The Ron Paul campaign has a plan.
Sat Aug 11, 2007 15:14


Ron Paul Iowa Straw Poll Plan?
Saturday, August 11, 2007 -

The Ron Paul campaign has a plan.

The national polls have presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex) hovering around two percent. However, at the Iowa Straw Poll today, Ron Paul and his backers are hoping for more than that.

If 25,000 votes are cast, as has been predicted by the Iowa GOP, then 10 percent would be around 2,500 votes. Given the size of the field, 10 percent of the vote might well push a candidate into a respectable position. And the margin of victory between various candidates may not be wide at all.

Ron Paul has sold out a block of 800 red tickets. Success in the straw poll will depend on how many other voters come to the polls beyond this 800. Given a turnout of 25,000, sources close to the campaign, are hoping the final tally at least surpasses 1,500 - and maybe moves past 2,000 or more. Fewer than 1,200 - 1,500 might prompt a "rethink" of the way the campaign is translating its online popularity into “on the ground” support.

Controversy has also swirled around the straw poll, with the Iowa GOP sternly announcing that it will carefully check ID to ensure that no one outside of Iowa is able to vote. The Ron Paul campaign has publicly complained about the Diebold vote machines the GOP is using, but later backed away from further accusations – at least for the present.

Most serious campaign observers have admitted that Ron Paul’s popularity on the ‘Net is not a fluke, nor the result of a few zealots. The true test of the campaign, however, as staffers have pointed out, is whether the campaign can translate its online support into votes. Ron Paul has been attracting good crowds in Iowa, and enthusiasm seems at a high level. The Iowa Straw Poll may provide an indication of whether such support translates into votes.


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