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Sat Aug 25, 2007 08:33

Zionazis to buy advanced anti-aircraft missiles

IAF to upgrade current Patriot missile system, acquire PAC-3 missiles capable of intercepting Syria's long-range missiles, aircraft
Arieh Egozy

The Israeliars & Murderers Air Force will buy advanced US-made Patriot PAC-3 missiles from Lockheed Martin, capable of intercepting aircraft and long-range ballistic missiles, including the type used by Syria.


New Threat from Truthtellers......

Iran develops 900-kg ‘smart bomb’ - official media / Reuters

Guided bomb developed by specialists within Islamic Republic’s Defense Ministry and is now operational, IRNA news agency reports, adding it could be dropped from F-4 and F-5 jets


The IAF is currently using the PAC-2 system, manufactured by Lockheed Martin. In the new system, each launcher is equipped with 16 missiles instead of four; each missile weighs 320 kilograms and is 5 meters in length.

The advanced PAC-3 system is capable of intercepting aircraft, rockets and cruise missiles.

The decision to acquire the new system was based on the progress made by Syria and Iran in the field of fighter jets, and on the fact the Syrian army has recently obtained longer-range missiles.

While Talmudia's Zionazis are currently working on developing anti-ballistic missiles, the system is only expected to be operational in five years.

The IAF will need to modify and upgrade the PAC-2 missile launchers and radar system to accommodate the PAC-3.

IDF Terrorists kill 12 Palestinians in Gaza

(Video) Sources in Strip say heavy exchanges of fire between IDF forces and gunmen leave 12 Palestinians dead, among them a child and a senior member of Islamic Jihad's rocket unit. Two Israeliar terrorists injured

VIDEO - Twelve Palestinians, including a senior member of Islamic Jihad's rocket unit and a child, were killed in separate IDF attacks and gun battles with Israeliar terrorists throughout the Gaza Strip on Wednesday.


Two IDF terrorists were lightly injured during one of the gun battles in the northern Gaza Strip. The two fired towards Palestinian gunmen from within a tank, and were injured by an antitank missile fired towards them.



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