Danny Schechter
In Debt We Trust
Tue Aug 21, 2007 16:57

In Debt We Trust
Filmmaker and former journalist Danny Schechter (WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception) investigates Americans' ongoing love affair with credit cards and the staggering level of personal debt it's created, paying special attention to the relationship between Congress and the credit card industry. In a modern society that's increasingly "financialized," consumer debt is so common that extending credit has become highly lucrative.

In Debt We Trust - A Danny Schechter Film - America Before The ...
In Debt We Trust is a documentary film by Danny Schechter about the national and personal debt crisis in the US.

"In Debt We Trust". I hope to get a copy of this film to screen at this weekend's


Market Crisis: In Bernanke We Trust?
The Gate - National Journal, DC - 7 hours ago
... an independent central bank; a (no, seriously) fairly modestly sized debt and budget deficit; and most importantly, we all borrow in our own currency."

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Two-time Emmy winner Danny Schechter has produced and directed many television specials and films, including Timothy Leary Lives (1997), Seeds of Peace (1996), Prisoners of Hope (1996) and Countdown to Freedom: Ten Days that Changed South Africa (1994), narrated by James Earl Jones and Alfre Woodward.

Educated at Cornell and the London School of Economics where he received his Master's Degree, Schechter was a Nieman Fellow in Journalism at Harvard University. Among the first producers hired at the fledgling CNN, Schechter later logged eight years as a producer for ABC's 20/20.

Today he is executive producer at Globalvision, the independent New York-based television production company he co-founded in 1988. With Globalvision, Schechter has produced two award-winning weekly television news magazines. For 156 weeks, South Africa Now chronicled the social, political and economic changes that culminated in the dismantling of apartheid. For five seasons, Rights and Wrongs: Human Rights Television presented the many faces of the global struggle for human rights to viewers around the world, including the United States where the program aired on 150 public television stations and cable outlets.

Schechter has reported from 45 countries, written for leading publications and lectured at many schools and universities on topics including human rights, self-determination, national policy and the role of media in a democracy. This is his first book.

He lives in New York City.


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