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CNN Gets Blitzed by Michael Moore


The real reason Michael Moore is now losing it on CNN
San Diego Union Tribune, United States - 17 hours ago
The real reason Moore is so touchy? "Sicko" is bombing at the box office, on track to make at most one-fifth of what "Farenheit 9-11"
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Media and Society | San Francisco Chronicle Examines Health Care Experts' Reaction to Michael Moore Documentary 'Sicko'
[Jul 10, 2007]

A number of health care experts say that Michael Moore "might be glorifying" other countries' health care systems in his new film "Sicko," but many "accept his argument that other nations are doing a better job than the United States in providing coverage for all residents and making sure people have access to primary care and preventive services," the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Ken Thorpe, a professor of health policy at Emory University, said, "We, unlike any other country, have 46 million people who are uninsured, and that raises a whole host of health and financial issues." Thorpe added, "Ours is really is a sick-care system. We have tremendous technical capabilities to deal with people with serious illness."

Karen Davis, president of the Commonwealth Fund, said, "We tend to have more medical errors than other countries, in part because of this highly specialized, fragmented system," adding, "More things can go wrong and do go wrong."

However, Stephen Zuckerman, a health economist with the Urban Institute, said that Moore's credibility on comparing health care systems is damaged because he focuses only on positive aspects of government-run systems in Canada, the U.K., France and Cuba. Zuckerman said, "He's trying to be entertaining. But if the objective here is to kick off a serious study about the British and Cuba as an alternative to the U.S. system, you need a lot more than what was presented in 'Sicko'" (Colliver, San Francisco Chronicle, 7/10).

Broadcast Coverage
NPR's "Fresh Air" on Monday included a discussion with Jonathon Oberlander, a health care politics and policy expert at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, about "Sicko" and the accuracy of statements in the film (Gross, "Fresh Air," NPR, 7/9). Audio of the segment is available online.


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