Heritage Foundation finds the enemy: it's the CIA
Mon Aug 13, 2007 14:31

Heritage Foundation finds the enemy: it's the CIA

On Tuesday, the Heritage Foundation makes its contribution to the global war on terror by finding the real enemy -- no, not bin Laden. It's the CIA.

Rowan Scarborough and John Edward Hilboldt will tell us how the CIA is the bad guys. The name of the panel is called: "Sabotage--America's Enemies Within the CIA." The title comes from a book of the same name by Scarborough, a former writer for the Washington TImes.

The blurb for the event says:

"Significant elements within the CIA are undermining both the President and national security through leaks, false allegations, and outright sabotage. ... Using sources in all levels of national security – from field officers to high-ranking analysts to former intelligence heads – Scarborough presents a disturbing picture of partisan politics endangering the success of our campaigns abroad and the very lives of our soldiers and agents. In his view, the agency has become increasingly political and digressed from its job of being a scrupulously nonpartisan collector of facts."

You might have thought that it was the Bush administration and Vice President Cheney who've been twisting facts, leaning on the CIA to get in line with the prefabricated analysis that led to the war in Iraq. But no.

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