WATCH: 911 Octopus - The Up and Up
Fri Aug 17, 2007 17:00


911 Octopus - The Up and Up
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Even with "pods" real planes don't vanish into buildings like bread into
a toaster.
Heh. Even toast pops up.

So instead you are advocating that people close their eyes, put their
fingers in their ears and hum.

So watch the Up and UP .
It's at least easy to hum.
911 Octopus - The Up and Up
What does geospatial intelligence have to do with 9/11? The fake 9/11
videos were created using georeferenced TIGER data and systems from the
NRO and NGA, the spy satellite agencies that evacuated their employees
for a scheduled drill of "airplanes crashing into buildings" on
September 11, 2001. This georeferenced imagery, was processed using the
FCS prototypes essential to SECDEF Donald Rumsfeld's agenda of
transformation and privatization of the Military. Combined with fake
news footage and scripted eyewitnesses, the 9/11 perpetrators broadcast
a hoax to "shock and awe" the world. The evidence of their crimes is now
exposed, and the original 9/11 commission, staffed exclusively with
hand-picked Bush Cheney cronies needs to be completely discarded.
Criminal elements of the Bush Administration, their foreign backers, and
their fellow conspirators need to be brought to justice. The Bush
Administration is already doomed from their corruption of no-bid
contracts for Haliburton, the outing of CIA officer Plame, and other
scandals. With no political capital left to protect criminals who
shelter them, the Bush Administration may be held accountable for their
crimes. There needs to be a purge of the criminal elements within the
Intelligence Community, and charges of dereliction of duty should be
prepared for those with knowledge of the coup who failed to act to save
the Constitution.

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