Political correctness is killing America.
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Subject: Political correctness is killing America.
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 07:25:01 -0700 (PDT)

It has come to my and others attention, According to press reports, Mexico asked President Bush "not prosecute undocumented Mexican migrants affected by Hurricane Katrina who recur to U.S. officials for help." The Bush administration agreed.

Political correctness is killing America. Our elected leaders are continuing to Kill off the American Dream, The socialism of America is not living in a clean America any longer, All Americans are now not first within its own freedom within it's borders, as the Lawlessness which is around each American Citizen is out of control because our elected Officials have indeed engaged in the Aiding of felons which continue to cross our borders, with our Elected Officials allowing Felons to Drive on the Streets in America, Work next to American Citizens in some instances and allow these Felons to reap that which our forefathers have stowed for all civilized legal Americans.

It has now come to our attention that President Fox has had a communication with our elected Official President George W. Bush which has now Created Hurricane Sanctuary Zone for all Mexican, illegal Aliens who are Felons with two (2) counts of felony against each of them upon crossing the border's. How can we as Americans allow this to continue to exist and allow Americans to become a third world Country!

Our blue collar workers are now in the Streets as the Jobs which were in America are now overseas as the prices for the services are cut in more then half for the companies that once were all in America, these Jobs now belong to India and other countries including Mexico, The Ford motor company and General Motor Corporation all have their parts made in Mexico, we import all those parts, you and I, so our own Brothers and sisters now have no jobs because our plants closed down, wherefore, Our Own American Citizens are out of work collecting from the federal government which is called Welfare, the roughest part of this Now is that all the victims in the south from the Hurricane damaged cities will all be on and in the welfare system as there are no Jobs or homes for any of them. Now the President of the United States is going to give to all the Felon, Illegal Aliens, the same rights as the American Citizens who worked for this right. Does this make any sense to any of you?

We ask ourselves what Happened with the Hurricane called Katrina? Was it the Storm that intruded on all the American Citizens? The Black Civilized American Citizens? Was it the Storm that created all that damage? NO! The storm had already passed, there were people dancing in the streets with Joy, that the storm had Passed, It was the Banks of a river that Congress and Senate refused to repair even after engineer reports clearly stated that they would not hold through a category 3 Hurricane. Now Thousands of American Citizens are Dead. Why? And Why Black American Citizens? Who is responsible for this? Where does the Liability fall now? Being that the Federal Government did not secure the Levies at the time they were informed to do so it would then fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government for every life lost and the Liability against the federal government for every American citizen which was not requested within reasonable time! Yes! It is the Liability of the Federal Government to give aid and comfort within reasonable time, So who will be covering this up now? Or did someone in the government want to thin out the Black community?

Why were there Tractor Trailers dispatched to the hardest hit aries with Water and Supplies but the trucks were stopped at the borders? Were held (STOPPED) for days, till the day that the President of the United States, (Bush Jr. Himself) Appeared in the Hazard Zone? At which time the Tractor Trailers were then, and only then, given a green Light to continue to their designation, to now help the Black American Citizens? Why would the President Of the United States Allow the Black communities go without drinking water for 3 & 4 days and More? Why Black American Citizens? If this had happened in New York or California or Florida the Federal Government would have been in there just after the last winds stopped as they always have. Yes, you can all bet your Lives on this! Bush is a true White Southern Gentlemen who lives in Texas, Maybe someone forgot to tell him that Slaves has gone out with the times and that this is a Bias crime, which he himself could and should be charged for this horrific crime!

What could be the reason why, the President Of the United States does not place a cap on the Gas and Fuel Oil for American Citizens to heat their homes in the United States? Don't you think it's time for emergency mandatory, price controls? After all the oil companies are making obscene profits. They are making historic profits, while we are paying historical high prices at the pump, added to that is Federal and State taxes also obscene profits.

It's Not because the Bush Family has it's profile in the Oil community and Bush Senior and Bush Jr. will be the Last in their family to ever have a chance at the Presidency in the history of our country again, It cost Bush Jr. Over a Billion dollars to re enter into that office of presidency, This would Have nothing to do with obscene profits, would it? Hawaii has put a cap on their gas prices, wouldn't you think it's time President Bush should cap prices all over the entire US?

What will it take for Americans to take back their country? We Have the Congress and the Senate and the Members of the House allowing Illegal aliens to take control of our country and they are allowing the United States to turn into a third world country because of the immigration issue! What will it take for all Americans to take a stand and invoke the Second Amendment given to each American Citizen to protect our rights, to remove all tyrant officials and try each official by a court of common Peers for the crimes of treason, and for each of those that have been found guilty by that court to be hung by their neck till they are dead, All Officials including all justices who have sat over cases with no Jurisdiction or Subject matter jurisdiction to allow themselves to hear any cases violating the rights of American Citizens. who have Lost property to Justices without any subject matter jurisdiction, And all Justices that have allowed any Illegal Alien to be set free knowing each of them are Felons, which is there Job to make sure that the laws are enforced which are violations of 18 USC section 2, and others, which itself is a crime of Aiding and Abetting which is chargeable of the same crimes!

