Information gathered by Alex Constantine
Iran-Contra Connections to the Oklahoma Bombing
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Iran-Contra Connections to the Oklahoma Bombing

Information gathered by Alex Constantine

"[McVeigh's attorneys] said they believe the FBI
still has information that others helped McVeigh....
They have even suggested that some government
authorities might have known about the bombing
plot in advance."
- Los Angeles Times, 6-7-01

The carping martinets of the OpEd pages and televised political banter
fests consider themselves informed enough to dismiss out-of-hand the
possibility that the government had anything to do with the bombing of
the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. But David Hoffman, a reporter in San
Francisco, begged to differ. He wrote a dense book, The Oklahoma
Bombing and the Politics of Terror (Feral House), noting numerous
connections of Iran-contra's "Secret Team" to the bombing.
Unfortunately, the FBI's Oliver "Buck" Revell sued Feral House when he
found a single fact in the book about himself that was unsubstantiated.
The book was recalled as a result of Revell's lawsuit and it is no longer
available (although Amazon.Com still has a limited number of copies and
scalps them for $100 apiece). Hoffman's investigation led him to conclude
that elements of the "Octopus," or "Secret Team" (associated in a "small
world" way with Buck Revell) were deeply involved in the bombing.

My own Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America
(Feral House, 1997) has a chapter on the devastation in Oklahoma City.
That book is still on the shelves but no major publication has ever
reviewed it and its contents on the bombing have been completely
ignored by the revisionist press at large. I also came to conclude that the
Iran-contra crowd was responsible for the bombing and subsequent

The Team's ties to known terrorists are already thoroughly documented.
The Iran-contra affair itself involved arms deals with terrorists. After the
bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland, Bob Woodward reported in
the Washington Post (12-4-88) that sensitive documents aboard the
plane would have linked Oliver North to Abu Nidal, the most dangerous
terrorist operating at the time. Nidal had access to a quantity of Semtex H
plastic explosive and air-pressure-sensitive detonation bombs sold to
Libya by the CIA's Edwin Wilson (see: Los Angeles Times, 12-28-88). In
1989, Americans for Middle East Understanding reported in The Link, a
newsletter, that Donald Gregg, an advisor to George Bush, Sr., was the
administration's contact to the Mike Harari network. Harrari, an Isreali
Mossad agent, led an assassination squad in the 1970s that targeted
Palestinians. One of the Harrari group's most notorious acts was the
murder of a Moroccan waiter in Norway - mistakenly identified as an agent
of the Ali Salameh's Black Septembers.

There is a concerted attempt by Vincent Cannistraro, an Iran-contra
player, federal "experts" and CIA spin doctors to pin ultimate
responsibility for the Alfred P. Murrah FB bombing on Osama Bin Laden's
mystery terorists. Cannistraro ONCE blamed the murders In Oklahoma
City on "ENVIRONMENTALISTS out to DESTROY all human life on earth." He
NOW claims (see the June 11, 2001 issue of The New American, published
by the fascist John Birch Society) that he had intelligence information
BEFORE the blast concerning Middle Eastern terrorists. The contradiction
is glaring: If his claim has any weight, if he indeed KNEW that Muslim
extremists had designs on a major American target, WHY did he tell
reporters immediately after the blast that ENVIRONMENTALISTS were

In The Boston Globe, on May 16, 1995, another CIA Iran-contra figure,
anti-terrorism "expert" Neil Livingstone, also claimed that Middle Eastern
terrorists engineered the Oklahoma blast. A veteran of Air America, the
notorious CIA opium courier in Southeast Asia, Livingstone once publicly
defended the Agency's assassination manual. He was recruited to Air
America by James Cunningham, its founder - later a central participant in
CIA "renegade" Edwin Wilson's arms sales to Ghaddafi. Livingstone has
long-standing ties to Israeli intelligence and the fascist Popular Alliance
Party of Spain. He was also an executive at Robert Keith Gray's public
relations firm Gray & Co. in the District of Columbia. He was brought into
the firm by Charles Crawford, who ran the International Division that
served as a branch office of Oliver North's civilian supply network.

