genocide at new orleans
Mon Sep 5, 2005 05:26

"Being in Seattle (originally from Texas) I find the New Orleans situation a DELIBERATE government genocide--be it racial and/or lower runges of the "fit of the fittest" ladder---financial, physical and healthy.

WHERE IS FEMA!?! Being that Michael Brown stated on FOX tv night before last night that 2yrs ago when he was promoted from FEMA under secretary to director, he asked Bush for $$$$ to setup a "disaster" scenario in NEW ORLEANS based on the prediction that New Orleans would be hit someday by a powerful hurricane and "things" needed to be in place to handle such a disaster; WHERE IS THE RESOURCES TO HELP THESE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE IN NEW ORLEANS?????????WHERE IS FEMA----OPERATING OUT OF FLORIDA; WHY NOT CLOSER TO THEIR CRIME SCENE? Someone told me today the FEMA has stepped-down and left everything up to the cities and states; ain't that cute!!!

This hurricane was handled by the International Space Station, just as the December tsunami was; using and experimenting with Nikola Tesla's scientific info that the gov took upon his death in 1943 and classified it above "Top Secret"; SOOOOO, just what EXACTLY do they do in that Space Station?? I'm 57yrs old and this was the STRANGEST hurricane that I have ever seen---3days to come ashore; up and down with strength; effects left look like tsunami, only worse; 28ft wave traveled 3/4mile inland; come on, mother nature did not do this; International Space Station Tesla WEAPONRY DID cause this.

PLEASE, PLEASE HELP YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS; IT IS UP TO AAAALLLLL of us OUTSIDE the New Orleans, rest of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama areas to help, rescue and save our Americans!!!! It is up to us to call congressional officials, call the white house, go there and/or New Orleans, etc., ourselves if we can; this is OUR ONLY chance to save ourselves and our nation to stop Bush and his evil accomplices.

This could happen in your city or neighborhood today, tomorrow, next week---BUT you WILL be next if this isn't stopped NOW!!!!

Thank you,
Angry and scared
Seattle, WA "

FIRE Micheal Brown; impeach Bush and make him and all his other accomplices judicially answerable to the Chicago Indicments; this WHOLE thing it NOT American; it is immoral, totally unconciousable, criminal and prosecutable. Bush and criminal accomplices have just gone tooooooo far this time; I just don't think Americans are going to be "sheeples" this time.

(sent 9/2/05 to tv news media in this country)

PLEASE, PLEASE quit calling the AMERICANS "refugees." These people are VICTIMS of the hurricane AND the US government. PLEASE, PLEASE give them that respect; they are Americans that fell victim to the devastation of Katrina AND then fell victim to the lack of rescue assistance for FIVE days by their OWN government. THEY ARE AMERCIANS---NOT refugees.

Thank you,
angry in Seattle, WA

Why did FEMA NOT have things in place to help the victims of Katrina prior to it finally coming ashore???

Michael Brown had previously completed (in 7/2004--a little over 1yr agg) a “rehearsal” for such a strength “hurricane”, said “practice hurricane” was named “Pam.”

He KNEW what areas would be hit because they were the same areas and states as Katrina hit;
he KNEW what would be needed, especially in the event that the levee(s) should breach, which they did AFTER the hurricane and witnessed by a local (interviewed this afternoon on FOX news). This witness stated that he saw “ two grain (railroad) cars slammed into the levee.” If he witnessed “persons of interest” involved, the interview did not include that information (he may have stated it but it was edited out before broadcasting).

Brown KNEW the poverty level and the majority race involved in such a devastation in New Orleans, and along the Gulf;

he KNEW that there would be an immediate need of flood assistance and basics of human survival;

he KNEW that FEMA would need to respond IMMEDIATELY;

he KNEW all these things,

but YET FEMA WAS NOT close; WAS NOT prepared; WAS NOT anything for these Americans and their needs.

WHY?????????? Because he is derelict in his duty; incompetent; negligent in his fiduciary responsibilities; and dangerous to those who rely on his judgment and responsibility.

