By The Anonymous Physicist
The Ultimate Con - 911 video is out now
Fri Aug 24, 2007 23:57

The Ultimate Con - 911 video is out now

Hello Everyone,

In total regret, I wanted to inform you all that I can no longer do what I have been doing. I wanted to send this to all of you because I did not want a bunch of rumors floating around about why nobody is going to be seeing my around. I was not “taken out” or “bought off” or “forced by anyone” to do this.

I am a busted guy right now. I am broke, stuck in the middle of no place without a car/license and can’t seem to find a job right now. I owe $1500 before I am allowed to get my license back which leaves me in kind of a weird situation. Without a license/car I can’t get a job, and without a Job I can’t afford to get my license back. Not only that but I have no health insurance and my knee is in bad shape so I am very limited at what I can do right now.

I brought all this on myself. Before I went full blast on 911 truth, I had a career at a place I loved to work on the beach in Corpus Christi, Texas. I had a beautiful fiancÚ that I was supposed to marry on March 17th who I had been with for 7 years. I left her on Jan 1st of this year because I did not want the powers that be coming down on her for something I was doing. She was trying to finish school and I did not want to do anything to ruin that. To my great and utter regret she has now met someone else and is moving on without me which was the final nail in my coffin. That has hurt me in ways I can’t even express right now.

I made The Ultimate Con as a gift to you, my country, our people, and the world. I felt somehow responsible as a part of society that let this tragic day of 9/11 happen by being complacent. I am not the kind of person that can find out about something like this and let it pass. I just don’t have it in my heart to do so....

...I want to thank everyone for the tremendous moral support they have given me through all this. I can actually go to my grave someday knowing that I tried my damnedest to help people understand what is going on in this world. If I could do it all over again I would have done it a little differently. I would not have left Vanessa, my soul mate, the love of my life, the fine beautiful lady I was going to call my wife. I will regret that every day until the day I die.

...I have slept alone, and on the cold floor of a friends house for 9 months now regretting that stupid choice I made. There is nothing I can do to change that, and I see that now. Don’t let them destroy the finer things you have in your life, as I have so stupidly done. I have given up eve...

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This, more than anything else, is why we debunk; to prevent another person from going down that road that Lucus has traveled, particularly the younger people who are reading this blog and intrigued by the 9-11 conspiracy theories. You will never get anything out of 9-11 activism other than worn out shoes and a bunch of black tee shirts; it's a one-way ticket to oblivion. Don't become one of those guys setting up a card table shrine to Alex Jones and Dylan Avery and Webster al ....


Friday, August 24, 2007
More Evidence & Testimony Indicating Nuclear Blasts, Nuclear Radiation, & China Syndrome at the WTC

By The Anonymous Physicist

Sgt. Matthew Tartaglia, a WTC responder, rescue worker, counselor, and FEMA consultant has made many remarkable statements related to the nuking of the WTC, and its China Syndrome aftermath.

Tartaglia, said he believes “tactical nukes” took down the towers, and was responsible for the high temperatures weeks and months later (but does not know of the existence of the China Syndrome.) His statements include these: “…There were only certain parts of the site that you could not legally leave without going through decontamination.…They would tackle you and take your camera away. I watched people be tackled.” Most responders couldn’t go “down in the garages…The rescue people – when our clothes got so contaminated, we were told not to bring our clothes off that site. Don’t wear anything on the site you’re not prepared to leave there because it’s contaminated.” Note that “discarding clothing”, and “going through decontamination” are standard nuclear industry methods of dealing with radiation-exposed individuals. I do not know if other industries necessitate the use of these methods as well.

In 2005, Sgt. Tartaglia said, “My teeth are falling out.” Like hanging skin resulting from a nuclear bomb, teeth falling out is a common symptom, months or years later, from nuclear radiation exposure. (Other factors can also possibly cause this, but are less likely.) Read about this Army veteran sent to Hiroshima, just days after it was nuked, to bulldoze roads. This was apparently much too soon to send Americans in to Hiroshima, but the PTB apparently cared as much about Americans, as they did about the Japanese women and children who were nuked. I note that after the July 16, 1945 Trinity “A-Bomb” test, Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer and General Leslie Groves did not return to Ground Zero until five weeks later on Sept 11, 1945. Yes, there is 9/11 again. So man did not walk again on the first alleged Ground Zero which resulted from the “Manhattan Project” until 9/11/45. Also read here about 3 veterans of atomic bomb tests in Nevada in the 1950’s who had their teeth fall out within a few years of their radiation exposure. [To quickly find the 3 veterans cited, search on “teeth.”] That article also indicates that the gov’t lied to them as to the amount of radiation they had received. It is excerpted from the book, “They Never Knew: The Victims of Atomic Testing”, [not read here] by Glenn Alan Cheney. See also “The Plutonium Files” by Welsome, and the two books on the “Making of the A-Bomb”, and the H-Bomb, “Dark Sun”, both by Rhodes--all three read here.