What will it take for the American People to awaken from this injustice which is happening to each and everyone of us?
Could this be the beginning of national chaos, or just an example of not taking a warning serious enough, just as the citizens were told that a storm was coming and some stayed back to ride it out! And not initiating moves of high risk person's beforehand, regardless of the results of a warning being real or not so real? Is this going to happen to the entire United Third World States?

The President Of the United States is now Allowing FEMA. to give to the Illegal Aliens within the Hazard zone an Amount of Money due only to those who are citizens of the United States! George W. Bush is giving our rights and heritage away to Felons who are taking over our Country, WHY?

If we Look at the Criminals in the line light each night on the local News we see more then 70% of the registered crimes in New York are Mexican and/or South Americans who are breaking the Law who are Illegal Aliens, and thrive in Ganges, Gangs which were depleting up till 10 years ago, But they are back and stronger then they were before and more of them. Then we have mandatory none stop road Checks within all police departments because of the immigration Status, As most are Illegal or have counterfeit drivers Licenses, Do we realize in the State of California there are more then 40% of the drivers on the road there, with either no driver license or the ones they have are counterfeit with their counterfeit Social Security cards, California has the biggest pollution in the entire United States, You ask where Is the gas Going? Lets remove the Illegal Aliens and our gas supplies will double each day!

“What did generations of my family fight and die for in wars? Get the illegals out, close the borders and move them into internment camps until we get things sorted. We need to stop giving these people all they need as a reward for illegally crossing out borders, and Violating our treaty and breaking our Laws, which includes those of the Islam religion; there belief's are out of control. We must Stop the media support for the Illegal Aliens support and give back to the working American Man and Woman the American Dream. We Must Get a real president, And I do not mean allow the Electors votes to elect them it must be the election of the majority of the American Citizen only! This is nothing more than common sense, This was the reason this country was once so great! We had real Men and Women, Not self centered or selfish individuals, like those that steal from all Americans legally, Lawyers and Politicians, we must invoke the Second Amendment, this is the only way to reclaim the United States.

Someone has refreshed my mind, Teddy Kennedy PROMISED that the 1965 Immigration Act would not change the demographics of America, would NOT create millions of immigrants coming across the border. He lied right to our faces. Also, the IRS issues temporary numbers to illegal aliens filing fraudulent Social Security Numbers on their tax returns and issues each of them a check anyway. Where do we Live? What Kind of people are we? Have we as Americans lost our backbone?

Brothers and Sisters of Americans, our county is in for the fight of our lives. We should all realize that our nation is at critical risk from this unending immigration invasion. For sobering facts, at the current rate of three million illegal aliens migrating into America annually, that equals 30 million in ten years. Add that to the 20 million already here, that adds up to a horrific 50 million non-English speaking, functionally illiterate, underclass Third World people who will destroy the foundation of this Republic. It’s going to take every single one of us to stop it. We must bring critical mass of sheer numbers to force our borders to be shut down And to take back our country back from the Politicians that are destroying it! Our forefathers never intended our Borders to be wide open nor did they intend for the American People to bale out every third world country upon a whim, We can only feed our own families once we extend ourselves to the point that we do not have the food on our own tables then it is time to take the rains and Stop all those that are Violating our rights and the Laws which are set down to protect each and every American Citizen within the compounds of the United States!

It is time to awaken from the illusion that everything is just fine as we are losing our country before our own eyes!

Joseph A.F. Sadowski

There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.
— Theodore Roosevelt,

To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.
— Theodore Roosevelt

"We cannot afford to differ on the question of honesty if we expect our republic permanently to endure. Honesty is not so much a credit as an absolute prerequisite to efficient service to the public. Unless a man is honest, we have no right to keep him in public life; it matters not how brilliant his capacity." — Theodore Roosevelt

By mid-day Monday, September 5, the Salvation Army will be ready to accept donations of goods (housewares, clothing, furniture, etc.)to aid those evacuated from the Gulf Coast. As soon as the location is ready, it will be listed here. Please check back.
Officials urge Arizonans who wish to help with the Hurricane Katrina recovery to donate money to the following:Red Cross at 1-800-HELP-NOW (1-800-435-7669) Salvation Army donations – 602-302-8888
Citizens can continue to register donations on the Donations Database Hotline at 1-877-240-9735 or e-mail at pubinq@azdema.gov
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