Since FEMA has been incorporated into the Homeland Security Department, whose current director is Michael Chertoff who also accountable to the victims, the states, the cities and the entire population of this Nation as to his dereliction of duty and incompetence in decision making. Between the two authorities, it is apparent that the BUSH administration is being directed by the most incompetent and derelictive individuals ever known to the country, including BUSH.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are the people who respond to our city, county or state in the event of a disaster here in Washington state--be volcano, tsunami, earthquake, etc. I personally DO NOT WANT THESE INDIVIDUALS MAKING DECISIONS REGARDING MY LIFE; do you?

This calls for a MAJOR investigation into

ALL of these issues must be investigated to protect our futures from this government; as citizens you deserve answers in a truthful and timely manner.

SENT to multiple news affiliates, and overseas, 8/31 & 9/1:

Please let those victims from New Orleans know that there many, many, many of us Americans outside of the hurricane's disaster area (Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama) who have been keeping the internet super busy emailing and faxing our thoughts and concerns for their wellbeing since Tuesday when it appeared that the gov was doing nothing and Michael Brown with FEMA was proving just how much of a joke that department is. The following is an email that I have sent to many news agencies, coast guard, NAACP (I'm Native American), senators, etc. over the past 3 days to try to get help for all the victims. I have been joined in this effort all over the net. The following is the email that I have sent EVERYWHERE I could that I thought could make a difference, plus phone calls (Coastguard; congressional offices; NAACP; commercial airlines gripping them out for not helping get people out) locally and nationally and internationally:

SOMEONE had to do something because and your incompetent idiotic "administration" were doing NOTHING BUT MAKING "PROMISES" while people were dieing all over the place in the effected area, specifically New Orleans.

to the make believe president

NOW, Georgie Porgie, you see just how strong and determined Americans can be; the repsonse and uprising to help fellow Americans has been WONDERFUL!!!!!! The military taking into their own hands has been BEAUTIFUL!!!! Americans going there has been MAGNIFICANT!!!!

SO, do you really want to continue this senseful battle for control against spiritually strong, caring, and wonderful American citizens? This is a battle between Good and Eveil and you sir, are the Evil and you will loose!!! We don't have to turn to revolution to win; we just have to keep our spritiuality and let it grow to overcome Evil doers such as yourself and your followers and leaders. YOu can fool some of the people some of the time, BUT you can't fool all of the people all of the time; think about, George; there's a message in there JUST for you and your cronies who wish to ruin, kill, destroy and mame this country and us TRUE Americans!!!How do you sleep at night---miserably I hope.

Next we will begin warning about San Fransico and your plans to cause havic there; they will be ready and they will not need your sorry ass FEMA and heartless Brown and Chartoff (both definitely are dangerousl and need to be pink slipped from their positions).

You have made us all VERY VERY angry with the way you allowed the people to suffer and die needlessly in New Orleans and NOTHING in this entire world is more difficult to deal with than a TRUE AMERICAN (play Toby Keith's "Angry American" and REALLY listen to the words). I cried and cried and many times had to change the tv channel because I just couldn't watch what was going on.

Us TRUE AMERICANS love this country, it's Constitution, what American stands for and represents and NO ONE will ever compromise this--not you, your cronies, the US Supreme Court and it's outlandish decisions; I could go on and on, but I think I have expressed myself quite enough and will stop here.

Geraldo said today on FOX news that "Katrina was a 'practrice run' for a nuclear attack on a city." You "failed" didn't you!!!But, of course, that was your goal, wasn't it; to see how long people would take to die, could live in such horrible environment before becoming disorderly and angry. Well, that part of the "test" you won; but the surivial part you lost because WE CAME TO THE AID OUR AMERICANS!!!!
You have totally lost the support of this nation, the world and probably the universe. What are your ratings now? -0 I hope.

Please realize people in this nation are waking up to what is going on and it will be a very tough fight between Good and Evil and Good will overcome--plan on it.

Have a very miserable minute, hour, day, week, month and rest of your life,
A citizen who has never been a supporter for ANY Bush, period.


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