USA: Free Trade vs. Fair Trade
Thu Aug 9, 2007 19:17

Dear Friends,
Many of you know me as an American Patriot and USAF veteran who loves his country. I am not an isolationist or protectionist. But, I am very concerned about the continued loss of high paying manufacturing jobs and our industrial base. Many of you may not realize it but these so called free trade agreements are not fair trade agreements.
As a swing voter, who is fed up with two party politics and the status quo, I was pleased to learn that President George W. Bush lost his "fast track authority" to sign any more secretive backroom deals that benefit the multi-national U.S. corporate barons who pollute the planet and maximize the bottom line being driven by short term profits.
These braindead predatory capitalists are cutting their own throats and giving capitalism a bad name. Now the political pendulum is swinging left to liberalism and Marxist Socialism. So now we are faced with a larger, more powerful, oppressive government and police state because a handful global elitists refuse to eliminate barriers that will improve upward mobility.
Since we are in an era of truth telling then let it be known that both capitalism and socialism are inherently flawed. Both, because of their power structure, give rise to ruthless dictators and corporate tyrants. There is "Just Third Way" to challenge the above status quo, return money power to the people and provide societal checks and balances.
Will you help in this revolutionary effort to create more just and fair societies? Please visit  and stand up and be counted. Enough is enough and I can assure you that the most promising solutions are the ones that go against the grain and traditional ways of thinking. This is a war of ideas and we will prevail by addressing the root causes of war, poverty and terrorism.

Daniel E. Moore, USAF Veteran

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