Richard Andrew Grove
9/11 how and why it was perpetrated
Sun Aug 12, 2007 22:20

9/11 Whistleblower: Richard Andrew Grove (Transcript)
Audio Published via the Meria Heller Show Newsletter May 28th, 2006

9-11 really was, as well as how and why it was perpetrated.

You see, on the morning of 9-11 I witnessed activities involving vehicles- which I identified as being Intelligence-related entities. I base this instant association on the fact that when I worked in McLean, Virginia in 1998, before moving to New York City in 1999; I knew of vehicles, identically disguised as those that I saw being used at Ground Zero. Specifically, an identical counterpart of one of the vehicles, used to be stationed at the gate of the Central Intelligence Agency, during times of heightened terrorist awareness in the Washington, D.C. area.

For me, it became obvious, only a few moments after the South Tower explosion, that the personnel and vehicles I was observing at Ground Zero were not there to help rescue people.

But I’m getting off-topic… the bottom line is that I saw enough that morning before the South Tower explosion to be suspicious… and what I saw occur during and after the South Tower explosion was enough to know that I had no control over the situation- and that entities much more powerful than me were in control of whatever was going on.

Likewise to the aforementioned identification of clandestine vehicles, without the revelations which were revealed to me by my work at Panacya, I would never have been able to solve the puzzle of 9-11 or understand what the Solution meant. Interestingly enough, I had managed to assemble a comprehensive picture of why 9-11 was launched- without suffering any visible adverse consequences… and that came to a swift end within hours of saving the last files necessary, from my perspective, to demonstrate that the Official Story was really an Official Lie. I had created a model wherein I connected the various aspects of the participants and profiteers of 9-11, and this model was comprehensive in nature. It was so comprehensive, that when I searched on the final entities involved, I apparently unwittingly identified myself to those who surely do not want to be publicly known.

Unfortunately, those who I was monitoring and investigating with relation to the 9-11 money laundering, finally caught on that I was on the inside; because I too was being monitored. I was using Company resources for personal research, and by that I mean that I was repurposing information systems during my free time… that’s not to say that I wasn’t doing my job- I was; but the result was the same. I had made waves, those waves were picked up by elements of the Intelligence Community, and I was apparently marked as a threat of some sort.

On December 24, 2002 my apartment was burglarized, and by this time I was living with my current fiancée, in NYC, but we were spending Christmas in CT. When we returned on the 27th, everything seemed fine, and then I started to notice odd things missing; and most peculiar about the situation was that the only items that were missing, were items which were hidden, items only a professional could find… and indeed had.

Once we secured the apartment, we called the police and filed a report. At the time, I had let my insurance lapse, so there was no insurance to collect; and besides, some of the items taken weren’t exactly things you list on your insurance policy, but let’s suffice to say that when someone invades your home and steals your measures of security and your research only, it sends a message that it wasn’t a normal burglary. That, and the fact that there was easily $100,000 worth of fence-able loot lying around the apartment, but the only items taken were items which pertained to my investigation of 9-11… my company laptop, my video camera (which I had with me on the morning of September 11th), my global cell phone, and all of my disaster-recovery copies of my data… well, almost all of them.

Nevertheless, whoever removed these assets now had copies of all of my research, all of my email, all of my telephone records, and the names of all of my family, friends, acquaintances, and business colleagues. Couple that with the fact that the NYPD detectives confirmed that the perpetrators apparently used keys- which made it even more unusual and unsettling- as if it were possibly a sneak-and-peek search of sorts. The NYPD detectives that visited numerous times mentioned that it might be something beyond their realm, and advised me that I should leave certain details out of my report.

Perhaps someone with Patriot Act Authority went to my landlord who helped them gain entry. Interestingly enough, when we were forced into exodus in 2003, the same landlord saw fit to cheat us out of our $7000 security deposit. Ironically, he admitted it to this on tape; and was knowingly defrauding us openly. Why would he take such an opportunity and kick us when we were down, after I had paid him over $100,000 in rent during my stay in New York? Possibly because he knew that due to the nature of the situation, every opportunity was being explored to financially break me, and so he was just doing his part to serve the terrorists.

It was only days after the surreptitious invasion and theft, that on January 16th 2003 I was terminated by Panacya- probably in no small part due to what was found on the devices that were removed from my apartment. I would also offer that I had plausibly ruffled some feathers when I refused to progress what started out as an 8-figure deal with General Electric, who was interested in predicting the future, at least with respect to their information systems environment. I was asked by Panacya Executives to misrepresent our financial viability, and make certain guarantees to GE which went against my better judgment.

You see, the sources of Panacya’s funding were kept secret (at least from me); and believe me, I tried to find out who was funding this operation because it was a mess- and I naively thought that the investors would care about so much money being wasted daily by non-revenue producing tasks. In any case, my reluctance to blatantly lie to GE’s top executives was the reason- in my mind at the time- for my untimely and unwarranted termination; as I did not verify the NSA affiliations with Panacya until after my termination.

(TRACK 10-23 continued in part 2 with just a few paragraphs in part 3.)



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9/11 Whistleblower: Richard Andrew Grove (Transcript)
Audio Published via the
Meria Heller Show Newsletter May 28th, 2006

This transmission originated on April 23, 2006; and is addressed to the Future of America:

A Grand Master Chess Player can think 20 or more moves deep- in essence calculating a Googol of possibilities in his or her mind before making a move. Now, if I were to contend that I could sit down with 8 of the world’s master chess players, and using the aid of only a pencil and paper- or less- play them simultaneously, guaranteeing that I could win at least 4 out of the 8 games, and that I could repeat this feat at will, anytime… Would you bet for me, or against me?

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