Cont'd - I am only one victim of many
Thu Aug 23, 2007 10:22

Cont'd - I am only one victim of many

The Police would stalk us and when
they couldn't find something to harass us for they would lie on us! This is
a Criminal Conspiracy and organized Sexual Harassment. Have I suffered
enough of Sexual Harassment from William Jefferson Clinton already!!! I
consider anyone who is even remotely involved Criminals. I want Mr. Clinton
and everyone involved Arrested for the rest of their lives for my safety;
just like Mr. Clinton wanted to happen to the criminal who raped his

Mr. President, George W. Bush, at first I was glad when you took office,
because I was hoping that given the facts about this situation, it would be
the end of my suffering and the beginning of my Liberty and pursuit of
happiness, but here I am, still held hostage and facing injustice even
during your second term! WHY? I don't feel I have long to live in the
condition I am left in, (because the American Constitution was allowed to
sit in violation for years in support of a Caucasian Criminal and Tyranny.)
but I want to spend the rest of my life with the Foreign Ambassador involved
in my situation. I am now fifty-two years old. I have been held Hostage and
tortured in the most barbaric ways known in history for fourteen years;
while I watched the Judicial System of America prosecute criminals for less
than what I am suffering. How long am I suppose to be held hostage, face
racial hatred, political prejudice (bias), insult to injury and injustice???

Please remember he (William Jefferson Clinton) is a former American
President, who promised to uphold the Constitutional rights of the American
People, he is a member of the American Bar Association, he taught the
American Laws at Universities in America, he was a Governor who signed Death
Warrants, and was a President twice. He knew what was criminal or not, and
so does the people upholding him and this disgrace.

HE Raped, Dishonored and Destroyed my life and members of my family's lives.
Than he lied and said we set him up. Mr. President, George W. Bush, please
ask Congress how could anyone think that I had the power to set up a
President in any capacity. Former President William Jefferson Clinton has a
history of lying and using his powers to harass his victims. Former
President William Jefferson Clinton premeditatedly planed, conspired and
executed his assault on me, my family, friends and Countrymen who couldn't
tolerate his despicable criminal behaviors.

As if what I am enduring isn't enough, now I being asked to slander myself,
by being asked to act out of my character so the people in charge could even
for a moment, relay to the United Nations that I had a mental deficiency
which warranted them chemically poisoning, torturing and assaulting me and
my family for over fourteen (14) years?

All of the people who aided Former President William Jefferson and he
himself is/are Tyrant/Tyrants! He/They deserves to be prosecuted by the
International Court of Justice and to be held in prison for the rest of
his/their life/lives! Look, I have lost 14 years of my life and I don't know
if I have another year to live due to the treacherous, merciless, cruel and
despicable torture I have endured. I want him and everybody involved to pay
for the injustice I am/have suffered/suffering with their wealth, fame and

Please, For God's Sake, release Me from Clinton's Hell. I shouldn't pay the
price for his penalties. I am committed to the Foreign Diplomat involved in
my situation which means that I am, for your definition, "Married" to him.
It is insulting enough to know that I was stalked, drugged, kidnapped and
trafficked by the City of Philadelphia Pennsylvania to predators and
afterwards I was raped by the former President of the United States of
America, William Jefferson Clinton. If that wasn't enough, than I was
tortured, targeted, slandered, sexually harassed and assaulted, exploited
and forced to serve involuntarily for 14 years; in an attempt to protect
serial predators. Now I am discriminated against by everybody who is suppose
to protect me and my family. I am begging you and your administration to put
the political prejudices (bias) behind you/them and come and protect us
according to the American Constitution. Where is the National Guards?

I reiterate my nephew is over in Iraq protecting Foreigners from the same
type of tyranny- while we are being abused inhumanely in the United States
without any protection. How can this be?? It seems to me that the Iraqi
situation was used as a camouflage to delay international involvement to
bring an end to this heinous situation that I and a Foreign Diplomat are
enduring in America? I sincerely hope that's not the case.


Annajean Henryhand, A Political Hostage, who has been tortured and held
illegally, unjustifiably!

cc: United Nations, Human Rights, General Assembly, Secretary General and
Women's Watch
American Civil Rights Leaders, Human Rights Advocates and News

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