Openly tying a Middle Eastern terrorists to the bombing diverts attention
from possible CIA involvement: "There is a remarkable similarity between
the methods used by Islamic terrorists in the bombing of the Marine
barracks in Beirut, the attack on the World Trade Center, and the bombing
in Oklahoma. The truckload of explosives is almost a signature or calling
card and it is the weapon of choice among these groups." Livingstone
noted: "Very typically, these terrorists have found homegrown radicals to
use as dupes in the actual bombings. They have supplied the money and
the technical expertise and highly skilled operatives to guide a project and
then get out of town before they can be apprehended." This is also the
modus operandi of a certain American intelligence agency.

For the record, there WAS indeed a Middle Eastern connection - but like
McVeigh and Nichols, the Muslim terrorists involved were linked to the
Iran-contra players and other ranking Pentagonians who remained in the
background of the 1987-88 congressional investigation of Irangate (it
focused on Oliver North's civilain network almost exclusively and bent
over backwards to avoid discussion of the core military and intelligence

The following text includes complementary segments from Hoffman's
book and my own dealinbg with participants in the Iran-contra scandals
linked to the Oklahoma bombing. The original Hoffman chapter is featured
here, and from Virtual Government I've included only segments that also
explore the bleak, fascistic wasteland of the "Octopus."

- Alex Constantine

1: The Octopus

"This underground empire is controlled by a handful of
people for money - that's the only secret of the temple."
- Danny Casolaro

The nomenclature of the Lockerbie and World Trade Center bombings
provide a unique and unparalleled insight into the dynamics of the
Oklahoma City bombing. Each event gives the reader a glimpse of how the
Shadow Government operates, utilizing drug dealers, criminals, and
terrorists to do its bidding.

All three bombings were sting operations that utilized, and were utilized
by, terrorists bent on causing destruction.

But the question still remained: who was controlling the terrorists? To
understand that, one must peer through the doorway of time stretching
from WWII to the present.
To prepare for the invasion of Sicily during WWII, the OSS (which later
became the CIA) collaborated with the Corsican Mafia. The arrangement
permitted the Mafia use the port of Marseilles for heroin smuggling in
exchange for its assistance in defeating the Nazis.[1117]

After WWII, the heroin operation moved to Vietnam and Laos, then to
Afghanistan and Pakistan, as the CIA embroiled itself in a covert war
against the Soviets. Assistant Secretary of Defense for National Security
Affairs Richard Armitage sat on the "208 Committee," which oversaw
military aid to the Mujahadeen. Fazoe Haq, the governor of the Northwest
Frontier Province (the largest heroin growing province in Afghanistan),
who was originally worth $100,000, was suddenly was worth $200 million
after the war. Armitage was his main contact.[1118]

Vince Cannistraro (Mr. "Libya done it") also sat on the 208 Committee,
representing National Security Advisor Robert "Bud" McFarlane, Oliver
North's supervisor.[1119]
Shortly after the start of the Afghani operation, the CIA began arming the
Contras in Nicaragua. Cannistraro himself [along with Duane "Dewy"
Clarridge, then Chief of the CIA's Latin American Division] headed Casey's
original operation to arm the Contras, based on Reagan's March, 1981
decision. As former Green Beret Andrew Eiva said, "Cannistraro was up to
his ears by 1985." This is significant, considering the Boland Amendment,
prohibiting aid to the Contras, was passed in 1984.[1120]
Some of these are the same players who moved into other Central
American countries, setting up security services (death squads) for
U.S.-backed dictators, and profiting handsomely from the cocaine trade.

