The Shan
The Mental Health New World Order
Wed Aug 15, 2007 13:23

I am all too familiar with the genocide being perpetrated on the people by this New World Order "Police State". Did you know that the NSA (National Security Agency) is located in Maryland right next to that is NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally ILL) which is now called the "National Association of Mental Illness"? Thus the NSA is in charge of the mental health of this nation. Note the subtle change in mission from an "alliance" to an "association". As FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) where they manage emergencies was once called FDAA (Federal Disaster Assistance Administration) where they assisted people in need during a disaster.
Slowly but surely the inner workings of government have been changed from "assistance" to "management" as the New World Order takes over in "AmeriKa". Also note that Psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggins wrote a book back in 1973 called, "Psychiatric Drugs Hazards to the Brain" in which he stated that the psychiatric drugs are not specific to any mental illness but they cause irreversible brain damage to the brain destroying the higher centers of the brain. Thus if you are drugged you become "chemically Lobotimized" thus "beheaded" as in the "Book of Revelation" where the witnesses are beheaded "lobotomized" for their testimony.
Also the States are required to jump through the NAMI (National Association of Mental Illness) hoops in order to get funding for the New World Order Police State of AmeriKa. Thus the National Security Agency is in charge of mental health in AmeriKa. Slowly but surely the activists have been silenced by uncaring fools who are traitors to "We the People" and genocide and murder is the order of the day in order to maintain the New World Order in power.
Oh, by the way, the only known solution of mental illness acording to NAMI is medications to maintain the patients or clients in a semi comatose brain fog of "psychiatric drugs" administered by "mental health professionals" who have sold themselves out to the drug companies for a share of the profits. Welcome to the 1984 AmeriKa mind ... association or AmeriKa Animal Farm, "all drugs good, no drugs bad". Oh go ahead you activists, speak out and get your reward.
I could go on but then maybe my delusion would get me in more trouble and I would have to go in for a 90 day State ordered evaluation by the bain dead fools that call themselves "Professionals". But know this, we must know the prolem before we can find the real solution.
Sincerely, The Shan
Where were you when the fit hit the Shan? or Where were you when the excrement hit the ventalator system?

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