Mental Hospitals and being declared incompetent
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Mental Hospitals and being declared incompetent 8-14-07 . .

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I wanted to know if you have heard about Activists being falsely charged with a Crime or a frivolous charge in order to have them committed to a State Mental Hospital claiming that they're incompetent? They can keep them there for life without any Trial, drug them and destroy their Brain and basically there is not a thing that they can do because it is up to the corrupt Doctors to keep them there however long that they feel like keeping them there. Of course the corrupt Judges, DA and Public Defenders and some private Attorney who is getting paid off or something to gain by it, are involved in the whole Scam or Scheme.

They threaten them to stop their Activism or Organization or they will never be released and use horrible debilitating Drugs on them. This is what they do in China, Cuba and Russia with their Dissidents which publicly this Government denounces and Sanctions them for all the while doing the same thing right here in this Country themselves also.

They kill Two Birds with One Stone by keeping them locked-up a very long time without a Trial and ruining their credibility for Life no matter what happens to them afterwards. Also they force them to plead guilty by telling them that they will just keep them there if they don't plead Guilty to sometimes blatantly false Criminal Charges. They are permanently labeled a Mentally ill nut case that's not to be believed and in doing so, the Government has disposed of them openly. If that person complains and tries to get help they just say that they’re delusional, Mentally ill and they don't know what they're saying and doing.

This has got to stop, there's got to be a way to monitor this and the public has got to be warned and an end brought to this hideous criminal torture of innocent Americans and outright Treason in this Country. If someone stands up for themselves in Court because their Attorney isn't and happens to be bright and they know their Rights and something about the Law in Court, they are classified as being Mentally ill, Paranoid Skitzo, that they're delusional to think that they know more than their Attorney. That is one excuse they use to put the Activists away for Life if they can do it.

I know this for a fact and it's not a rumor or story and it's happening all across the Country now as I'm writing this. Something needs to be done now; they cannot get away with that evil in what's supposed to be a Free Country like the US is supposed to be.

Something’s got to be done to make it extremely difficult to have anyone declared incompetent and sent to a State Mental Hospital. All they have to do now is say that we just want to have them evaluated for 60 Days, which seems not too unusual to those in the Courtroom, but when they get to the Mental Hospital they are told that they are there for Life, a minimum of Three Years and then made a Ward of the State. The Judges put their cronies in charge of affairs, such as appointing conservators and those doing Psychological evaluations. As Conservators, under a Conservatorship, they can have you kept for the rest of your life in the State Mental Hospitals. No Testing done at the Jail prior to being sent to the Mental Hospitals, no Trial, just the Court Appointed Psychologists perjured Letter to the Court. They don't even appear in Court to be even Cross-examined or anything but just the shuffling of a few Papers by the Judge, DA and Attorney.

By the way this is costing you the Taxpayers $10,000 or more a month to keep them there !

If you can add this to your List of things to do, It would be well worth it and thank you for it if you can try to do something about it.

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