If anyone thinks these are outrageous allegations, consider the
statements of Mike Levine, one of the DEA's most highly decorated
veterans: "For decades, the CIA, the Pentagon, and secret organizations
like Oliver North's Enterprise have been supporting and protecting the
world's biggest drug dealers," including the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan,
the Contras in Central America, the DFS in Mexico, the Shan United Army
in the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia, and "any of a score of other
groups and/or individuals like Manuel Noriega. Support of these people
has been secretly deemed more important than getting drugs off our

As "Special Consultant to the Pentagon on the MIAs," in Bangkok in 1975,
Armitage reportedly spent more time repatriating opium profits then
recovering POWs. In 1976, when Khun Sa was still selling heroin to CIA
officials, the head of the CIA was none other than George Bush.[1124]

Former presidential candidate H. Ross Perot, who was appointed
presidential investigator for POW/MIA affairs, came upon the same
information, and was warned by former Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci
to stop pursuing the connections to Armitage. As he sadly explained to a
group of POW/MIA families in 1987: "I have been instructed to cease and
Ironically, between 1987 and 1991, Vice-President Bush served as head of
the South Florida Drug Task Force, and later as chair of the National
Narcotics Interdiction System, both set up to "stem" the flow of drugs into
the U.S. While Bush was drug czar, the volume of cocaine smuggled into
the U.S. tripled.[1126]

Celerino "Cele" Castillo, the DEA's head agent in El Salvador and
Guatemala from 1985 to 1991, told reporters and Senate investigators of
numerous known drug traffickers who used hangers controlled by Oliver
North and the CIA in El Salvador's Ilopango military airbase. When Castillo
naively tried to warn Bush at a U.S. embassy party in Guatemala, Bush
"just shook my hand, smiled and walked away…"[1127]

"By the end of 1988," added Castillo, "I realized how hopelessly tangled
the DEA, the CIA, and every other U.S. entity in Central America had
become with the criminals. The connections boggled my mind."[1128]

"The CIA - they're making deals with the Devil," adds Mike Levine.
"Unfortunately, the Devil is smarter than they are."[1129]

Some of those devils, like Monzer al-Kassar - "business partner" of Richard
Secord and Oliver North - would be utilized to do the Octopus's dirty work.

Another name Khun Sa mentioned repeatedly was Ted Shackley.[1130] A
long-time CIA player, Theodore G. Shackley (known as "The Blond Ghost")
began his Agency career as CIA Station Chief in Miami, where he directed
the CIA's JM/WAVE Operation, a post-Bay of Pigs attempt to assassinate
Fidel Castro and wreck havoc within that sovereign nation. Utilizing Cuban
expatriates, the CIA conducted hundreds of sabotage raids against Cuba
in direct violation of the U.S. Neutrality Act. Shackley also worked in close
partnership with Mob figures John Roselli, Sam Giancana, and Santos

While the operation was shut down in 1965, due mainly to revelations of
organized crime connections and drug smuggling, many of the
participants remained in Miami, continuing their illegal activities.

Later, as Station Chief of Laos, Shackley directed Major General Richard
Secord's air wing in tactical raids against the Communist Pathet Lao, who
happened to be General Vang Pao's main competition in the opium trade.
By keeping the Pathet Lao busy with the help of the CIA and the American
military, Pao's Hmong tribesmen were able to become the region's largest
heroin producers.[1132]

Of course, Shackley, his deputy Tom Clines (who supervised the air base
in Long Tieng), and their colleagues in CIA front companies like Air
America were only too happy to help, smuggling heroin to the U.S. in the
gutted bodies of dead GIs (with the assistance of their old Mob buddy
Santos Trafficante, who had helped form their ZR/RIFLE assassination
team, and Vietnamese Air Force General Nguyen Cao Ky), and laundering
the profits in the Nugan-Hand bank. As a 1983 Wall Street Journal article

Investigations following Mr. Nugan's death and the failure of the bank
revealed widespread dealings by Nugan-Hand with international heroin
syndicates, and evidence of massive fraud against U.S. and foreign
citizens. Many retired high-ranking Pentagon and CIA officials were
executives of or consultants to Nugan-Hand.[1133][1134]*

Shackley, along with Nugan-Hand'

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