Covert attacks in America
Sat Jul 21, 2007 18:50

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Subject: Covert attacks in America
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2007 13:32:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: A Tourist

Dear Americans:

What kind of electronic weapon causes a mist to fall through the ceiling
or come through walls, causing 1st degree burns to blisters to a person
in the area? Is this what law enforcement personnel call a cold voltage
weapon, that sprays varying low voltages and low amperages of electricity
at victims in the open or inside buildings or vehicles? American citizens
should be safe from attack from citizens of their own country. Certainly,
illegal weapons should be confiscated from the criminals who use them
against Americans. According to the Military Commissions Act 2006, a
person who perpetrates a weapons attack against an American citizen is an
enemy combatant. This criminal is an enemy of the U.S. Constitution and
all Americans and should be prosecuted for committing crimes.

Symptoms of electronic weapons range from itching to burns, from a light
touch to pulsating to hard pokes. There probably are many people in
Tennessee and in America suffering from electronic attacks. Making people
aware that these sensations are not coming from within their bodies but
from an external source such as a cold voltage weapon, or even a radar
gun, which can pulsate as a solid, punching blow to a victim's body, will
help those who are mystified by strange injuries and may enable victims
to organize a form of protest against such brutality.

A Tourist
On the road


Iraq contractors make billions on the front line

A year's pay in 3 months

There is plenty of money and plenty of work to go around, much of it taken by Blackwater -- one of the larger companies and perhaps the best known, because tragedy befell its employees in Falluja March 31, 2004. Four employees were killed -- two of their bodies hung from a bridge.

Blackwater was founded in 1997, and business boomed after 9/11. Wartime demands are allowing it to expand even further, and it recently opened new headquarters in North Carolina, where it can train people from the military and law enforcement.

Blackwater also looks for opportunities beyond war zones to disaster areas, such as the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, or places where peacekeepers could be stationed, like the crisis-hit region of Darfur in Sudan.

Cofer Black, a former head of the CIA Counterterrorism Center and now vice-chairman of Blackwater, said the company is ready to tackle more hot spots.

"My company could deploy a reasonable small force under guidance or leadership of any national authority and do a terrific job of protecting, you know, innocent women from being raped, young kids from having their arms hacked off with machetes."

Like most contractors, Gonzo is ex-military and has specific personal reasons for being in Iraq and facing the danger.

A veteran of the first Gulf War, he says he can earn in three months what it would take him a year to get in the United States. "My wife and I are pretty frugal. My goal is pretty simple -- I just want to be able to pay off a house and some property."

He holds up a picture of his three children. "We all have to be over here for a reason. Mine's so that I can provide a better life for my wife and kids."

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