RON PAUL WON: Iowa Straw Poll 37.01%
Tue Aug 14, 2007 15:44

Ron Paul: Insider on Ames, IA Straw Poll Voting
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Official Exit Poll Results -- Iowa Straw Poll

Ron Paul______37.01%
M Huckabee___20.85%
T Tancredo____16.72%
Mitt Romney___10.03%
S Brownback___06.91%
T Thompson____04.35%
D Hunter_______01.34%
F Thompson____00.89%
Rudy Giuliani___00.67%
John McCain____00.56%
John Cox_______00.45%

Ron Paul actually won the Iowa Straw Poll by a large margin.
They used Diebold machines to count the votes. Election
fraud must be stopped.

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Ron Paul : Stop Dreaming

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Yes in a controlled environment the jet fuel wouldn't burn it and it would stay standing. A building that is over 50 years old,a destroyed base, and having a 747 run into makes the situation more complex then "jet fuel couldn't take it down". Think by yourself and don't be dumb enough by watching a few videos and thinking you're "educated". Most of the segments in those video's twist the truth. You blindly accept facts, which of none most of those conspiracy theory movies cannot back up.
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He will help Americans gradually return to independence from the government. He says there is no reason to pull the plug on anyone who is dependent on social security or other programs, but we will move toward a system of self-reliance i.e. keeping your own tax money to save for difficulties. Do we want the government to be our babysitter? Private charity is FAR more effective than any bureaucratic governmental programs.
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If we really want RP to become president, we all need to go donate!!! Donate even $10 -- 100,000 people doing this means a big difference -- then try $10 weekly -- it adds up fast. You're out there and you can make a difference! Hope for America!

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