians, organizations, and celebrities that have signed the OFFE healthcare resolution visit; Or visit our homepage at;

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