But please read this (portions of the book, They Never Knew) in its entirety. It includes the following remarkable quote that may be very relevant to 9/11 research. A whistleblower came forward decades later about the actual radiation exposure Army personnel were subjected to. “In 1982, a former Army medic, Van R. Brandon, admitted that he had been ordered to keep two sets of books. "One set was to show that no one received an exposure above the approved dosimeter reading," he said. "The other set of books was to show what the actual reading was. That set of books was brought in a locked briefcase attached to [an officer]'s wrist by a set of handcuffs every morning." Army personnel were denied medical benefits and disability because the regime publicly used the “cooked” book. Do you think this same govt has gotten more or less evil, corrupt, and duplicitous, in the ensuing decades--and in a matter that relates to possibly irradiating tens of thousands of WTC workers, responders, and near-by residents.

The statements made by Mike Pecoraro, a WTC1 stationary engineer, and 9/11 survivor, are also remarkable. Pecoraro first knew something was wrong after observing flickering lights (EMP?), and then he ascended to the sub-basement C level, from below. He says, "There was nothing there but rubble, we're talking about a 50 ton hydraulic press gone!" Pecoraro and a co-worker “made their way to the parking garage, but found that it, too, was gone”… As they ascended to the B Level, one floor above, they “were astonished to see a steel and concrete fire door that weighed about 300 pounds, wrinkled up like a piece of aluminum foil" and lying on the floor. Now I assert that this too is a likely sign that a nuclear bomb went off. Perhaps only the multi-million degree temperature at the hypocenter, or neutron bombardment, is capable of doing that to that heavy steel door. The article continues: “"They got us again,"” Mike told his co-worker, referring to the terrorist attack at the center in 1993. Having been through that bombing, Mike recalled seeing similar things happen to the building's structure.” This last statement from Pecoraro, I assert may be corroboration of nuclear engineer/geologist Phil Schneider’s statement that his inspection of the 1993 WTC explosion damage revealed to him that it was a nuclear blast, that may have gone awry, that is, was insufficient. (See my previous articles at Pecoraro states that as WTC2 “collapsed,” “there was a wind that came through the revolving doors that blew me [in the WTC1 lobby area] 100 feet to the far wall” Was this a nuclear pressure blast? You’ve probably seen the videos of A-bomb test sites, and resultant winds blowing down model houses, and heat causing fires. Like this and this.

More evidence of the likely nuking of the WTC, and China Syndrome aftermath, comes from no less than CNN’s Larry King Show. This show aired on 10/6/01, and was taped at the WTC, and a nearby burn unit, in the days prior to the air-date. The transcript is here.

Regarding the likely China Syndrome of high heat three weeks later, Thomas Von Essen, NYC Fire Commissioner, says, at the WTC, “…it's so hot, it's a really hot fire. The steel has been hot for three weeks now. Tremendous heat below, you know. It's -- the fire is not out down below.” From my earlier articles, you know that this went on for at least six months after 9/11.
much more:>>

The 9/11 perpetrators have used, and are using, limited hangouts and psyops to keep the people from knowing this. These hangouts, ultimately from the U.S. regime’s “intelligence” agencies, include the bogus “theories” of the official planes/fuel/gravity/pancaking nonsense, and also thermite, DEW, and Depleted Uranium [D.U.] (any uranium used on 9/11 at the WTC, and the China Syndrome aftermath, would have been highly enriched, not depleted). The observed American military helicopters and planes directing the initial explosions, and the final nuclear destruction prove that this was not done by Arabs, Muslims, Iranians, Israelis, Russians, or Chinese. As with the Kennedy Assassination, this massive set of actions, and massive cover-up, could only have been perpetrated by the so-called government of the United States, and not by any small “rogue elements” therein. Complicit in the original act, and/or its cover-up, are all the branches of the federal government, its military, and intelligence agencies, and the Main Stream Media, and even much of the so-called alternative or internet media which is also laden with intel agents posing as “truthers,” while pushing the hangouts listed above. The people of the world must get together, in what may be their final hour, and act literally to save themselves from extermination, from the handful of monsters that control humanity. Nature has demonstrated that individuals trained to be fearful can all come together, and overcome this fear, and act and defeat the small number who had previously seemed to be so invincible and bloodthirsty. We are indeed likewise in the jaws of these monsters, and have been for a long time; but likewise again, it is still possible to break free, and be free. We must try. Like this last video, there are so many more of us, than of them.

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