tom green
Tillman was MURDERED
Wed Aug 1, 2007 22:31

Aug. 1

Further investigations will reveal that Corporal Tillman's
death was anything but"accidental". Examination of the
body showed he was shot 3 times in the forehead, the bullet
wounds being just 1 -1/2 inches apart --and from close range,between his eyebrows and the brim of his helmet. This much accuracy is indication of a military trained sniper (according to
Special Forces Green Beret Col. Bo Gritz retired.

Why was his uniform removed from him and his body buried
(when it should have been returned to his family)? .
Why was his pocket diary stolen?

Tillman was going to come home and criticize the war, and
the higher ups did not want that. It seems that a few lower level

Officers are being blamed, when the permission to kill Tillman may have come from the top (Bush and or Rumsfield).Shades of the Admirals that were disgracefully scapegoated after Pearl Harbor, when the real blame belonged to FDR.and his advisors in the White House.

I heard these statements from a retired Marine (Drew Raines) being interviewed by Francis Steffan of the American Voice Radio Network Col Gritz) has a program on the same network.4 pm Central. program of July 31 reveled that 26 of our mid east fighters are collaborating on expose and book re Afghanistan.Iraq. They say Tillman was organizing a protest within the Army.

Examining doctors suspicious of 3 shots 1 1/2 inches apart to forehead beneath helmet brim. It was MURDER.

Murdered for free speech issue like more than 100
journalists in Irag. Related to the Hate Speech bill.

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